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Chapter 1033 - Paying Reparation after Defeat

On the messy ground, layers of earth crumbled with a massive crack spreading out like a huge python, destroying this region.

And at this moment, this region was in dead silence. Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the heavily injured silhouette that was far away.

No one had expected that the strongest expert here, Jin Qingtian, would be defeated by Mu Chen…

That was a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign. Even amongst the geniuses of the top tiered Divine Beast Clans, he was an extremely troublesome existence. But at this moment, he was defeated by Mu Chen, a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign?

Not only did Jin Lie feel that it was hard to believe, but even Han Shan also had a shock on his face.

Although they have never underestimated Mu Chen, their biggest expectations were only for Mu Chen to maintain the situation. Even if he couldn’t defeat Jin Qingtian, as long as he could hold on and show terrifying strength to the opponent, the Sky Wolf Clan and Golden Lion Clan would not be able to easily seize the treasures for themselves.

As for defeating Jin Qingtian and chasing the other party out, they had never thought of it right from the beginning.

Under those shaken eyes, Mu Chen’s silhouette gradually descended from the sky, before he indifferently looked at the pathetic-looking silhouette and faintly said, “You still have a breath in you, you want to pretend to be dead?”

In the distance, Jin Qingtian’s body, which was paralyzed within the crater, finally moved and he slowly supported himself up in a pathetic manner. His face was pale and the Spiritual Energy around him had diminished. When he looked at Mu Chen, there was a flash of horror in his eyes.

Initially, he did not get killed by Mu Chen on the spot with his powerful physique. However, he had suffered heavy injuries and although he knew that Mu Chen’s current state wasn’t too good, it was still better than his own.

“Heh. I never expected that I, Jin Qingtian, would fall here.” Jin Qingtian wiped the trace of blood off the corner of his lips and spoke with a somewhat gloomy expression.

Mu Chen lightly smiled, but there wasn’t any warmth in his eyes. On the contrary, killing intent surged in his eyes. Jin Qingtian wasn’t lenient with him earlier and was filled with killing intent. So if possible, Mu Chen naturally wouldn’t want to let him off.

In another corner, Jin Lie and Huo Yang retreated in a somewhat pathetic manner to Jin Qingtian’s side. At this moment, their faces were covered in fear without any of the overbearing attitudes that they had before.

Along with Jin Qingtian’s defeat, the situation had been completely turned around.

Nine Nether, Han Shan, Mo Feng and the rest stood beside Mu Chen. Nine Nether took it better, but for Han Shan and the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan, their gazes were filled with fear for Mu Chen. Even someone as powerful as Han Shan had revere in his eyes.

“This is all thanks to Brother Mu, this time.” Han Shan sighed. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen making a comeback, he would have already fled like a defeated dog, not to mention about touching the Treasure Beast.

“What should we do with them?” Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen. The corner of her eyes swept at Jin Qingtian’s party with a smear of killing intent flashing through them. If it’s possible, she wouldn’t mind killing all of them to get rid of future trouble.

Sensing the killing intent in Nine Nether’s eyes, the faces of Jin Lie and the rest uncontrollably changed and Spiritual Energy surged around them while they brought their guards up.

“Mu Chen, don’t think that I will be lying around for you to slaughter us since you’ve defeated me!” Jin Qingtian said solemnly with rage surging in his eyes.

“You won’t?” Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed as he asked.

Jin Qingtian’s eyelids hung low as he sneered, “If I have to put up a life-or-death struggle, perhaps you might be able to live. But I believe that someone in your party will be dragged along with us!”

As he spoke, an ominous aura appeared. Although he had been defeated by Mu Chen, the ruthlessness of Jin Qingtian still made others feel fearful.

Mu Chen contracted his eyes. He did not doubt Jin Qingtian’s words at all and if he wanted to eat all of them up, they would definitely have to pay some price.

In another corner, the faces of Han Shan and the rest slightly changed, since they knew that Jin Qingtian was qualified to say those words. Perhaps he might not be able to do anything to Mu Chen, but risking his life to exchange one of theirs shouldn’t be tough.

The atmosphere slightly froze. A brief moment later, Mu Chen suddenly smiled. “Your words are indeed correct. But it’s hard for me to believe that someone who had his momentum suppressed would have the courage to put up a life-and-death struggle.”

Through the previous confrontation, Jin Qingtian’s momentum had been completely suppressed by Mu Chen because Mu Chen was more ferocious than him. It’s to the point that Mu Chen could forsake his life to exchange his, but Jin Qingtian did not dare to do so. Thus, his momentum was suppressed and a mistake was grasped by Mu Chen, completely defeating him.

Therefore, Jin Qingtian cherished his life deep down in his bones. He did not have the courage to put up a life-and-death struggle. This was precisely the reason why Mu Chen was doubtful of his threat.

Jin Qingtian’s face alternated between green and white as he gnashed his teeth. “If I am left with no other way, then I can only risk my life!”

