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Chapter 1046 - Surrounded by Spiritual Arrays

Boundless Spiritual Energy exploded in the sky of this forest like a volcanic eruption with innumerable patterns of Spiritual Energy intertwining into complicated runes, vaguely forming into massive Spiritual Arrays. Looking at it, even Nine Nether and the rest felt their scalps going a little numb from the scene, since they never thought that Mu Chen could set up so many Spiritual Arrays at once.

Under the heavy layers of Spiritual Arrays, even an Eighth Grade Sovereign would be caught unprepared. Although the fighting strength of a Spiritual Array Master might not be strong, as long as there was a sufficient amount of time, then the strength that it can unleash would be extremely shocking.

Generally, at this moment, in a confrontation of experts, as long as they had the slightest intellect, they would not easily step into this region that was covered in spiritual runes. But the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit did not have any intellect, so it had charged into the heavy layers of Spiritual Arrays.

When it charged into the Spiritual Arrays, only then did the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit feel danger and had immediately wanted to pull back to leave this dangerous region.

But evidently, Mu Chen, who had gotten the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit into the boiling pot, would definitely not let it leave so easily.

“Since you’re here, then stay.”

“Skynet Array!”

Mu Chen gently smiled and his seals changed. Amongst the heavy layers of Spiritual Arrays, two identical Spiritual Arrays appeared and countless spiritual seals danced as they flew out, before they intertwined, forming into a net that covered the sky. Those streaks of light were like huge pythons that bound onto the limbs of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, firmly binding it.

The Skynet Array was only an Earth Grade Spiritual Array. If only one of them was executed, it would definitely be tough to bind an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. Therefore, Mu Chen had set up two to join forces together.


Heavily enveloped by the seals of light, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit issued roars as a torrential deathly aura swept out from its body, corroding the streaks of light that bound onto it.

The restriction of the Skynet Array only lasted for a brief moment before it was broken free by the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by this fact. After all, the grade of the Skynet Array was too low. Even if there was two of them, there was still a limit to how powerful they could be, so they would not be able to bind an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit for too long. But they had already provided him with a sufficient amount of time…

He took a deep breath and a spiritual light burst forth in his eyes. Afterimages flew from his hands and along with his seals changing, the Spiritual Arrays in this region consecutively exploded.

“Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array!”

“Azure Lotus Spiritual Sword Array!”

“Indestructible Golden Bell Array!”


Along with Mu Chen’s roar, Spiritual Arrays started to appear. There were quite a lot of Spiritual Arrays that had combined together, displaying a somewhat astonishing momentum.

Boom! Boom!

When those Spiritual Arrays appeared, they had immediately emitted killing intent and a storm of Spiritual Energy was swept up in this region. The Spiritual Arrays all formed into different fearful attacks that enveloped towards the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One attack after another bombarded the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, causing it to be constantly blown back and the deathly aura that was covering it also showed signs of instability from the intense blows.

The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was constantly being blown back, enraging at the same time as it issued a roar and threw a fist out. A terrifying deathly aura whistled out, clashing with the attacks that were coming at him.

At the sight of this, Mu Chen retreated once again.

That Eighth Grade Beast Spirit roared before pursuing with a torrential deathly aura trailing behind. But when it stepped into this region, the deathly aura around it violently retracted, sensing a heightened threat in the surroundings.


The surrounding space distorted and innumerable spiritual seals had merged into the sky. Light patterns intertwined and a massive Spiritual Array appeared. As spiritual light condensed, it had formed into the seal of a divine mountain and crushed down.


The seal of the divine mountain crashed into the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit and the terrifying force had slammed him deep into the ground with a crack on its forehead. Evidently, it had suffered heavy injuries.


The eyes of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit turned red and a beam of deathly aura condensed from his mouth before gushing forth, crushing the seal of the divine mountain into sparkles of light in the sky.


But just when the seal of the divine mountain crumbled, two more seals slammed down from the sky and onto the head of the Eighth Grade Divine Beast. Its entire body slammed into the ground and large patches of the ground were crumbling.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw this scene, they couldn’t help inwardly smacking their lips. If they were the ones that fell into those Spiritual Arrays, they would’ve been killed by the attacks of the Spiritual Arrays long ago.

