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Chapter 1053 - Three Inheritance Blood Essences

When Bai Ming’s mocking and indifferent gaze shot over, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression and sent his gaze over. At this moment, Bai Ming and the rest were on a huge stone platform and, as expected, the Roc Clan and Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan had also arrived.

Aside from those peak teams, Mu Chen was a little surprised, since there were several other teams here as well. All those teams came from Divine Beast Clans with robust foundations. But the situation for those teams wasn’t looking too good. It was so much so that they even had casualties amongst them. Evidently, they had paid a price when they faced their Eighth Grade Beast Spirits. 

When Mu Chen swept his gaze out, the teams on the stone platform were also astonished when they looked at Mu Chen. That’s because they realised that there weren’t any casualties in Mu Chen’s team.

That meant that Mu Chen’s team did not pay any price when they dealt with their Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

Not only were those teams astonished, they even had a smear of pity flashing in their eyes. That’s because when Mu Chen used the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart earlier, they could vaguely feel the horrifying fluctuation. Therefore, they had thought that Mu Chen had used it on the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

That item was initially Mu Chen’s greatest reliance, so Bai Ming’s team did not make a move against them. It was precisely because of the existence of the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. But after losing that intimidating item, how could he face such a ferocious opponent like Bai Ming?

Therefore, when they saw that Mu Chen’s team did not have any casualties, they felt more pity in their hearts. Some teams even inwardly shook their heads. Mu Chen was truly overestimating himself, did he really think that Bai Ming was an easy opponent?

If Bai Ming had the intention to kill, Mu Chen’s entire team might even be buried here. Furthermore, even if the Nine Netherbird Clan knew about this matter, there wasn’t anything that they could do to Bai Ming and could only swallow it down.

The leader of the Roc Clan, the white-haired man, looked at Mu Chen with interest, since he wished to know if Mu Chen was truly foolish to not fear Bai Ming.

Kong Ling of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan did not look at Mu Chen during the entire process. When they were outside the God’s Cemetery, the reason why she made a move to obstruct Bai Ming was due to the fact that she did not want Mu Chen and Bai Ming to go all-out, disturbing their entry to the inner section. But since they’re already in the inner section and Mu Chen didn’t seem to know what’s good for him, she naturally wouldn’t be bothered about his life or death.

Everyone had different emotions in their eyes, but Mu Chen’s expression did not change. He lead Nine Nether and the rest to land on the stone platform as well.

“Mu Chen, look!”

When Mu Chen descended onto the platform, Nine Nether suddenly called out with excitement from his rear.

Mu Chen immediately directed his gaze over with Nine Nether and he contracted his eyes. That’s because he saw a stone statue on a stone pagoda that was at the northern part of the altar.

That statue had unfolded its wings, covering the sun. It seemed to be a phoenix and yet not at the same time, blazing with flames on its body. The flames seemed to be eternal and undying. Although it was only a stone statue, the ancient pressure emitting from it still caused the blood in his body to turn stagnant.

Mu Chen could sense the True Phoenix Spirit on his body wriggling and, vaguely, there was a resounding phoenix cry, filled with familiarity and facing it on the same level.


Mu Chen deeply puffed out as joy flashed in his eyes. Although he hadn’t seen a Primordial Undying Bird before, he could already be certain with the reaction coming from the True Phoenix Spirit that the statue before him was the Primordial Undying Bird!

It looked like he had not guessed incorrectly. There was an Undying Bird in the God’s Cemetery!

That would mean that there would be the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird here as well!

The excitement in his heart was soon suppressed by Mu Chen, since he could sense that there was a total of three stone statues, not only one.

One of the other two was a massive bird that looked extremely gorgeous. As if it possessed astonishing spirituality that was filled with vitality as it flapped its wings.

“This is?” Mu Chen looked at the unfamiliar bird statue and felt somewhat doubtful. Evidently, he couldn’t recognise that state.

“That’s the Primordial Myriad Spiritual Bird, one of the Super Divine Beasts that fell a long time ago.” Nine Nether’s words contained revere as she sighed, “In the ancient times, the Great Thousand World greatly suffered from the invasion of the Fiend Clans. The majority of those powerful yet rare species of Divine Beasts had fallen due to the loss of their inheritance, hence falling to ordinary and becoming normal Spiritual Beast Clans.”

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. If that’s the case, then the Fiend Clans were truly the great enemy of the Great Thousand World. It was only a single invasion and it had already caused such great loss to the Great Thousand World. It was so much so that even those clans had gone extinct.

“What about the other one?” Mu Chen looked at the last stone statue. It was a huge beast that was roaring towards the sky, as if its figure could support the heavens itself. It was pitch-black with palms as massive as hills that could shatter the land in a myriad mile with a single slam.

