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Chapter 1050 - Destruction

A silver light streaked across the horizon and shot towards the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit and the Eighth Grade Beast Spirits. Vaguely, the stench of destruction had filled that silver light.

As the silver light streaked over, even if it didn’t look remarkable, the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit’s silhouette stopped due to its instincts. Its hollow eyes were staring at the silver light. Although it didn’t have any intellect, it’s instincts had sensed the aura of destruction from that unremarkable streak of light.

Despite being already dead, if it was struck by that silver light, perhaps it would be completely turned into dust.

Therefore, the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit had immediately retreated in that instant, since its instincts were telling it to escape. Otherwise, it would be destroyed today.


Even if the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit’s instincts were fearsome, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirits behind it were a tad inferior. Therefore, they still maintained their stance and charged forth. When the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit swiftly retreated, it clashed with the groups of Beast Spirits and the entire scene was in complete chaos.

It was also at that moment that the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit’s retreating silhouette was stopped.

Buzz! Buzz!

In that short moment, the silver light had already appeared before them and it lightly trembled. In the next moment, a terrifying explosion burst out from the silvery light.


It was as if a god of destructive lightning had descended with terrifying rumbling noises, lifting the ground below. Sound waves travelled over the myriad feet and in just a few moments, the rumbling noises could be clearly heard from anywhere within a myriad mile.

The flashes of lightning in the sky were like condensed liquids of lightning that descended from the sky. At that moment, the entire region had turned silver. It was so much so that even the dense clouds of deathly aura had been pierced through by the lightning as they dissipated.

A horrifying fluctuation surged, exploding forth after brewing.

Lightning was reflected in Mu Chen’s pupils as he looked at the world-shaking momentum with terror. Evidently, the might of the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart had far exceeded his expectations.

The might of it was absolutely destructive.

Practically no one beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm could withstand that sort of terrifying attack.

Mu Chen made a prompt decision and his phoenix wings flapped, sending him in the opposite to the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. If he was too close to the impact, even he would be dragged into it.

As he retreated, Mu Chen’s seals changed and his entire body was enveloped with a golden lustre. A draconic roar and phoenix cry resounded and the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits left his body, turning into spectral images as they coiled around him, forming into a powerful layer of defence.

But after bringing out the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, Mu Chen still wasn’t rest assured and with a will, he had also condensed the Great Solar Undying Body, which enveloped him.


Just when Mu Chen had utilised all his defences, the distant Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart had exploded under his detonation.

It was the lightning energy that a Primordial Lightning-Devouring Beast accumulated for years.

Rumbling lightning swept out like a wave of myriad feet and swept over from the distance. Space collapsed in the path along with the ground. Several myriad feet cracks constantly spread out, enveloping the entire massive valley.

In the path of the lightning, everything was turned into ashes.

Charging at the front were those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits and their mummified bodies were practically useless before the shock wave. When the lightning streaked over, the bodies of those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits crumbled, before they faded into ashes.

The last one that remained was the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit. A massive deathly aura burst out from its body, but it was only able to obstruct the wave of lightning for an instant. After that instant, the lightning continued sweeping over, destroying the deathly aura and the lightning enveloped the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit.

For the moment, this region looked like a world of lightning.

When the group of Beast Spirits were devoured, Mu Chen wasn’t having a good time either. Although he had retreated, he had still underestimated the might of the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart.

Therefore, even if he had retreated at full speed, he could still see the boundless shock wave of lightning approaching from the distance and the destructive momentum slammed against the Great Solar Undying Body.


In that instance, the heavens and earth trembled and cracks started to spread out on the Great Solar Undying Body before it exploded and faded away.


Even with the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen still spewed a mouthful of blood and his body felt like it was breaking apart before being sent deep into the ground, his bones shattered.

The lightning continued to dominate forth, wiping the entire massive valley clean…

In the distance of the valley, when Nine Nether and the rest who were retreating saw the terrifying shock wave, their bodies came to a stop as they looked over with grave expressions.

“What a terrifying might.” Han Shan was astonished. Even from this distance, he still felt how fearful the shock wave was. If he was close to that, then he would definitely be dead by now.

Nine Nether lightly bit her lips as worry flashed in her eyes. Shortly after, she took a deep breath, “Pay attention to our surroundings. Don’t let anyone come close.”

