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 Chapter 1043 - Hunt

Night gradually enveloped the God’s Graveyard and the entire region was covered in darkness with torrential deathly aura sweeping across. Countless lifeless roars resonated from every direction, causing space to fluctuate.

Every team was quietly seated in the God’s Graveyard, looking at the surrounding darkness with caution. However, this place was in-between and was isolated from the outside world and the God’s Cemetery. Thus, the Beast Spirits outside couldn’t come any closer. But the roars that made them feel their scalps going numb still made them uneasy. They feared that there might be a wave of Beast Spirits flooding over and cover them.

Time gradually flowed under this tense situation where the darkness resided. When the morning arrived, the sunlight of dawn shone down, making the fearful deathly aura violently fluctuate in the God’s Cemetery before the deathly aura gradually dissipated. Although the deathly aura did not dissipate completely, the density was much lower than it was before.

When everyone saw this scene, they felt heavily relieved. It looked like Kong Ling’s words weren’t wrong. When dawn arrives, the deathly aura in the God’s Graveyard would be weakened.

Just as the deathly aura in the God’s Cemetery weakened, the few teams of top-tiered Divine Beast Clans suddenly opened their eyes from their respective stone platforms with lights flickering in them.

Bai Ming cast a glance at the God’s Cemetery before standing up. He did not bother speaking. He waved his hand and flew out first, charging into the God’s Cemetery.

Behind him, the experts of the Phoenix Clan closely followed behind him.

“Let’s go!”

Kong Ling of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan had also led her team and charged into the God’s Cemetery.

Behind them, the other top-tiered clans did not hesitate to dive in as well.

When the other teams saw this scene, they briefly hesitated, since they were clear of the dangers in the God’s Cemetery. Furthermore, if they wanted to enter the inner section of the God’s Cemetery, then they would have to kill an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit and obtain its heart, which was clearly no easy task. The slightest mistake would cause them to be buried in there.

“Heh. With so many powerhouses having fallen in the God’s Cemetery, even if we couldn’t enter the inner section, there will still be other opportunities in the outside region. If we could obtain them, then it’s worth a risk.”

However, those teams did not hesitate for long and someone spoke out, instantly causing everyone to agree as well. Indeed, even if they couldn’t enter the inner section, the opportunities contained in the God’s Cemetery itself far exceeded other areas in the Myriad Beast Graveyard. If they were fortunate enough to obtain some opportunities, then their trip would not be wasted.

With this thought, the teams immediately made their decision and no longer hesitated. Orders were issued and noises of wind being torn apart resounded as numerous silhouettes bolted into the God’s Cemetery, which was covered in the crimson deathly aura.

Looking at those teams entering the God’s Cemetery, Mu Chen finally stood up and looked at Han Shan. He wasn’t sure if the latter was willing to take the risk and follow them into the God’s Cemetery, especially with the premise of them offending Bai Ming.

“That Bai Ming is formidable, but I don’t think that you, Mu Chen, is any weaker than him.” Han Shan grinned. Along their way here, the various means that Mu Chen had displayed made him feel unfathomable. Therefore, even if he knew that Bai Ming was powerful, Han Shan did not think that the latter could suppress a monster like Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen heard his words, he smiled as he nodded his head. “Since that’s the case, then let us get moving as well.”

Regardless if Bai Ming was targeting them, they had to enter the God’s Cemetery, no matter what. That’s due to the perception of the True Phoenix Spirit, he knew that there really was a fallen Undying Bird in the God’s Cemetery.

He naturally couldn’t give up on the clues that he had been searching so hard for after all this time just because of Bai Ming.


When Mu Chen finished his words, his silhouette had already flown out, turning into a streak of light and entered the God’s Cemetery, which was covered in the crimson deathly aura.

In that instant when he entered the God’s Cemetery, Mu Chen could sense that the surrounding temperature had dropped and the crimson deathly aura that was spreading around was like a group of maggots as it came at them, causing the Spiritual Energy in their bodies to become sluggish.


Mu Chen’s party lit up the Death Repelling Flames once again and the white flames soared on his shoulder, forming into a lustre of flames that had enveloped him. At the same time, it had also blocked out part of the crimson deathly aura.

“The deathly aura here is so formidable that even the effects of the Death Repelling Flames have been weakened.” Han Shan spoke with a grave expression as he took a glance at the Death Repelling Flames on his shoulder. Even if those flames were sizzling, they still couldn’t repel the chilling sensation in his body.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The corrosion of the deathly aura had even caused their fighting strength to be weakened. It seemed that if they were to engage in a battle, then they would have to finish it up as quickly as they could.

“But there are countless Beast Spirits outside the God’s Graveyard. Furthermore, there are even Beast Spirits stronger than Eighth Grade. If we carelessly fall into the wave of Beast Spirits, then we probably won’t be able to escape. Is your Life-Extinguishing Pupil still effective here?” Nine Nether’s face turned a little grave as she asked. The danger level here had clearly surpassed any of the places that they had been to before.

