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Chapter 1031 - Three Devouring Fists of the Lion Emperor

Up in the sky stood a massive Sovereign Celestial Body with a sun hovering behind its head, gushing with endless Spiritual Energy fluctuations that lifted a storm in this region.

Facing the Sovereign Celestial Body, the Nine-Headed Golden Lion’s Divine Beast Form stood proudly, causing the heavens to tremble from its roar.

The Great Solar Undying Body against the Nine-Headed Golden Lion!

Down below, everyone had held their breaths as they looked at the confrontation in the sky with grave expressions. The faces of Jin Lie and Huo Yang were somewhat pale, since no one had expected that Mu Chen had actually managed to force Jin Lie to bring out his Divine Beast Form.

Right now, the current situation seemed to be going beyond their control, bit by bit.

Jin Lie stood high in the sky with the massive Nine-Headed Golden Lion behind him and a fearsome domineering aura was slowly being emitted, striking fear in others.

“You’re truly not simple to force me to bring out my Divine Beast Form!” Jin Qingtian looked at Mu Chen with bloodlust in his eyes as he slowly said.

There wasn’t any disdain in his eyes at this moment. Through the previous battle, he truly understood that in terms of fighting strength, Mu Chen was probably not in any way inferior to himself.

That fellow was truly a tough opponent that he couldn’t belittle.

Mu Chen also wore a grave expression as he looked at the Divine Beast Form behind Jin Qingtian. The Divine Beast Form that Jin Qingtian had summoned was rather powerful. Although eight of its other heads were blurry, it was still much stronger than ordinary Golden Lions.

If, one day, that fellow managed to turn all eight heads from illusions into reality, then it wouldn’t be long before Jin Qingtian became a genuine Nine-Headed Golden Lion.

But it’s a pity that the difficulty of evolving into a Nine-Headed Golden Lion far exceeded his imagination. Over the tens of thousands of years, no one had succeeded in the Golden Lion Clan.

But even so, Jin Qingtian’s Divine Beast Form was still not easy to deal with.

But it’s about time for this battle to end.

As Mu Chen’s heart flashed with thoughts, Jin Qingtian’s eyes had slowly turned red. Since the person before him had forced him to bring out his Divine Beast Form, there was no longer a need to hold back.


As thoughts flashed in his mind, Jin Qingtian’s hands slowly came together and the massive Nine-Headed Golden Lion behind him suddenly roared, which rumbled like thunder.

Jin Qingtian had a grave expression as he clenched his hand into a fist and threw it out at an extremely slow speed.

Behind him, the Nine-Headed Golden Lion had also stretched out its claw. At that moment, a domineering, devouring aura descended like a tyrant.

Although that fist was slow, when it was thrown out, the heavens and earth had frozen and only the fist’s domineering aura was still filled with vitality as if it was the Sovereign of this world.

Mu Chen’s eyes had uncontrollably contracted. Even he had felt greatly threatened by Jin Qingtian’s fist. That punch definitely had to be a Perfect Rank Divine Art.

“Spiritual Devouring Lion Fist!”

Jin Qingtian issued a deep roar, filled with domineering might as it rang out. Instantly, a golden light exploded and his fist had turned into a roaring golden lion’s head as it opened its mouth. Instantly, the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth boiled as it endlessly poured towards the golden lion’s head, it was as if it was being devoured.

As the lion fist flew forth, the atmosphere had shattered in patches with the ground below constantly crumbling. Huge cracks swiftly spread out in this forest as well.

“Mu Chen, be careful!”

Han Shan and the rest couldn’t help yelling out in shock. They had clearly felt how terrifying Jin Qingtian’s attack was. Even the momentum of that fist had made them feel fearful in their hearts.

Mu Chen stood before the Great Solar Undying Body, looking at the lion fist that was flying in his direction. He took a deep breath but there still wasn’t any fear on his face. His hands joined together and seals had changed in flashes.

Buzz! Buzz!

Along with the changing of Mu Chen’s seals, golden suns rose on the Great Solar Undying Body and, upon taking a closer look, there were actually five suns.


The five golden suns suddenly exploded with a torrential golden current flowing from the Great Solar Undying Body’s fist like a golden liquid and had immediately formed into a massive golden spear in the hand of the Great Solar Undying Body. There were five blazing suns at the tip of the spear and as it moved, it seemed like it could destroy the heavens.

“Nine Solar Divine Ability - Five Solar Spear!”

A golden light flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes as he roared out in his heart. The spear in the hand of the Great Solar Undying Body blossomed with a myriad-foot long lustre and, in the next instant, space had been immediately penetrated as it ferociously clashed with the approaching lion fist.

Facing Jin Qingtian’s attack, Mu Chen did not dare to be negligent and brought out his Sovereign Ability right from the start.


In that moment of the clash, the heavens and earth trembled and golden shock waves spread out, wreaking havoc and even tore terrifying cracks in the air.

It’s as if a golden sun had risen in that point of collision and even space had been distorted.

The spear had blocked the lion fist, but Mu Chen’s brows were slightly knitted together. That’s because he seemed to sense that something was amiss here.

His gaze shot through the golden light and he looked at Jin Qingtian in the distance before noticing a mocking smile being raised on the corner of Jin Qingtian’s lips, before Jin Qingtian’s voice faintly resounded, “You think that this is the end?”

When Jin Qingtian finished speaking, his fist flew out slowly once more.

When he threw the fist out, the entire region had instantly turned dark and another fist of golden light burst out with the lion’s roar resonating throughout the horizon.