Mo Feng and the rest nodded their heads in acknowledgement. At this moment, they could only wish for Mu Chen to be fine.

Just as Nine Nether stopped at this area with alert, a blue-clothed man on a peak towards the north suddenly looked over at their direction and knitted his brows. That’s because, at that moment, he felt an extreme shock wave of violent Spiritual Energy.

That person was naturally Bai Ming of the Phoenix Clan.

“Big Brother Bai Ming, that is this surge of energy?” Beside Bai Ming, Bai Bin’s silhouette appeared with shock in his expression. He could vaguely sense how violent the energy in that region was.

“Such violent energy should be from the lightning attribute. I’m afraid that not even a Ninth Grade Sovereign could withstand that power.” Bai Ming contracted his eyes, before his eyes flashed with a flicker of understanding and he faintly smiled. “Looks like I’ve overestimated that fellow, to be forced to this extent from dealing with an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.”

In his view, with the formation of Mu Chen’s team, it wouldn’t be easy for them to kill an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. If they wanted to kill it without paying any price, then he would have to use the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart.

Bai Bin was stunned as he rejoiced, “That fella has used the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart?”

“Such energy is something that none of those teams that entered the Divine Beast Origin possess. Aside from that fellow’s Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart, it shouldn’t be someone else.”

Bai Ming nodded his head as a graveness flashed in his eyes, before he continued, “The might of it is indeed terrifying. If that brat had used it against us, I’m afraid that we’d all be dead.”

“Heh. But if that brat falls in Big Brother Bai Ming’s hand later, what waves can he lift?” Bai Bin grinned.

Bai Ming lightly smiled. Without the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart, Mu Chen was equivalent to an ant in his eyes. If they met again, then he would definitely let that brat know how foolish it was to offend him.

“Let’s deal with this Eighth Grade Beast Spirit before us first.” Bai Ming shook his head, then no longer pondered about the ant-like existence in his eyes and shifted his gaze forth. The swarm of Beast Spirits had already been completely wiped by the experts of the Phoenix Clan and only the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit remained, attempting to escape.

Clenching his hand, the ice-blue fan appeared in a flash and his silhouette had disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already above the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit and had fanned down.


An ice-blue cold aura swept out like a phoenix unfolding its wings, turning into a current as it devoured the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. After the cold aura swept past, only a vivid ice statue was left behind.

Bai Ming gently descended on the head of that statue with an indifferent expression, then he gently kicked with the tip of his leg. The ice statue cracked, before it was reduced to ice powder.

A beast heart, which was filled with deathly aura, rose and was grasped by Bai Ming. Toying around with the beast heart, his gaze shifted towards the distance and a smear of ridicule rose on the corner of his lips.

He hoped that Mu Chen would truly dare to head towards the inner section. Only then, would he be able to let that ant that dared to provoke a colossal figure to know what tragedy awaited him.

In the valley that was in a complete mess, the surrounding walls and peaks had been levelled to the ground and a myriad-foot long crack spread out on the ground that looked like an abyss.

This massive valley was evidently wiped out.


On this wrecked land, huge stones suddenly flew out and a silhouette soared into the sky. When it descended on the ground, his clothes were all tattered and riddled with wounds. There was even a trace of blood on the corner of his lips and his appearance looked extremely pathetic.

That silhouette was naturally Mu Chen.

He wiped the trace of blood and lowered his head to look at the wrecked valley with a flash of shock in his eyes. The might of the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart was simply too powerful.

Mu Chen swept his gaze out, any traces of the Beast Spirits have already been wiped away by now. Clearly, they had been completely annihilated.

“I wonder if the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus is alright?”

Recalling this, Mu Chen’s face instantly changed and he quickly flew out. He came for the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus and even used the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. If it was affected by the shock wave of the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart and was destroyed, then he would definitely have his intestines turn green from regret.


Mu Chen quickly flew across the wrecked land and appeared in the swamp of deathly aura a few minutes later. But at this moment, the swamp was also greatly destroyed with steaming deathly aura.

Seeing this scene, Mu Chen’s heart sank and he increased his speed even further, appearing at the centre of the swamp and shot his gaze over. He saw the clear pond still quietly rippling in the swamp and the surrounding black water was severed by it, clearly split up.

In the depths of the swamp, an emerald lotus gently fluttered, emitting a green lustre, filled with boundless vitality.

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