Mu Chen smiled and a black light flickered on the centre of his forehead, before the Life-Extinguishing Pupil appeared once again. As black light surged, it seemed to have pierced through space and examined the surroundings.

“The Life-Extinguishing Pupil is suppressed here as well, but it should still be effective.”

A black light flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes before he looked towards the northwest. “Let’s go. We have to search for opportunities and see if we can encounter an individual Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.”

Finishing his words, he flew out with Nine Nether and the rest following closely behind him, after seeing his movements. Since Mu Chen’s Life-Extinguishing Pupil was still effective here, they would be able to rest their hearts as they followed him and not worry about entering into packs of Beast Spirits.

When Mu Chen’s group started to explore the outer sector of the God’s Graveyard, another team was also moving quickly through the crimson deathly aura. They did not hide their Spiritual Energy fluctuation along the way. There were Beast Spirits that endlessly came towards their direction. However, that team had completely disregarded the Beast Spirits. If any Beast Spirits got close to them, they would burst with terrifying Spiritual Energy and destroy the Beast Spirits before them.

Standing before that team was Bai Ming. He gently waved the ice-blue fan with an indifferent expression. His gaze did not stop on those Beast Spirits that ran down their path. but looked into the distance.

“Big Brother Bai Ming.” Behind him, Bai Bin came up and spoke with a ruthless expression, “Mu Chen should have entered this place as well. That brat has some means up in his sleeves, so we have to be careful.”

Bai Ming gently waved his fan as he spoke out faintly, “His relationship with Nine Nether is quite deep. I believe that the reason the Nine Netherbird Clan has come here must be the same as us.”

Bai Bin furrowed his brows. “They actually dare to hit on the idea of the Undying Bird’s Blood Essence?”

“The Nine Netherbird Clan itself has the Undying Bird’s bloodline flowing in them. If they could obtain its inheritance bloodline, then they will be able to perfect their bloodline and possess the possibility to evolve into the Undying Bird.” A trace of mockery appeared on the corner of Bai Ming’s lips as he continued, “The Nine Netherbird Clan has always been thinking about this matter for all these years, trying to catch up to our clan. Not that there is news of the Undying Bird, so how could they not be anxious?”

Bai Bin’s gaze turned cold as he replied, “Then, don’t we need to get rid of them?”

Bai Ming shook his head. “There’s no rush for that to be done. Since they’re trying to enter the inner section, then they will have to kill an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. With their formation, they will definitely have to pay a price in order to achieve that.”

“And I guess that the item in the hands of that brat must be the ancient times Lightning-Devouring Beast’s heart, which contains terrifying lightning energies. If it explodes, then even an Eighth Grade Sovereign would be gravely injured. Although I have something to protect myself, there are still risks to it.”

“But that’s not a problem. With their strength, they will definitely have to use it if they want to kill an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit without paying any price. At that time, they will lose a trump card and with Mu Chen merely at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, I can let him suffer from a flip of my hand.”

When Bai Bin heard Bai Ming’s words, his eyes couldn’t help lighting up and smiled. “Looks like that brat will not be able to escape from Big Brother Bai Ming’s palms.”

Bai Ming lightly smiled, then he gently waved his hand, as if Mu Chen was already an item in his grasp that he could grab anytime he wanted.


The crimson deathly aura had spread out with a team mysteriously, quietly flying past. The Spiritual Energy around them had been hidden to the point that even their breathing had been severely weakened to escape the perception of Beast Spirits.

At the front of that team, Mu Chen slightly closed his eyes and a black light flickered on his forehead. The black light had pierced through space, prying at the surrounding regions, which were covered in the crimson deathly aura.

Beside Mu Chen, Nine Nether and the rest kept silent, since they did not dare to disrupt Mu Chen. Along their way here, they did discover Eighth Grade Beast Spirits. But those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits were all within a pack and if they were alarmed, it would definitely draw the assault of tens of thousands of Beast Spirits. At this moment, they could already witness the white bones that piled beneath those Beast Spirits pack.

The brutality was something that even they felt their scalps going numb when they looked at them.

Therefore, when they saw those unfortunate fellows, Nine Nether and the rest had already made their decisions. If Mu Chen couldn’t find the best chance and target, then they would rather wait for one to appear.

However, just when Nine Nether and the rest held the mindset of waiting in their hearts, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and a light flickered in his pupils.

“Found our target.”

Hearing his words, the gaze of Nine Nether and the rest suddenly contracted and, shortly after, the Spiritual Energy in their bodies gushed out like a tidal wave.

The target that they would be hunting was the strongest that they had encountered ever since they came to the Divine Beast Origin.

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