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Chapter 1045 - Hunting in a Group

When Mu Chen had everything prepared, sounds of wind being split apart resounded before Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Han Shan flew over.

The four of them had joy on their faces. Previously, when they dealt with the dozens of Seventh Grade Beast Spirits, they had already experienced how powerful the Quasi-Saint Artifacts were.

With those items, they wouldn’t even have to fear pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereigns.

When Mu Chen saw their self-confidence, he smiled before looking deep in the forest. The deathly aura there was getting denser, as if the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had sensed their movements.

“Now, let us get rid of the leader.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the faces of Nine Nether and the rest gradually turned grave. They were clear that the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was no longer the same as the Seventh Grade Beast Spirits, just like how an Eighth Grade Sovereign was several folds stronger than a Seventh Grade Sovereign.

With the Quasi-Saint Artifacts, they could be invincible within the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. But if they encountered a genuine Eighth Grade Sovereign, then they wouldn’t be invincible anymore.

But at this moment, none of those four had any intention to cower. They exchanged a glance, then they gravely nodded their heads. As for the several Demonic Rhino Clan experts, they had moved back. In the upcoming battle, ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns like them were practically of no help.

When everyone was prepared, Mu Chen no longer delayed and waved his hand. His silhouette had turned into a streak of light as he shot out and, in a few flickers, he had charged into the depths of the forest with Nine Nether and the rest closely following behind him.

Rustle! Rustle!

Mu Chen’s silhouette had descended towards the huge tree before him and the deathly aura was so dense that it seemed to have condensed and was sticky to the point that it made others feel like they were in a swamp.

His gaze was fixed beneath the huge tree, where the black silhouette that was quietly seated. A terrifying deathly aura was pouring into its body as it breathed.

Along with that, there was also a powerful pressure that was emanating from its body.

Just when their gazes were fixed onto that black silhouette, that black silhouette had also opened its eyes. The rim of its eyes was hollow with a deathly aura that was like a vortex. They felt that their vitality would be forcefully ripped from them and devoured by it if they stared at it for too long.

There wasn’t any intellect in its eyes, but there was an ominous sensation. The threat that it was emitting far surpassed all the Beast Spirits that they had encountered in the past.

Looking at it, the faces of Nine Nether and the rest wore dark, since they could sense how troublesome this Eighth Grade Beast Spirit that stood before them would be.

The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit slowly stood up and its body seemed to be stiff, but there wasn’t any sluggish feeling coming from it. It’s as if it could bolt out like rumbling thunder


A deep roar resounded from its throat as the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit looked at Mu Chen’s party with its black pupils. Its roar was filled with intimidation.

“Although it doesn’t have any intellect, its instincts won’t be low.” Mu Chen was somewhat startled. There were wounds on the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit and it knew that this was not the best time to fight, that’s why it intended to intimidate them.

“But today, I will be taking your heart.”

Although the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit couldn’t understand Mu Chen’s words, it could sense it from its instincts and its greyish-black pupils were enveloped with a deathly aura before the roar that resounded from it grew even deeper.


A torrential deathly aura swept out and the surrounding trees were swept away, before the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had turned into a grey streak of light as it shot forth.

Its speed was equivalent to rumbling thunder. It then appeared not too far away from them in a single flash and threw a punch out. A torrential deathly aura swept out. Looking from afar, it would look like a thousand-foot dragon made of deathly aura.

The deathly aura dragon charged over, instantly tearing abyss cracks on the ground. Anything that obstructed it would be reduced to ashes by the dragon of deathly aura.

When the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit attacked, it had displayed its terrifying power.

Nine Nether’s face was grave, before she took a step forth. The Spiritual Energy in her body circulated without any restraints and the Divine Ruler of Darkness in her hand shot forth with a dark beam of light, completely devouring the surrounding light.

Buzz! Buzz!

The Divine Ruler of Darkness trembled as the black light circulated and it swiftly expanded before becoming roughly ten feet long as it slashed down. Instantly, a black moon rose in the heavens and earth and all the light disappeared under the black moon.

As the black moon descended along with the black ruler, it had quickly pierced through the dragon of deathly aura and its massive body was shrunk by a fold.

However, even if it was shrunk by half, the deathly aura that it was giving off was still massive and the power that it possessed was still astonishing.

“Scarlet Flames Celestial Bell!”

But at this moment, a soft roar suddenly resounded and a scarlet bell hovered in the sky. As the bell trembled, it emitted a crisp ringing that came with endless flames that swept out. Instantly, the ocean of flames incinerated the heavens and earth and the temperature in this region was instantly raised, even the atmosphere was burning.


The torrential sea of flames clashed with the huge dragon. Instantly, a terrifying and violent atmosphere explosion resounded. The temperature was raised extremely high with the pale grey forest burning below.


Deathly aura gushed from the mouth of the dragon as it extinguished the ocean of flames.