“That’s the Primordial Desolate Beast, a top-tiered Divine Beast in ancient times with massive strength and the ability to go berserk. The moment it goes berserk, it's fighting strength would soar. The Barbel Ape Clan also possesses the ability to go berserk and it is said that the ability originates from the Primordial Desolate Beast.” Nine Nether explained.

“Looks like the ancient text wasn’t wrong. In the primordial times, the Divine Beast Origin possessed three Beast Sovereigns and it is said that when the Divine Beast Origin was destroyed, they launched a counterattack that dragged numerous Monarchs of the Fiend Clans along with them, sealing those Monarchs.” Nine Nether looked at the massive altar as she spoke with revere.

“Three Beast Sovereigns…”

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. Judging from the appearance of those three stone statues, they must’ve been the three. But thereafter, he directed his gaze towards the land around the altar, which was dyed in blood and he lightly knitted his brows. He had suddenly recalled the land where the Treasure Beast fell. The black hole which sucked in the blood essences of the Treasure Beast…

He wondered if there was a connection between them, but regardless of anything, it was worth paying attention to.

“Looks like the teams that should be here have arrived.” While Mu Chen and Nine Nether conversed, Kong Ling of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan raised her eyes and faintly said, “Since everyone can reach here, you must have decent strength as well. The inner section is the land where the three Beast Sovereigns fell. It is indeed as you imagined, you can obtain their inheritance blood essences here.”

The moment she spoke, aside from those top-tiered teams, who knew about this matter much earlier, the other teams, with Nine Nether’s team included, had their eyes glowing.


Kong Ling briefly paused as she continued, “There are only three inheritance blood essences. Which means that only three people can obtain them. As for the rest, they can only return empty-handed.”

Those teams that were excited felt as if a bucket of water had poured onto their heads. With only three inheritance blood essences, it meant that two out of the five top-tiered teams would return empty-handed, not to mention their teams.

Mu Chen maintained a calm expression. Although he didn’t know the exact information, he could guess that it wouldn’t be easy to obtain an inheritance blood essence. Therefore, he wasn’t optimistic right from the beginning, so he naturally wasn’t too disappointed.

When Kong Ling finished her words, the stone platform fell silent. Those teams that could make it into the inner section were all with extraordinary strength. Therefore, everyone knew that only the five top-tiered teams could compete for the three inheritance blood essences.

Although they were unwilling, they were also helpless. Not to mention the formation that five top-tiered teams possessed, just the leaders of their teams alone were all Eighth Grade Sovereigns. Compared to the other experts, they were on an entire level above. Truthfully speaking, just one of them could annihilate one of their teams.

The other teams sunk in silence and Bai Ming was the first to smile on the stone platform. “Since the rules are already so clear, then I will first choose the inheritance blood essence of the Primordial Undying Bird.”

When he finished speaking, he had appeared at the top of stone stairs and stepped onto the plaza that leads to the statue of the Primordial Undying Bird. This was the only path towards the statue of the Undying Bird.

When Nine Nether saw that Bai Ming had, indeed, chosen the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, her heart sank. If she wanted to obtain the inheritance blood essence, wouldn’t that mean that she would have to fight Bai Ming?

“The Primordial Undying Bird is of the same origin as my clan, so I hope that everyone here can grant me this face…” Bai Ming looked at everyone on the stone platform and smiled with his fists cupped.

The white-haired man of the Roc Clan faintly smiled. He did not choose to compete with Bia Ming because his motive was not the inheritance blood essence of the Primordial Undying Bird.

The Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan also did not make their move because she would soon compete with Zong Qingfeng for the inheritance blood essence of the Myriad Spiritual Bird.

As for the remaining Barbel Ape Clan and Sky Divine Crane Clan, they did not make a move either, since their target was the Primordial Desolate Beast’s inheritance blood essence. The former was of the same bloodline as the Primordial Desolate Beast, while the latter was after the berserk ability…

Even the four top-tiered teams did not choose to compete with Bai Ming, so the other teams would naturally not jump out. After all, Bai Ming was of the Phoenix Clan so, naturally, they would be fearful of his extraordinary strength,

Thus, when Bai Ming spoke out, the surroundings were quiet, since no one dared to challenge him.

When Bai Bin saw this scene, he was inwardly pleased, before he shot a dark gaze at Mu Chen. After Big Brother Bai Ming obtains the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, he will be dealing with you guys.

However, when this thought had just flashed through his mind, his pupils contacted as he saw an unbelievable event unfolding.

That’s because he saw that when Bai Ming finished his words, Mu Chen, who stood before Nine Nether and the rest, walked out and slowly ascended the stairs.

A deep clamour resounded from those teams, since no one expected this person, who had offended Bai Ming, to challenge Bai Ming and not flee for his life…

On the plaza, the faint smile on Bai Ming’s face slowly retracted and he indifferently looked at Mu Chen, who was ascending the stairs, and the corner of his lips slowly lifted.

“You’re truly courting death.”

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