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Chapter 1049 - Charging into the Valley

“How is it?”

On the peak, Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen, who had opened his eyes, and asked. The danger in this area was getting a little too much, so there couldn’t be a simple reason.

Looking at everyone staring at him, Mu Chen smiled, then said, “There are eighteen Eighth Grade Beast Spirit in the valley… and a Ninth Grade Beast Spirit.”


Hearing Mu Chen’s words, even if everyone was prepared, they still couldn’t help taking a cold breath in. They could expect the existence of Eighth Grade Beast Spirits, but they weren’t prepared for a Ninth Grade Beast Spirit.

It was an existence that could be comparable to a Ninth Grade Sovereign! Even in the entire Great Havenlaw Domain, probably only the three Emperors had reached that level…

“I intend to go in.”

But while they were shocked, Mu Chen’s next sentence left them dumbfounded. It was so much so that even Nine Nether was looking at Mu Chen with shock. Clearly, she couldn’t understand why Mu Chen would want to be so reckless. Not only their team, even if all the other top-tiered teams gathered together, they would just be annihilated in an instant.

Looking at everyone’s shock, Mu Chen continued, “You guys don’t have to follow me. I will go in alone.”

Facing such a ferocious formation, they would practically be baggage if they entered with him.

Han Shan and the rest exchanged a look, but in the end, Nine Nether had knitted her brows and said, “You’re planning to use the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart, right?”

She understood Mu Chen the best. Although the latter’s strength couldn’t be judged the normal way, if he had a powerful troop with him at the moment so that he could use the strength of a Battle Formation Master, he might still have the possibility to be able to confront the terrifying formation in the valley. But evidently, he did not have that sort of means at this moment. If that’s the case, then there could only be one possibility. Mu Chen was intending to use the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart.

“But the moment you don’t have the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart, then Bai Ming of the Phoenix Clan will no longer be fearful of you.” Han Shan couldn’t help pointing that out. Bai Ming wasn’t a kind person. Previously, Mu Chen could intimidate him with the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. But the moment he used it, with his character, that fellow would definitely not let Mu Chen off.

Mu Chen smiled and looked at the valley that was filled with a deathly aura and answered, “I previously took out the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart to intimidate others. Bai Ming is still not worthy for me to use it on him.”

His words were calm, but there was a self-confidence that was contained in his words. Bai Ming was truly formidable and according to his guesses, the latter should possess the fighting strength of an Eighth Grade Sovereign. Furthermore, he was a cunning Eighth Grade Sovereign with a Quasi-Saint Artifact. If they fought, he would definitely be stronger than the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit that they had previously fought.

But even if Bai Ming was powerful, that didn’t mean that he, Mu Chen, was a pushover. If they really fought, Mu Chen was confident that Bai Ming’s plan wouldn’t go as he wished.

Furthermore, he was currently at the pinnacle level of Sixth Grade Sovereign and was only a step away from being a Seventh Grade Sovereign. If it was an ordinary time, he might need a month’s worth of cultivation for him to attempt a breakthrough.

But right now, there’s a chance lying before him. It was naturally the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus. Although the effect of it would be greatly displayed when he attempted his breakthrough to the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, it contained pure and massive Spiritual Energy. Devouring it, Mu Chen would be able to make use of it to break through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

The moment he stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, his fighting strength would greatly soar. So even without the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart, he wouldn’t be afraid of Bai Ming.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw how decisive Mu Chen was, they no longer attempted to convince him. Furthermore, they knew the might of the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. Although the formation of Beast Spirits in the valley was powerful, it probably wouldn’t be able to bear the attack of the heart.

“Then be careful, we’ll move back first.” Nine Nether nodded her head. They wouldn’t be able to provide Mu Chen with any help with them staying here. If anything happened, then they might even drag Mu Chen down.

“Pay attention to this region for me.” Mu Chen said. He did not want to let others benefit from him dealing with all the Beast Spirits here.

Nine Nether nodded her head and no longer hesitated. She turned around and flew out. Although Han Shan and the rest were curiously looking at Mu Chen, they did not ask anything and swiftly followed behind Nine Nether.

After looking at their departing silhouettes until they completely disappeared, only then did Mu Chen shifted his grave gaze towards this valley and took in a deep breath before a silver heart that was flickering with lightning appeared in his hand.

“I’m depending on you now, buddy…” Mu Chen murmured as he moved, turning into a streak of light as he shot towards the valley that was enveloped with deathly aura.

As he approached the valley, the deathly aura grew even denser. The sky was covered with a black deathly aura and a black rain descended, causing this region to be enveloped in coldness.

