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Chapter 1051 - Seventh Grade Sovereign

When Mu Chen saw that the clear pond still quietly sat at the centre of the swamp, he felt heavily relieved. Fortunately, the treasure was fine. Otherwise, he would be so depressed at this moment to the point that he would start vomiting blood.

When he saw that the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus was fine, Mu Chen did not dare to delay, since the commotion in this region was too great. It must have definitely alerted the perception of many teams, so he had to seize the treasure as soon as possible.

As this thought flashed in his mind, Mu Chen immediately appeared above the pond and suddenly made a grabbing action. Spiritual Energy burst from his palm and fixed onto the emerald azure lotus at the bottom of the pond, before a burst of suction force exploded.

A lump of clear pond water gently flew up with the azure lotus wrapped in mud and hovered before Mu Chen.

A peculiar fragrance drifted over that was filled with boundless vitality and it had instantly relieved Mu Chen of the pain in his body. It’s as if his shattered bones had been recovered at this moment, bringing along a sour and numbing sensation.

Mu Chen flicked his finger and the mud was removed, revealing the emerald lotus more clearly. The Nine Revolution Azure Lotus was the size of his palm. It looked extremely exquisite, as if it was finely carved. Especially the lotus seed, it was emitting an even startling lifeforce and the surface of the seed was engraved with numerous profound runes. The runes were formed naturally, which made it profound and mysterious.

“This is the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus…” Mu Chen was a little intoxicated by the beauty and couldn’t help letting loose a sigh. If this item was placed in the auction house of the Great Thousand World, it would definitely attract the frantic competition of Ninth Grade Sovereigns. That’s because as long as one had it, then their odds of breaking through the shackles of Sovereign Realm would increase and they’d step into the Earth Sovereign Realm.

And when one stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, everything would change. It was practically comparable to a soar. If the Sovereign Realm could be classified as experts in the Great Thousand World, then an Earth Sovereign Realm would be the lord of a force.

Perhaps in the Northern Region, a Ninth Grade Sovereign could become part of the higher hierarchy in a peak force, but they could not establish their own force. That’s because only an Earth Sovereign Realm could shelter a peak force.

As long as they possessed that sort of status, then they would naturally gain access to larger amounts of cultivation resources, walking further in the path of cultivation.

After Mu Chen lamented in his heart, he carefully stored the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus. When he left, he had waved his hand and Spiritual Energy gushed out, completely destroying the pond.

He did not want someone else to come here and find the existence of a Nine Revolution Azure Lotus that was once here. Combined with the destruction of this place, someone might figure it out and if that’s the case, then it would only bring trouble to himself.

Mu Chen was only rest assured after he destroyed the pond. His silhouette moved, turning into a beam of light, and he flew off from this location.

Not long after Mu Chen left, noises of wind being torn apart resounded and several teams appeared at the same time before carefully approaching this wrecked land. 

Those teams examined the area out of curiosity but in the end, they were all in the destroyed pond. Although this place was already destroyed, the lifeforce in this land, which was covered in deathly aura, was still eye-catching. It was as if there was something that existed here.

Although they had found this place, they couldn’t tell what was here due to the destruction; thus, they could only shake their heads with regret.

They could guess that there should be a treasure that once existed here but they couldn’t confirm what it was. Therefore, those teams briefly hesitated, but they could only leave with regret.

At this moment, Mu Chen was already far from this place. In a flash, he had already appeared on the hill where Nine Nether and the rest were waiting for him.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw that Mu Chen had returned without harm, their faces flashed with joy and they felt heavily relieved. If they did not have Mu Chen to lead them, then their journey would probably be hopeless.

“You got it?” Nine Nether smiled as she saw the joy in Mu Chen’s eyes. It looked like the latter had truly returned from a rewarding journey.

Mu Chen smiled with his eyes contracted as he nodded his head. With the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus in his possession, he was pleased with joy.

When Nine Nether saw his reaction, she did not inquire any further. She knew that it wouldn’t be an ordinary item for Mu Chen to be willing to use the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart. But it was something that Mu Chen had obtained by himself and they did not provide any help at all, so that item naturally, solely belonged to Mu Chen.

Not only was it Nine Nether, who was close to Mu Chen, have this thought, even Han Shan, Mo Feng and the rest did not ask anything, since they clearly had the same thought as well.

“We’ll look for a place to reorganise ourselves before heading towards the inner section of the God’s Cemetery.” Mu Chen looked at everyone. At this moment, he wasn’t at his top state and he had also just obtained the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus. So he needed to use it to help break through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

As long as his own Spiritual Energy reached the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, and add the fact that his physical body was comparable to a Seventh Grade Sovereign, Mu Chen was absolutely confident that no one beneath the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm could rival him.

