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Chapter 1054 - Fighting Bai Ming

On the stairs, Mu Chen strode up, then entered the plaza under Bai Ming’s indifferent gaze. He wasn’t bothered by those astonished gazes and gave Bai Ming a smile. “We’re also interested in the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird.”

Bai Ming gently fanned the ice-blue feathered fan in his hand and a cold aura swept out before looking at Mu Chen, then nodded his head. “It’s not interesting to play the shot by myself. Since a clown is willing to dance with me, I’m more than willing to play with you.”

The corner of his lips rose with disdain. His words were extremely harsh, without giving Mu Chen any face.

Evidently, right from the start, he did not see Mu Chen as someone on the same level as him.

Hearing those disdainful words, a flash of rage flashed in Nine Nether’s eyes, while Mo Ling felt indignation. Although they were furious, the two of them did not speak a word, since they were also somewhat worried in their hearts. Mu Chen had accomplished his breakthrough, stepping into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, but if he fought with Bai Ming, the victory would be an uncertain one.

In contrast to their anger, Mu Chen did not have any ripples on his face. “I’m afraid that it’s still too early to determine who’s the clown here.”

The ridicule hanging on the corner of Bai Ming’s lips grew even deeper, but he couldn’t even be bothered to reply to Mu Chen. He believed that Mu Chen was being stubborn before his death. He gently fanned the feathered fan while closing his eyes.

But when he closed his eyes, everyone could sense a cold killing intent brewing in Bai Ming.

One can imagine how much it would rumble when he attacked later. Using the fastest speed, could step on this person before him like a dead dog beneath his foot. At that time, he would see if the latter could still remain so calm.

“You’re courting death!”

When Bai Ming closed his eyes, Bai Bin grinned as he ferociously looked at Mu Chen. He did not expect that there would be such a fool that would provoke Bai Ming at this moment.

If that fellow had knelt down, begged and handed over the treasure that was related to the aura of the True Phoenix, perhaps Bai Ming could give face to the Nine Nether Clan and let him off. But right now, everything was too late and that fool had completely angered Bai Ming. Therefore, Bai Bin could already predict that this altar would be the burial place of that human named Mu Chen.

Behind him, Chi Hongwu of the Scarlet Phoenix Clan knitted her brows, before she inwardly shook her head. Mu Chen’s actions of provoking Bai Ming was also foolish in her view. But it had already been done and anymore words were futile at this moment. Right now, she could only bet that Bai Ming would let Mu Chen off after getting what he wanted from him.

The other teams were not optimistic of Mu Chen. They looked at the latter as if they were looking at a dead man.

“Heh, that brat is truly courageous. If you can survive Bai Ming’s hand, I might be willing to protect your life.” The skinny leader of the Babal Clan laughed out with his eyes narrowed.

He knew that Bai Ming was arrogant, so when he saw that no one dared to challenge Bai Ming earlier, he felt somewhat unhappy. But he did not expect Mu Chen to sweep Bai Ming’s face, which left him somewhat shocked and lead him to speak such words. Although Bai Ming was powerful, he wasn’t afraid of him.

But from his words, he was also not optimistic of Mu Chen’s challenge with Bai Ming.

After laughing out, he did not say anything further and his silhouette moved before appearing on another corner, on the plaza that leads to the Primordial Desolate Beast, and stomped the staff in his hand on the ground, causing the ground to tremble.

“Trash feathered bird of the Sky Divine Crane Clan, if you want to fight for the inheritance blood essence of the Primordial Desolate Beast, then get past me!” He smiled with an arrogant tone that didn’t fit well with his skinny silhouette.

“I have long wanted to experience the super strength of the Babal Ape Clan!”

The leader of the Sky Divine Crane Clan gently laughed and the tip of his foot tapped on the ground, before his silhouette flashed in front of Lu Hou. With a clench of his fist, a scarlet longsword appeared in a flash. The longsword was shaped like the beak of a crane and a fragrance was vaguely being emitted from it, as it contained an extremely terrifying poison.

Along with the Babal Ape Clan facing the Sky Divine Crane Clan, Zong Qingfeng of the Roc Clan had also smiled towards Kong Ling of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan. “Fairy Kong Ling, the winner between us will obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Myriad Spiritual Bird, what do you say?”

“Exactly what I’m looking for.” Kong Ling said faintly.

As the two of them confronted, sparks were vaguely set off from their gazes. They were both normally amongst the elites in the younger generation with towering eyesight. Since they could encounter one another here, they would naturally want to do their best to see who was better.