Under the coldness, the Spiritual Energy in Mu Chen’s body became sluggish and the surface of his body was being covered in a cold aura. It’s as if it the rain was trying to corrode his physical body.

Sensing this situation, Mu Chen did not dare to delay and swiftly circulated the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. A golden light blossomed on his body and a draconic roar and phoenix cry resounded, dispelling the deathly aura that invaded his body.


With the protection of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, Mu Chen had quickly dived into the valley that was enveloped in deathly aura. At that moment, when he stepped into the valley, the black silhouettes that were in the valley suddenly opened their eyes and enraged roars resounded from their mouths.


Several black silhouettes shot out, turning into black streaks of light that shot towards Mu Chen in an attempt to have him killed.

When Mu Chen saw those black silhouettes, he did not dare to tangle up with them, since he knew that if he tangled with them, then he wouldn’t be able to escape from the valley today.


Mu Chen took in a deep breath and his seals changed. The True Phoenix Spirit that resided on his arm suddenly moved to his back and a spiritual light surged. Then, a massive pair of phoenix wings had unfolded.


The phoenix wings flapped and Mu Chen’s speed immediately soared. He had quickly passed through the obstructions of those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits and shot towards the distance.


When the other Eighth Grade Beast Spirits saw that the obstruction had failed, they instantly gave a  furious roar and stood up, before soaring forth to envelop Mu Chen.

Rustle! Rustle!

With the help of the phoenix wings, his speed soared to an astonishing degree. He agilely passed through the obstruction of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirits. Using the flaw from their lack of intellect, he had searched for the gap between the envelopment and dived deep into the valley.

Mu Chen had also wasted a few minutes from the constant pursuit and encirclement before he had finally stepped into the swamp of the deathly aura.

When he stepped into the range of the deathly aura, the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit that was seated on the dead tree in the depths suddenly opened its eyes. Its eyes were no longer empty. Vaguely, there were flickers of light. Compared to the Eighth Grade Beast Spirits, this Ninth Grade Beast Spirit evidently had a trace of spirituality.


The Ninth Grade Beast Spirit looked in the direction of Mu Chen and let out a deep roar, before it threw out a punch from a distance away.


A fist flew out, tearing cracks in space as if it was shattering glass. Boundless deathly aura had quickly pierced through space and appeared before Mu Chen before it ferociously pounced forth.

The terrifying deathly aura dominated forth as Mu Chen’s seals changed. His silhouette, which was charging forth, instantly froze, then he descended from the sky like a stone that weighed a myriad catty. Stepping on the ground, the deathly aura flew above him, destroying a massive mountain wall.

But although he managed to avoid the deathly aura, Mu Chen still felt his blood and aura boiling in his body. He was inwardly shocked by how terrifying the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit was…

If he faced it head-on, then even if he had utilised all his means, he wouldn’t be able to go several rounds with the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit with his current strength…

When the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit saw that Mu Chen had avoided its attack, it did not pursue, since it did not want to leave the range of the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus, just in case something happens.

However, Mu Chen naturally had to draw it away if he wanted to use the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. With a flash in his mind, he turned towards another direction. He clearly wanted to go along the edge, then into the depths of the swamp.

Behind him, although those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits were chasing after him, they couldn’t catch up to Mu Chen.


When the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit sensed Mu Chen’s intention and sensed that he was moving deeper into the swamp, it finally couldn’t sit still any longer. Immediately, it unleashed a roar and the deathly aura dominated forth like a tornado.

It stomped its feet, before it instantly disappeared. When it reappeared, it was already on the edge of the horizon.

When the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit appeared in Mu Chen’s sight once again, he could sense the pressure in this region suddenly soar. A stinging pain came from his skin as he felt the great threat.

Therefore, Mu Chen had immediately stopped his silhouette and with a flap of the phoenix wings, he turned towards another direction and fled.

Behind him, the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit chased after him with the Eighth Grade Beast Spirits closely following behind it. Although they were powerful, their intellect was lacking, after all.

But what left Mu Chen somewhat shocked was the speed of the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit. Even after utilising the True Phoenix Spirit, it was still swiftly closing the gap between them.

A few minutes later, he felt a powerful pressure enveloping him from the rear and he could already smell the death scent coming from the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit.

If this went on, then the Ninth Grade Beast Spirit would quickly catch up to him.

Mu Chen’s eyes flickered as he took a deep breath in. With a move of his silhouette, he appeared on a hill before turning around and looked at the torrential deathly aura.

His hand stretched out of his sleeves and a silver heart slowly pulsed, emitting rumbling thunder.

“Almost there…”

Mu Chen murmured to himself and his gaze became ferocious. With a tremble of his palm, the silver heart had turned into a streak of silver light and flew towards the torrential deathly aura.

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