It was so much so that he would no longer have the slightest fear when faced with the Quasi-Saint Artifact in Bai Ming’s hand.

Any teams that could enter the inner section were all top-tiered teams and the leaders of those teams were powerful. They were definitely all much stronger than Qin Jingtian, so Mu Chen had to improve his own strength.

Nine Nether and the rest knew what Mu Chen was intending, so they nodded their heads.

The group moved forth once again and with the sight of Mu Chen’s Life-Extinguishing Pupil, they managed to avoid the places that had swarms of Beast Spirits and torrential deathly auras. Those places weren’t at all inferior to the valley that they had encountered before. According to Mu Chen’s experience, there must’ve been some sort of treasure in those dangerous lands as well.

But he no longer had any thoughts regarding those treasure lands at this moment. Without the Lightning Devouring Beast’s Heart, he would simply be courting death if he tried to enter those dangerous lands.

Therefore, Mu Chen was decisive and suppressed the temptation in his heart before searching for a place with thinner deathly aura and opened a cave on a lone peak.

Nine Nether and the rest were spread around the peak to guard him.

In the cave, Mu Chen sat down with the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus before him. A dazzling light blossomed with boundless vitality filling the entire cave, causing this cave to be filled with vitality and withered plants grew once more.

Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed onto the white seed at the heart of the lotus. That was the essence of the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus. If he could absorb it, then he would be able to borrow its bizarre power when he attempted to break through the shackles of the Sovereign Realm and enter the Earth Sovereign Realm in the future…

But the terrifying lifeforce contained within the white seed wasn’t something that he could bear at this moment. But fortunately, he did not need to refine it right now. He only needed to absorb it into his body for now and use its energy when he attempted his breakthrough in the future.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, then bent two of his fingers. The white seed that resided at the centre of the lotus’ heart gently rose, before he threw a surge of Spiritual Energy towards the azure lotus.

Buzz! Buzz!

Spiritual light blossomed from the azure lotus and the palm-sized azure lotus swiftly started to expand. In a few breaths’ time, it had already grown to about five feet, akin to a lotus seat.

Mu Chen’s silhouette slowly descended on the lotus seat. This lotus seat couldn’t be refined but it possessed the function of calming his heart and stabilising his Spiritual Energy. The lotus itself was a treasure that supported cultivation, so Mu Chen naturally wouldn’t abandon it since it could be useful to him.

Once everything was prepared, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and he looked at the white lotus that hovered before him. He had immediately opened his mouth and a suction force exploded, pulling the lotus into his body.

In that instant when he devoured the lotus seed, a terrifying lifeforce exploded from Mu Chen’s body and his hair frantically grew at this moment. In a few moments, his hair had already covered the entire cave like weeds.

The sudden explosive lifeforce that came from his body made Mu Chen inwardly shocked. After all, it was just the energy being emitted by the seed, if the entire seed was unleashed, then he would probably be dead right here.

But fortunately, he only needed to absorb and refine the energy that leaked from the seed to help him break through, pushing his own Spiritual Energy cultivation towards the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

And with his current strength, he should be able to control it perfectly at this moment.

Thus, time quietly passed in his cultivation and the lifeforce in the cave grew even more vigorous.

While Mu Chen was cultivating, Nine Nether and the rest sat around the peak, guarding the area. Their gazes would occasionally look towards the cave that Mu Chen was in with some shock in their eyes, since they could sense the vigorous lifeforce. Immediately, they inwardly rejoiced that Mu Chen had found a place with thin deathly aura and few Beast Spirits. Otherwise, just the lifeforce alone would attract innumerable Beast Spirits.

Nine Nether looked over for a brief moment before retracting her gaze. She wasn’t worried about Mu Chen’s breakthrough, since the latter’s strength had already exceeded the realm of Sixth Grade Sovereign. In addition to his accumulation from all the battles he had experienced, it would be natural for him to make his breakthrough.

And the moment he succeeded his breakthrough, then he would possess the strength to confront Bai Ming.

At that time, Mu Chen wouldn’t be afraid, even if he was facing an Eighth Grade Sovereign.

Thinking about this, inwardly, Nine Nether felt gratified. Without her knowing, the youth that needed her protection back then had already surpassed her.

After this Divine Beast Origin comes to an end, the Elders back in the clan would probably not dare to belittle him anymore.

Furthermore, she knew that this was just the beginning. In the future, Mu Chen would grow stronger and perhaps no one would believe in him becoming a supreme expert in the future. But she had never doubted it from the beginning that he could achieve that.

She inwardly lamented before closing her eyes to cultivate. A day had passed and she suddenly opened her eyes to see a boundless surge of Spiritual Energy exploding forth from the cave and a slender silhouette slowly walked out from the wave of Spiritual Energy.

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