“A well-prepared Spiritual Array Master is truly a little frightening…” Han Shan wiped his cold sweat. Amongst those at the same level, if they could come out from that, they would probably have to pay a great price.

However, Han Shan knew that not every Spiritual Array Master could set up so many Spiritual Arrays. Evidently, Mu Chen also had high attainments in the path of Spiritual Arrays.

He couldn’t help sighing that even someone as prideful as him was convinced about Mu Chen’s strength. The fellow before him was truly a monster… Compared to geniuses like them, they were dull without any lustre.

“But I’m afraid that even such attacks won’t cause any fatal injuries to the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit…” Mo Feng remained silent for a brief moment, before he suddenly said.

Nine Nether and the rest gently nodded their heads. Although it might appear that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Arrays had suppressed the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, the latter’s strength was comparable to an Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, after all. So even till now, it had not suffered any injuries that would affect its fighting strength.


As they spoke, they saw the ground suddenly explode with fragments of rocks flying out. A silhouette that was enveloped with deathly aura soared into the sky. As it roared, deathly ripples spread out, destroying one of the seals of the divine mountain.

At this moment, although the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit seemed more pathetic, and even the deathly aura around him was slightly weakened, it was still a tough enemy.

Mu Chen raised his head and his gaze flashed. He never thought that even after the ten-odd Spiritual Arrays, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit could still bear it.


The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit’s enraged eyes fixed onto Mu Chen as it charged down with a torrential deathly aura that seemed to be a smoke signal rising into the sky.

Looking at the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit that pounced over, Mu Chen did not move. Only when the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was closer, did he stomp his foot.

Buzz! Buzz!

Behind him, space suddenly fluctuated and countless spiritual seals appeared. This time, it was actually two powerful and boundless Spiritual Arrays.

In the Spiritual Arrays, there seemed to be some bizarre condensing light.

“God Annihilation Array!”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he barked out. Instantly, the two Spiritual Arrays suddenly exploded and strands of light condensed before piercing through space and enveloped the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

The two God Annihilation Arrays were the strongest Spiritual Arrays in Mu Chen’s arsenal. Furthermore, the two God Annihilation Arrays had been brewing power for a long time. So their might was much stronger than the last time he used it.

Those Spiritual Array from before were expendables. Only the two God Annihilation Arrays were his trump card. If those two Spiritual Arrays struck the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, then the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit would truly have to pay a great price.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Strands of god annihilation light enveloped over, causing the deathly aura around the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit to violently fluctuate as it sensed the danger. But just when it wanted to escape, its body was enveloped by the god annihilation light and was pierced through by it.

Boom! Boom!

The atmosphere exploded and the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit fell from the sky with a fist-sized hole on its body and the deathly aura was dispersing from it.


The figure of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was shot into the ground, causing a crater that was a myriad feet in radius and huge cracks had spread out, covering the entire forest.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw this scene from the distance, joy flashed in their eyes. This move that Mu Chen had brewed for a long time was truly formidable!

This time, no matter how powerful the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was, it would definitely be heavily injured!

The cloud of dust rose up from the ground and this entire region was in a complete mess with Mu Chen standing in the sky. Lowering his head, he looked at the crater and breathed out a long breath.

Controlling so many Spiritual Arrays was taxing for him and he felt a slight stinging pain on the centre of his brows. However, he still couldn’t relax, since he knew that despite being completely suppressed and struck by the two God Annihilation Arrays, the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was not that easy to kill…


Just as this thought flashed in Mu Chen’s mind, a deep roar resounded from the ground, causing his eyes to contract and a torrential deathly aura spread out like a wave. Its terrible-looking silhouette slowly rose up from the ocean of deathly aura.

It was covered with deep holes all over its body and the deathly aura was constantly dissipating. It was so much so that even half of its shoulder had come off, as if it would soon break apart. Evidently, even if Mu Chen’s attacks did not manage to kill the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, he only managed to heavily injure it.


The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit looked at Mu Chen with its pupils filled with deathly aura and unleashed an enraged roar with scarlet light flickering in its eyes. From its instincts, it knew that it must devour this person before him.

Mu Chen stood in the sky and indifferently looked at the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit that was going to take a risk and go all-out. Shortly after, Mu Chen closed his eyes and a black light gathered by his forehead, before a vertical eye slowly opened up.

This Life-Extinguishing Pupil was Mu Chen’s real trump card.

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