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Chapter 1044 - Eighth Grade Beast Spirit

They landed on a huge greyish-black tree as they looked up ahead. It was a massive forest filled with grey and white trees. Those trees did not have any leaves, they were all bald and, looking from afar, they looked like a sharp forest of spears, which looked terrifying.

However, their gaze did not stop there for long. They had focused on the centre of the forest, where deathly aura had spread out with several white shadows wandering about. Roughly judging from the amount, it was nearly a thousand…

Blacklight flickered in the centre of Mu Chen’s brows. It had quickly pierced through the dense deathly aura. Instantly, the scene in the depths of the forest quickly cleared up in his eye. Under a huge tree deep within, there was a black shadow that sat on the ground. It was covered with black armour and the surface of the armour was shrouded in the deathly aura. The deathly aura fluctuations coming from it had even caused Mu Chen’s face to turn a little more grave.

The deathly aura that the black Beast Spirit possessed was much stronger than the Seventh Grade Beast Spirits that they had encountered in the past. Evidently, it should be an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.


While Mu Chen was examining the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit with his Life-Extinguishing Pupil, he suddenly made a soft exclamation upon realising that the armour on the Beast Spirit was extremely tattered and there were even deep wounds on it, wounds that revealed white bones.

The deathly aura around this Eighth Grade Beast Spirit was also somewhat chaotic, as if it had experienced a battle.

“What’s wrong?” Nine Nether asked in a low voice.

“That Beast Spirit seems to be injured.” Mu Chen said with some doubt. He had previously examined with his Life-Extinguishing Pupil that there weren’t any people in the surroundings. So where did the wounds of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit come from?

When Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Han Shan heard his words, they were also somewhat astonished, before they smiled. “Even the heavens are helping us. A wounded Eighth Grade Beast Spirit will be much easier to deal.”

Mu Chen smiled but he wasn’t too worried about this. He shifted his gaze and looked at the forest of deathly aura with a flickering gaze.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen. “Although there are fewer Beast Spirits in this region, there are still Seventh Grade Beast Spirits amongst them. It’d be troublesome if we attracted their attention and if the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit charged out at that time as well, it’d be very troublesome for us.”

With their formation, it was already somewhat forceful for them to deal with an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. If a large amount of Beast Spirits were added in, it would be extremely troublesome.

Han Shan and the rest turned their heads to look at Mu Chen. At this point, they could only rely on Mu Chen.

Mu Chen briefly pondered before sweeping his gaze out and answered, “The senses of those ordinary Beast Spirits are weak. We can use a Spiritual Array to trap them. As for those Seventh Grade beast Spirits, their perception is much keener. The safest method is to deal with them entirely. Otherwise, I’m afraid that it will be troublesome for us if they come at us while we are attacking the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.”

“But I’m afraid there are no less than 30 Seventh Grade Beast Spirits…” Mo Ling widened her eyes. That was equivalent to over 30 Seventh Grade Sovereigns. Could they deal with them with just their strength?

“Maybe not in the past… but did you think that your Quasi-Saint Artifacts are all for display?” Mu Chen smiled. Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling had each obtained a Quasi-Saint Artifact. With their help, it was practically impossible for ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns to fight them. Although there were many Seventh Grade Beast Spirits, they would just be slightly more troublesome.

“Leave those Seventh Grade Beast Spirits to us and you can rest your heart to set up the Spiritual Array.” Nine Nether nodded her head. They had been relying on Mu Chen all the way and if they couldn’t even deal with these problems, then it would be too inexcusable.

Mu Chen nodded his head and no longer spoke. He had quickly leapt down from the three before searching for an empty region and his hands formed together. The spiritual seals flew out, flickering with spiritual lights. When Mu Chen flicked his finger down, they had integrated into space.

One spiritual seal after another integrated into space, causing the Spiritual Energy in this region to slightly fluctuate. Vaguely, he could see the spiritual light patterns slowly spreading out.

Mu Chen’s seals continued to change for nearly ten minutes before the spiritual seals on his fingertips completely disappeared.

Raising his head, he revealed a satisfied expression while looking at this space. This Spiritual Array that he had set up this time was called the Demonic Illusion Array. Although it wasn’t a high-rank Spiritual Array and only had the effect of creating illusions, even a Sixth Grade Sovereign wouldn’t be able to escape with their full speed if they were trapped within.

But the Beast Spirits only possessed strength and not perception and intellect. Therefore, the restriction effect of the Spiritual Array would be extremely powerful.

Furthermore, Mu Chen even strengthened the surroundings and the power of the Spiritual Array. As long as nothing unexpected occured, he would be able to trap all the Beast Spirits inside.

After the Spiritual Array was successfully set up, Mu Chen gave Nine Nether a hand signal and the latter nodded her head in acknowledgement before flying out, charging into the forest that was filled with the deathly aura.


When Nine Nether entered the forest, she did not hide her vitality. Therefore, the wandering Beast Spirits roared the moment she appeared and one ghostly silhouette after another shot out towards her.

Nine Nether did not stop there. She had gone at full speed, taking a tour around the outer sector of the forest. But due to the fact that there were quite a number of Seventh Grade Sovereigns, she did not step in.


In just two to three minutes when Nine Nether flew out of the forest, there was already a wave of Beast Spirits following her and the amount even made Han Shan and the rest, who were on top of the tree, feel their scalps going numb.