The two of them stepped forth and appeared on another plaza. They stood in confrontation with boundless Spiritual Energy emanating from them.

Thus, the six of them stood in confrontation on the three plazas and the momentum had even outshined the heavens and earth. As boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, everyone knew that an intense battle would soon take place.

Of course, they did not think that the fight between Mu Chen and Bai Ming would be intense. After all, in everyone’s view, there wasn’t any suspense in their battle.

On the plaza that leads to the stone statue of the Undying Bird, Bai Ming slowly opened his eyes and indifferently looked at Mu Chen. He did not speak a word but anyone could see a massive ice-blue current rolling out from him, which turned into an icy tornado that enveloped him.

Looking at Bai Ming, who had an astonishing momentum, his gaze grew deeper. Although Bai Ming wasn’t likeable, Mu Chen had to admit that he was formidable. As the genius of the Ice Phoenix Clan, he had the qualifications to be arrogant.

“I will freeze you into an ice statue and have you remain here in the God’s Cemetery…”

Bai Ming’s indifferent voice resounded and, in the next moment, he suddenly stomped his feet. A visible cold wave swept out. Instantly, the temperature between the heavens and earth descended and a thick layer of ice instantly spread out on the plaza like a cold aura that was devouring towards Mu Chen.


A dazzling golden light burst out from Mu Chen’s body and the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits on his skin had been circulated by him. The two spirits moved to his right arm and he threw a punch forth.


That fist had instantly caused space to collapse before him and a terrifying power that couldn’t be described swept out, clashing with the layer of ice.


The two forces ferociously clashed together, instantly causing the entire plaza to tremble. Mu Chen took several steps back, leaving deep marks on the ground along the way.

When the took the eighth step out, a cold light flashed in Mu Chen’s black pupils as he clenched his fist and threw a punch forth once again.


Visible cracks started to spread out from Mu Chen’s fist and in just a few breaths’ time, the huge layer of ice exploded and the cold current that could even devour a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign shattered into crumbs of snow in the sky.

When everyone else saw this scene, their eyes contracted and they inwardly smacked their lips. They could tell that not even a Seventh Grade Sovereign would take on Mu Chen’s physical strength.

“Hooo, what powerful brute force…”

Bai Ming’s silhouette appeared in a flash in the sky as he looked at the crumbs of ice and coldly smiled. “My ice is not that easy to destroy.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and the crumbs of ice had swept down like tens of thousands of arrows and they shot towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s hands joined together and the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits left his body, forming into a dragon-phoenix barrier that enveloped him. No matter how the ice swept over, it couldn’t break through the defence.

When Bai Ming saw this scene in the sky, his gaze grew colder. The strength of Mu Chen’s physical body had somewhat exceeded his expectations. His attacks from before were something that could even defeat a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign. But Mu Chen had held his own.

That fellow was truly somewhat capable to be bold enough to challenge him. But did Mu Chen think that this was sufficient?

Bai Ming smiled in ridicule as he formed seals with a single hand and a coldness gradually condensed in his eyes.

Since that’s the case, then you can barely let me have some fun.


Akin to a volcanic eruption, a terrifying surge of Spiritual Energy soared into the sky, causing the sky to be cold and, vaguely, there were countless crumbs of ice condensing together in the sky.

Bai Ming stood in the sky and looked down at Mu Chen with a ridiculing smile hung on the corner of his lips. The powerful Spiritual Energy pressure that he was giving off had made many experts here change their expressions.

That’s because that Spiritual Energy had far exceeded the realm of Seventh Grade Sovereign.

It was the genuine strength of an Eighth Grade Sovereign!

Boundless Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc in the horizon like a storm as Bai Ming clenched his fist. The icy-cold Spiritual Energy gushed over and, in a few moments, it had formed into a myriad-foot high ice mountain that was shaped like an ice phoenix spreading its wings, covered with profound runes. Every single one of those runes flickered with lustre and they were constantly devouring the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

When everyone saw that ice mountain of an ice phoenix, they felt their scalps going numb. They clearly felt how powerful Bai Ming’s attack was. That fellow simply did not intend to give Mu Chen a path of survival. He brought out the strength of an Eighth Grade Sovereign right from the start.

Now, Mu Chen would probably be suppressed to the point that he wouldn’t be able to turn the tables around.

With an indifferent gaze, Bai Ming was like a deity as he overlooked the plaza and flipped his palm over, causing the ice phoenix mountain to abruptly descend like a meteorite towards Mu Chen.

“Ice Phoenix Scripture - Myriad Beast Suppression Phoenix Mountain!”

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