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Chapter 1032 - Sky-Splitting Seven Solar Sceptre


When the seventh sun rose from the heart of the Great Solar Undying Body, a lustre akin to a gem appeared on the body of the Great Solar Undying Body and a mysterious prestige had spread out, enveloping the heavens and earth.

The myriad feet of light that had burst out from the Great Solar Undying Body had quickly shaken the heavens, causing space to distort.

Mu Chen had also looked at the seventh sun in the body of the Great Solar Undying Body with joy filling his youthful face. He never expected that his attempt would actually succeed.

With the power of his physical body, he had formed the seventh sun and brought the Sovereign Ability of his Great Solar Undying Body to the seventh solar!

According to Mu Chen’s estimations, he would have at least needed to step into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm in order to unleash the seventh sun. So he never expected that when the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra broke through to the second level, his physical body would gradually surpass his Spiritual Energy, bestowing him the ability to unleash the seventh sun.


When the seventh sun was unleashed, Mu Chen took a deep breath before raising his head and the reflection of the golden current swiftly expanded in his pupils. Looking from afar, it was like a golden comet that came from outer space, filled with destructive energy.

But facing Jin Qingtian’s full-strength attack, Mu Chen did not hesitate and his seals suddenly changed, before a deep voice resonated from his heart, “Nine Solar Divine Ability - Seventh Sun Unleashed!”


The seven suns suddenly exploded in the Great Solar Undying Body and the golden current had swept out. At this moment, the Great Solar Undying Body looked like it had an actual form from afar.

The golden current flowed through the body of the Great Solar Undying Body before gathering by its hand, forming into a massive and indescribable golden sceptre. There were nine sections to the sceptre and every section was nine hundred feet long. Adding all nine of the sections together, it was nearly ten thousand feet, like a pillar that could even support the sky and stand towering between the heavens and earth.

On the sceptre, there were countless runes engraved on it, emitting a peculiar fluctuation. It was as if the sky was being split into two pieces.

The Great Solar Undying Body held onto the golden sceptre, then it suddenly swung at the golden current.

“Seventh Sun, Sky-Splitting Sceptre!”

A deep voice resounded from Mu Chen’s heart as the massive golden sceptre whistled over. The sky had instantly turned dark with only the golden light blossoming, as if the sceptre itself possessed the terrifying power of splitting the heavens and earth.

When Mu Chen waved that sceptre out, the faces of everyone had changed at the same time.

Even Jin Qingtian, who had remained composed, had suddenly contracted his eyes since he clearly did not expect Mu Chen to still possess such a powerful means.

“Damn it, what kind of Divine Art is that? Why is it so powerful?!”

Torrential waves swept up in Jin Qingtian’s heart. The might of Mu Chen’s sceptre wasn’t at all inferior to his Three Devouring Fists of the Lion Emperor. But the Three Devouring Fists of the Lion Emperor itself was considered the best Divine Art in their Golden Lion Clan. It’s hard for others to cultivate, so how did Mu Chen possess an art with similar might?

Although his heart trembled, the killing intent in Jin Qingtian’s eyes was still dense. He was absolutely confident in his Three Devour Fists of the Lion Emperor and he believed that when his destructive current struck, Mu Chen would die, then and there.

“You are truly a formidable opponent. But this time, I will still be the winner!”

Jin Qingtian bellowed in his heart as the golden current streaked across the horizon, before it heavily clashed with the massive golden sceptre that Mu Chen had waved out.

In that moment of collision, the heavens and earth had froze. Everything was silent with indefinite light and darkness. But the unexpected thing was that there wasn’t a huge explosion from the collision. It’s as if even sound itself had been devoured by the Spiritual Energy clash.

The massive golden sceptre and destructive current collided together with space collapsing in patches and the two terrifying energies were violently corroding each other.

After reaching the limit, the two energies finally couldn’t maintain the balance, and thus, a terrifying golden storm violently swept out.


As the storm wreaked havoc, it had instantly affected the sky a thousand miles in radius.

Mu Chen and Jin Qingtian’s silhouettes were the first to be affected. They were both sent flying out, spewing mouthfuls of blood. But fortunately, the two of them reacted quickly and immediately summoned their respective Sovereign Celestial Body and Divine Beast Form to protect themselves.

But even so, the Sovereign Celestial Body and Divine Beast Form had swiftly dimmed down. They clearly couldn’t withstand the horrifying shock wave.


Cracks spread out from the Great Solar Undying Body, before it exploded under Mu Chen’s grave expression. At the same time, the Nine-Headed Golden Lion had also let out an enraged roar as it exploded into golden lights.


The two of them spewed another mouthful of blood. They both appeared somewhat pathetic.

The powerful collision had actually ended with the two of them gravely injured!

“That Mu Chen… actually blocked the Three Devouring Fists of the Lion Emperor?” Huo Yang was dumbfounded as he witnessed the scene with shock gushing out of his eyes. Jin Qingtian’s move was something that even pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereigns would not be able to bear. So how was Mu Chen able to do it with mere cultivation at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm?

Jin Lie’s face was pale with vague shock. That’s because the outcome of this match had gone completely out of his control.

Right from the start, they never expected that Jin Qingtian, who they viewed as their strongest trump card, would be obstructed by Mu Chen.