His words had already unknowingly contained a trace of cowering. Furthermore, he was hinting to Mu Chen that he was willing to take a step back and did not want Mu Chen to force him to that step.

Mu Chen looked at Han Shan and Nine Nether, seeking their opinions. However, the latters nodded their heads, expressing that they’re willing to go according to his decision.

Seeing their response, Mu Chen gently smiled. “It’s not impossible to resolve this matter. But as for the terms…”

“Firstly, you guys will no longer have anything to do with the treasures of the Treasure Beast…”

The faces of Jin Qingtian’s party twitched, before they turned unsightly. The majority of the reason why they entered the Divine Beast Origin was to get the Treasure Beast’s treasures. But right now, Mu Chen wanted them to back off and their loss from it would be unimaginable.

However, when they saw the smile on Mu Chen’s face, which held no warmth, they understood that if they didn’t agree to this, then Mu Chen, who seemed gentle yet was a frantic and ruthless person, might really lay his hands on them.

Thus, after discussing for a long time, Jin Qingtian could only nod his head with a pale expression.

Standing on the side, Huo Yang felt bitter in his heart. The reason why he chose to work with the Golden Lion Clan was that they were more well-prepared. Therefore, he thought that their chances of winning would be greater. But who could have expected that Han Shan would bring along another party? Furthermore, there was a monster in that party that defeated the pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm Jin Qingtian with cultivation at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, which made him feel bitter in his heart at the moment. His bet was a complete loss and, right now, he would even lose the qualification to compete for the Treasure Beast’s treasures.

But at this moment, even Jin Qingtian did not dare to provoke Mu Chen, so he would naturally not dare to express his unhappiness and could only nod his head with a dark expression.

“Secondly… you people have caused us a great loss. So you guys must pay for it. As for the price, we’ll count with the number of your party. 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for a single person.” Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed.

Although Mu Chen had no intention of going for a life-and-death struggle with Jin Qingtian’s party, it’s naturally impossible for that fellow to resolve this matter so easily. Therefore, those people would at least have to pay a price if they wanted to leave.

The faces of Jin Qingtian’s party changed. A person cost 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. There were at least eight people in their group, wouldn’t that mean 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?

That’s absolutely not any small amount!

“Mu Chen, don’t go too far!” Jin Qingtian’s gaze turned dark as he roared.

When Mu Chen heard his words, the smile on his face immediately disappeared and cold blades appeared in his eyes. Thereafter, space behind him distorted and his Sovereign Sea faintly appeared with a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting from it.

“If you think that your lives are not worth 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, then come and put up a life-and-death struggle.” Mu Chen’s cold voice resounded as his massive Spiritual Energy fluctuations became even more violent.

Jin Qingtian looked at Mu Chen’s cold piercing gaze and couldn’t help feeling cold in his heart. Shortly after, his face distorted and he clenched his fist. The Spiritual Energy in his body was gushing forth.

But facing Jin Qingtian, Mu Chen’s expression did not change and the killing intent in his eyes grew denser. Facing Jin Qingtian’s ferocious gaze, he did not retreat. It’s as if he wasn’t bothered about whether the latter would be driven to act in desperation.

The two gazes intertwined and caused space to distort.

But this confrontation did not last for a long time. Upon facing Mu Chen’s blade-like gaze, Jin Qingtian’s ferocious gaze weakened and he took a deep breath after his face alternated between green and white, before he clenched his teeth, “Alright, we’ll pay!”

Hearing his words, Mu Chen’s cold gaze instantly disappeared and a warm smile reappeared on his face, “Brother Jin knows the big picture. Your future will be extraordinary, so how can you throw your life away for 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?”

Facing Mu Chen’s praises, Jin Qingtian’s heart raged. However, he did not dare to risk his life and could only coldly snort before directing his cold gaze towards Huo Yang of the Sky Wolf Clan, “If you want to live, then hand over 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Huo Yang’s face instantly changed upon hearing him. His Sky Wolf Clan only had three people still alive and calculating by numbers, he only needed to hand over 3,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. But right now, Jin Qingtian actually wanted him to fork out 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and make them lose even more.

“Why? You’re not willing?”

Jin Qingtian was raging in his heart because of Mu Chen. Seeing Huo Yang’s response, his face instantly turned cold and a dense killing intent spread from his voice.

When Huo Yang saw Jin Qingtian’s distorted face, his heart trembled with his face constantly changing. In the end, he could only gnash his teeth with unwillingness before gathering the money with the remaining companions and passed it to Jin Qingtian.

But when he handed the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to the latter, the depths of Huo Yang’s eyes were filled with rage. He must have been extremely unhappy in his heart.

How could Jin Qingtian be bothered by Huo Yang’s thoughts? After receiving the 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, he emptied his own pockets before gathering the 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Jin Qingtian’s hand trembled as he held onto the bottle of 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Even with his character, he couldn’t bear the pained expression on his face before tossing it over to Mu Chen.


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