“Sky Devouring Lion Fist!”

Throwing a fist forth, a terrifying surge of dominance swept out in this region. It’s as if the sky was being devoured by the lion head.

A lion head’s image flew out and had immediately charged into the golden light. Instantly, a domineering golden light surged and the golden spear that was confronting the fist slightly distorted, it was starting to lose out.

Mu Chen’s face had turned grave as well.

But when Jin Qingtian saw this scene, he grinned and showed no signs of stopping. The Spiritual Energy in his body had been boiled to the limit and a dense mist of Spiritual Energy rose up.

Thereafter, Mu Chen saw Jin Qingtian raise his fist once again, then threw it out.

“God Devouring Lion Fist!”

When this fist was thrown out, Mu Chen’s heart trembled. He felt a stinging pain on his skin. It was a sign that his physical body had felt greatly threatened.


Three golden lion fists flew, before they fused together in the sky. In that moment when they fused together, Mu Chen’s face drastically changed.


It was practically in an instant that his spear crumbled. It was completely destroyed by the three lion fists.

“This is…”

When Han Shan saw this scene, his face drastically changed with shock surging in his eyes, “The best Divine Art of the Golden Lion Clan, the Three Devouring Fists of the Lion Emperor!”

“Jin Qingtian has actually succeeded in cultivating this art?!”

Nine Nether’s face had also turned somewhat unsightly as she clenched her fist. Every single one of Jin Qingtian’s fists were rumoured to be comparable to a Perfect Rank Divine Art. When the three fists fused together, the might would grow to a terrifying height. Although it might not be comparable to Quasi-Divine Ability, it could definitely be considered as horrifying!

When Jin Lie saw this scene, he felt heavily relieved. Jin Qingtian had finally executed this move. Mu Chen was trying to be a smart alec. If he had tried to disrupt it right from the beginning, then Jin Qingtian wouldn’t have been able to execute this move so smoothly.

But right now, it was too late!

“Earlier, you had set up a Spiritual Array while we weren’t paying attention. This time, I’ll let you taste the consequences of being careless! And this time, you won’t even be able to turn the tables around!”

While the eyes of those below them flickered, Jin Qingtian indifferently looked at Mu Chen as if he was staring at a prey he was hunting.

This was his trump card and once he managed to complete this move, not to mention Mu Chen, even those opponents that were on the same level as he would be defeated!


Without any expression on his face, Jin Qingtian threw a punch forth as his cold voice resounded between the heavens and earth.

“Three Devouring Fists of the Lion Emperor - Annihilation of all life!”


Within the torrential golden light, a deafening lion roar thundered, sweeping up a violent gale between the heavens and earth like an apocalyptic disaster. In the golden light, the golden lion head, which was roughly ten thousand feet high, slowly opened its ferocious mouth and targeted Mu Chen from afar.

Buzz! Buzz!

Its huge mouth was like a black hole that devoured all lifeforms. But in that black hole, a fearsome golden liquid started to gather and every single golden drop of liquid contained a terrifying fluctuation.


The golden liquid had quickly swept out like a current, revealing a destructive prowess in its path that even caused cracks to appear in space. It’s as if anything in its path would be melted.

It was extremely domineering!

The golden current had shuttled through space as it approached with Mu Chen’s face turning extremely grave. He knew that if he was struck by that golden flow of current, he would instantly suffer heavy injuries, even with his powerful physical body.

Jin Qingtian’s trump card was truly formidable!

Looks like there is no longer a need for me to hold back.

As that thought flashed in his mind, Mu Chen had suddenly formed some seals as afterimages flew. At the same time, his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared behind him with numerous currents of Spiritual Energy pouring into the Great Solar Undying Body from the rear.

Thus, the Great Solar Undying Body blossomed with a myriad foot of light.

“Using the same trick again? You’re overestimating your own abilities!” When Jin Qingtian saw this scene, he instantly mocked with a smile.

Five golden suns hovered at the centre of the Great Solar Undying Body’s brows. When the fifth blazing sun appeared, Mu Chen took in a deep breath and his seals changed.


At the abdomen of the Great Solar Undying Body, a golden light suddenly gathered, before it blossomed. Another golden sun had appeared.

Nine Solar Divine Ability - Sixth Sun Unleashed!

The ridicule on Jin Qingtian’s face froze and his eyes had gradually turned cold. Mu Chen can still increase his strength?

But when the sixth sun was unleashed, Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. He could sense that if he had enough energy, unleashing the sixth sun was probably not his limit.

It’s just that he had already poured all of the Spiritual Energy in his body towards the Great Solar Undying Body, so he did not have any spare energy to unleash another sun.

No, wait…

Mu Chen’s gaze froze as he lowered his head and looked at his own physical body. The power contained in his physical body at the moment was not at all inferior to his own Spiritual Energy.

With a flash of his thought, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and formed more seals. Instantly, a draconic roar and phoenix cry rang out, before his pupils had completely turned gold without his knowledge. Powerful energy coursed through his body and he poured that energy towards the Great Solar Undying Body.

As the massive energy poured through his body, Mu Chen was pleasantly surprised and felt that there was a golden light swiftly appearing in the heart of the Great Solar Undying Body. Thereafter, another dazzling light swiftly blossomed.

In just a few moments, the golden lustre had formed into another sun and it rose!

At this moment, the seventh sun was unleashed!

Nine Solar Divine Ability - Seventh Sun Unleashed!

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