Jin Qingtian was an existence that could rival the geniuses of the top Divine Beast Clans!

Jin Lie’s gaze changed but, in the end, he had forcefully calmed his heart, before he gnashed his teeth. Even if he had misjudged Mu Chen, thus, allowing Mu Chen to flip the tables around, the strength of both parties was still the same. So in the end, even Mu Chen’s group couldn’t do anything to them.

Up in the sky, Jin Qingtian slowly wiped the trace of blood off the corner of his lips and his gaze was fixed onto Mu Chen with killing intent surging in his eyes. The current situation had also exceeded his expectations.

The strength of Mu Chen had far surpassed what he had expected.

“Even the Three Devour Fists of the Lion Emperor couldn’t kill him…” Jin Qingtian’s eyes flashed with hatred but his face was extremely grave. Through the previous confrontation, despite Mu Chen blocking his attack, Mu Chen must have suffered heavy injuries as well. Therefore, this was the best time for him to kill Mu Chen!

Thinking about it this way, killing intent instantly surged in Jin Qingtian’s eyes.

But when the killing intent surged in Jin Qingtian’s eyes, Mu Chen, who was far away, had sensed it and had raised his head. At this moment, there was a cold arc hung on this stunning face.

Stomping his feet, he couldn’t even be bothered to wipe the trace of blood from the corner of his lips. He had turned into a streak of light and pounced towards Jin Qingtian.

“You’re courting death!”

When Jin Qingtian saw that Mu Chen still dared to pounce at him, the ruthlessness in his eyes drew denser. Initially, he thought that the latter would be satisfied with this outcome. Furthermore, Mu Chen could also discuss the conditions to take a share in the treasures of the Treasure Beast. But Jin Qingtian never expected for his ambition to be so great. Mu Chen wanted to defeat him? That’s simply wishful thinking!


As Jin Qingtian roared, Mu Chen’s silhouette had shot out while indifferently looking at Jin Qingtian, whose eyes were surging with killing intent. He formed seals with a single hand and a deep roar exploded from his heart, “Self-Sacrificial Divine Ability - Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch!”

Endless killing intent suddenly swept out from within Mu Chen’s heart. Instantly, his eyes had turned red and, at the same time, a terrifying momentum exploded from his body akin to a tornado.

The momentum was extremely stunning. It had the intent of sacrificing oneself to destroy his opponent.

This was truly being undaunted by perils!

Mu Chen’s eyes turned red as he threw a fist forth. Under that fist, there wasn’t any path of retreat. He had been completely forced to a dead end!

When Jin Qingtian saw Mu Chen’s attack that had forgo his life to seek the annihilation of his enemy, his face drastically changed. His heart wavered since he never expected for Mu Chen to be so ruthless.

Even with Mu Chen’s own death, he still wanted to kill him!

He could even give up his life for the treasures of the Treasure Beast?

“Madman! Madman!”

Jin Qingtian roared from his heart and his fighting spirit had swiftly disappeared. He did not want to die here for the treasures of the Treasure Beast. He was the genius of the Golden Lion Clan with a future as a supremacy sovereign. How could he die here?

When his fighting spirit had faded, Jin Qingtian’s momentum was instantly suppressed, before he shot back in retreat, looking pitiful.

Mu Chen’s red eyes looked at Jin Qingtian, who was retreating, with a light flashing in his eyes and a ridiculing smile hung on his lips. He wasn’t executing the genuine Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch, it was only his comprehension for the bloodlust so far, thus coming in contact with the will of self-sacrifice. That also meant that at this moment, it was nothing but a façade!

But in a fight of experts, suppressing the momentum of the other party was all it took to win the fight!

At this moment, Jin Qingtian’s fighting spirit had disappeared and he no longer had the ability to fight him.

Jin Qingtian knew this clearly in his heart, so he had chosen to retreat and no longer had the sharpness to confront Mu Chen.


Mu Chen stomped his feet and his figure had mysterious shot forth, appearing before Jin Qingtian before numerous fists flew out. The roar of a dragon and cry of a phoenix resounded. Those terrifying fists had landed on the Spiritual Energy defending the chest of Jin Qingtian, who had lost the will to fight.

Boom! Boom!

Deep sounds rang out and Jin Qingtian’s face instantly turned pale. Several mouthfuls of blood poured from his mouth, his body was like a disconnected kite. He was sent flying out and landed on the ground, drawing a deep thousand-foot mark on the ground.

As for Jin Qingtian himself, he was lying in a deep hole with his body covered in blood and his Spiritual Energy had diminished.

Mu Chen stood in the sky and the redness in his eyes had completely disappeared. His face slightly turned pale, but his gaze was still sharp as he stared down like a hawk.

The ground below was in complete silence.

Everyone was dumbfounded at this sight as they looked at Jin Qingtian, who had been completely defeated. Who could have expected that the situation where both sides were suffering grave injuries would be turned around with Mu Chen’s self-sacrificial bearing.

Right now, Jin Qingtian had clearly suffered heavy injuries and could no longer fight against Mu Chen!

Nine Nether and Han Shan were stunned for a moment, before joy poured from their eyes.

Jin Lie and Huo Yang’s faces were pale and they felt their bodies going cold.

They knew that they had completely lost in this fight for the Treasure Beast… 

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