Nine Nether flew towards the direction of the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had set up beforehand, leading the massive amount of Beast Spirits into the array.

In that instant when the Beast Spirits entered the array, Mu Chen’s seals changed and he had immediately activated the Spiritual Array.


Instantly, a dazzling spiritual light blossomed in the space and countless complicated Spiritual Energy patterns intertwined, forming into numerous spiritual runes and, lastly, into a massive array that enveloped the surroundings.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether had both flown away from the array the moment it enveloped the surroundings. They then stood on the huge tree and were looking at that area. They saw a huge amount of Beast Spirits scattering around in a mess like headless flies. Every time some Beast Spirits wanted to break free from the range of the Spiritual Array, they would turn back into the array by themselves…

“Pretty good.” When Nine Nether saw this scene, even she couldn’t help exclaiming out. The means of a Spiritual Array Master were truly profound. Although Spiritual Energy cultivators were powerful, they couldn’t trap such a huge amount of Beast Spirits so easily.

“I have added some things in the Spiritual Array to interrupt the perception of those Beast Spirits towards vitality. Because the Spiritual Energy of the Spiritual Array will completely exhaust them, they should only be able to go around in circles in there.” Mu Chen smiled.

Nine Nether nodded her head before looking towards the depths of the forest. After dealing with the problem of the Beast Spirits, they would not have to rely on themselves to deal with those Seventh Grade Beast Spirits.

“I’ll leave them to you guys.”

Mu Chen smiled towards Nine Nether, before heading towards another direction of the forest. He had to make some preparations to deal with the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit later on.

When Nine Nether saw his departing silhouette, she turned around and faced Mo Feng, Han Shan and the others before nodding her head. The group then gradually approached the region where the Seventh Grade Beast Spirit was located.

In the depths, numerous greyish-black shadows were wandering about emitting powerful deathly auras. Compared to those previous Beast Spirits, they were clearly much stronger.


When they stepped towards the depths, their vitality was noticed by the Seventh Grade Beast Spirits. Immediately, deep roars resounded along with the noise of wind being split apart. A torrential deathly aura blew over and nearly ten Seventh Grade Beast Spirits appeared, surrounding Nine Nether’s group.

Looking at the amount of Seventh Grade Beast Spirits, the faces of Han Shan and the rest couldn’t help changing. If it was before, then they would immediately choose to flee when encountering so many Seventh Grade Beast Spirits.


Those Beast Spirits had no patience. They had attacked immediately. Deathly aura swept out as they turned into a grey current and enveloped towards Nine Nether’s group.

The ten Seventh Grade Beast Spirits had attacked at the same time. Even pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereigns would momentarily retreat from the current of deathly aura.

But Nine Nether took a step forth and clenched her fist. The Divine Ruler of Darkness appeared with a flash and she waved it down. Instantly, a black light spread out, akin to darkness that devoured light in this region.

The black light shot down, causing the boundless current of deathly aura to be greatly weakened. At the same time, a crisp and clear bell rang out and the region started to burn. Torrential scarlet flames descended from the sky, incinerating the deathly aura.

The joint attack of the ten Seventh Grade Sovereigns was easily resolved by Nine Nether and Mo Ling.

Seeing this result, even Nine Nether and Mo Ling had a shock on their faces. If it was in the past, even if the both of them had done their best, it would definitely be impossible for them to block such an astonishing attack. But right now, they actually accomplished it so easily.

“Truly worthy of being a Quasi-Saint Artifact.” Nine Nether couldn’t help sighing. It was no wonder why even Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouses were so attracted to Saint Artifacts. The might of those was truly unfathomable.


When the current of deathly aura was incinerated, a golden spear suddenly flew out with an ancient and pure light. As the spear flashed, it had immediately penetrated through the extremely sturdy head of a Seventh Grade Beast Spirit, shattering it.


A black staff descended, casting a staff shadow down and a massive crack appeared on the ground. The Seventh Grade Beast Spirit that was struck by the staff had quickly collapsed.

Mo Feng and Han Shan had suddenly moved and they had both instantly achieved an astonishing outcome.

The four of them exchanged a glance in shock. After knowing how powerful the Quasi-Saint Artifacts in their hands were, they no longer feared and charged out like ferocious tigers, immediately clashing with the remaining Seventh Grade Beast Spirits.

Boundless Spiritual Energy exploded and the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan were dumbfounded at the four of them showing their might. The group of Seventh Grade Beast Spirits, which initially had the advantage, had instantly been defeated.

In just a few minutes time, the ten Seventh Grade Beast Spirits had been wiped out.

With such a good start, Nine Nether’s group no longer hesitated and had immediately moved out to clear away the remaining Seventh Grade Beast Spirits in an attempt to clear them out at the fastest speed possible.

While Nine Nether’s group was dealing with the Seventh Grade Beast Spirits in the forest, Mu Chen’s preparations were also gradually completed.

Pa! Pa!

Mu Chen stood on a tree branch as he gently dusted his hands with his gaze looking into the distance. Torrential deathly aura was sweeping in that direction and a shadow could be vaguely seen, which would give others a powerful sense of pressure.

Looking at that shadow, Mu Chen instantly narrowed his eyes as he smiled.

Now it’s your turn.

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