A black staff and an ancient golden spear shot over at this moment with a torrential momentum, cooperating to tear the dragon of deathly aura apart and dissipating it into grey lights.

Down below, shock flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes when he saw that Nine Nether’s team of four had barely managed to confront the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, even with the help of four Quasi-Saint Artifacts.

However, this should only be temporary, since the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had not fully displayed its prowess.


When this thought flashed in Mu Chen’s heart, a deathly roar suddenly rang out. A black beam bolted over from the deathly aura that screened the sky before it pushed a palm out in front of Nine Nether’s group of four.


It was a palm that was like black ink and the sky instantly darkened. Runes of death spread out in the sky and if those invaded someone’s body, that person would definitely die.

Nine Nether’s group of four instantly changed their faces and no longer hesitated. Immediately, they utilised the Quasi-Saint Artifacts in their hands and light instantly blossomed that barely managed to resist the runes of death.

But that resistance only lasted for several breaths of time before the spiritual light around them suddenly darkened. The palm that was shrouded with death enveloped them and the four of them were instantly heavily wounded before they flew out in a pathetic state.

Poof! Poof!

Mouthfuls of blood spewed from their mouths and they looked extremely pathetic at this moment. Fortunately, they each had a Quasi-Saint Artifact to protect them from the deathly aura.

At this moment, they fully understood how powerful this Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was. Even with the Quasi-Saint Artifacts, they still couldn’t win against the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.


The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit roared and a dense deathly aura turned into a wave of myriad feet that swept out behind them. Its silhouette had shot forth once again. It was clearly trying to kill the invaders as quickly as possible.


But just when it was pouncing towards Nine Nether’s team of four, a golden light suddenly blossomed in the sky and the Great Solar Undying Body appeared with a golden palm pressing down. Evidently, Mu Chen had made his move.


Facing Mu Chen’s sudden attack, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had also attacked and a torrential deathly aura clashed with the golden palm.

A violent shock wave exploded and the massive golden palm actually couldn’t even move the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit in the slightest.


The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit’s greyish-black pupils were fixed onto Mu Chen, before it unleashed a deep roar. It could also sense that the threat that Mu Chen was giving out was the strongest within that group.

Thus, it had immediately given up pursuing Nine Nether’s group. In a flash, it had turned into a beam of light that shot towards the Great Solar Undying Body. The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit opened its mouth and a deathly aura violently gathered within, before compressing it like a bomb of death.

Even the space around its mouth had distorted.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was truly troublesome. Even if Jin Qingtian was here, he would probably be killed in a few moves.


The deathly aura was condensed to the limits in the mouth of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit before it turned into a deathly beam of light that shot out, penetrating space as it shot towards Mu Chen.

Boom! Boom!

Facing the horrifying attacks of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, Mu Chen did not dare to be careless and the golden suns rose in the Great Solar Undying Body before exploding into golden liquid that swept out.

The golden liquid had formed into a golden sceptre in Mu Chen’s hand and he waved it down, clashing with the beam of deathly aura.

A huge sound was produced in the sky with a terrifying shock wave blasting out. The forest down below had been completely uprooted with innumerable trees shattering from the impact.

Nine Nether’s group of four looked at the sky with nervous gazes. Mu Chen was the strongest fighting strength in their group and if even he couldn’t deal with the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, then there’s a high chance that their hunting mission might fail.


A golden light dominated the sky, before the Great Solar Undying Body was suddenly sent flying back with cracks appearing on the surface before exploding into golden sparkles of light that covered the sky.

On the contrary, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit only took a few hundred steps back. Although the deathly aura around it was unstable for a moment, it did not suffer too much damage.

Watching this scene, the hearts of Nine Nether and the rest sunk. The strength of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had far exceeded their expectations. That’s because this was the first time that they had seen Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body being destroyed so quickly.

Under their nervous gazes, Mu Chen’s silhouette had also appeared in the golden sky with a grave expression as he looked at the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, which was enveloped in a torrential deathly aura before he shot out in retreat without any hesitation.


When Mu Chen retreated, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit issued an ear-piercing roar, then its feet stomped on the ground like a black beam of light and chased after Mu Chen.

The speed of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was extremely swift and in just a few breaths of time, it had already caught up to Mu Chen. But just when it was about to circulate the deathly aura to launch attacks at him, Mu Chen’s figure suddenly stopped and a dark light flickered in his eyes before he looked at the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit and smiled. He then abruptly put his hands.

Buzz! Buzz!

Along with his seals being formed, countless spiritual seals suddenly flashed out in the sky, emitting a dazzling light and spiritual light patterns appeared in this area. Those patterns linked together, forming into several massive Spiritual Arrays…

Roughly estimating, the amount of Spiritual Arrays wasn’t below ten.

To hunt this Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, Mu Chen had put in all he knew. Furthermore, he had also set up all the Spiritual Arrays so that they could show even the slightest effect!

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