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Chapter 103 – Borrowing Strength

Seeing Mu Chen accept its condition so easily, the Nine Nether Bird was stunned. A hint of suspicion emerged within its eyes.

“I have no choice right now. Therefore, there’s no need for you to doubt me like this,” Mu Chen said as if he knew the Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts. He added with a calm voice: “No matter how much benefit I’ll get from ingesting you, it’s worthless compared to my father’s life.”

The Nine Nether Bird turned silent for a moment. It could feel the unwavering conviction within Mu Chen’s voice. From the time it had hidden inside Mu Chen’s body, it indeed gained some understanding in the latter’s personality.

“As for the condition I want you to accept, there’s no need to mention it now. We can talk about it after we overcome the current dilemma.” The Nine Nether Bird extended its burning wings elegantly and said: “We’ll first discuss how we’ll defeat that old geezer at the Heavenly Fusion Stage.”

“If I was in my peak condition, I would be able to defeat that old geezer in one attack. However, you should understand that I’m currently quite weak. Therefore, I can’t help you get rid of him personally. So, everything is still up to you.”

Mu Chen shook his head and replied, “I’m not his opponent.”

“I will lend you my power temporarily. However, I must tell you that you are too weak right now. I don’t know if your frail body can withstand my power. If a problem occurs, I won’t have any way of resolving it either.” The Nine Nether Bird slowly asked: “Do you still dare?”

“Lend me your power!” Mu Chen nodded without any hesitation.

“By relying on my power, you will temporarily reach the Heavenly Fusion Stage. However, you must remember that it’s only temporary. If you cannot kill the old geezer during that period of time, you’ll be the one that suffers misfortune.” The Nine Nether Bird explained.

“Okay!” Mu Chen nodded again. No matter what, he would never just watch Mu Feng die in front of him!

“In a while, you should control the mandala flower and weaken its suppression. I will then transmit my powers to you.”

The Nine Nether Bird had a calm expression as it said: “Of course, if you don’t believe me and think that I will harm you the instant you weaken the mandala flower’s suppression, then there’s no need for us to talk anymore.”

“I trust you,” Mu Chen smiled and responded.

“Oh?” A hint of interest flashed through the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes: “You believe me this easily? Should I call you  innocent or just plain naïve? Could it be that you’ve already forgotten that I’ve secretly attacked you before?”

“This situation is different from back then. Inside your bones, there is a sense of pride that humans cannot compare with. Since you’ve given me your word, you won’t do anything else aside from that.” Mu Chen smiled.

The Nine Nether Bird did not speak, as it didn’t want to respond to the comment.

“No matter what, I will have to thank you this time. I will remember this favor deep within my heart.” Mu Chen took a deep breath. A hint of sincerity could be found in his voice. No matter how it does it, the Nine Nether Bird was the only one that could help him right now. Moreover, since the latter was willing to lend its power to him at this critical moment, Mu Chen would be grateful towards it, regardless of its reasons.

“This is only a deal, stop attempting to make friends,” The Nine Nether Bird grunted impatiently and said: “Instead, you should prepare yourself.”

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. Then, his consciousness slowly exited his aurasea and his closely shut eyes opened up. At this moment, a rumbling sound rang within his ears. In the sky, an amazing Spiritual Energy Pressure was being emitted in waves.

“Are you alright?” Tang Qian’Er stared at Mu Chen in concern. She noticed that Mu Chen had closed his eyes suddenly and thought that something had happened to him.

Mu Chen shook his head. He saw the anxiety in Tang Qian’Er’s expression and smiled slightly: “Tang Qian’Er, don’t worry. Believe me. It won’t go as how Liu Jingshan wishes.”

Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling were somewhat surprised as they stared at Mu Chen. At this moment, the boy’s handsome face still maintained its calmness. However, compared to before, it somehow made them feel more at ease.

It was as if the boy had some sort of confidence now.

Although Tang Qian’Er did not understand where Mu Chen’s confidence stemmed from, she believed in the latter. Thus, she smiled.

Beside him, Zhou Ye secretly let out a bitter laugh. This boy, he really knows how to comfort others. Based on the situation right now, he would have to knock him unconscious if he was unwilling to leave. It was fine if he and Mu Feng died in this place, but if Mu Chen died, it would be completely over.

Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the sky. The battle had reached its climax, as Mu Feng and the others had pushed their Spiritual Energy to the limit. Every single fierce attack would make any Spirit Stage powerhouse turn pale. However, Liu Jingshan’s face did not change at all. A powerful Spiritual Energy surged out from his palm. Flame and black wind gushed out like two giant whips and completely suppressed Mu Feng and the others.

Although the battle seemed to have reached a stalemate stalemate, everyone could tell that Liu Jingshan was acting leisurely. It was evident that he was not using his full strength. On the other hand, Mu Feng and the others’ faces had turned completely red.

The enormous gap between the Spirit Stage and the Heavenly Fusion Stage was slowly being revealed.

In the city, numerous forces watched as Liu Jingshan calmly fought 5 Spirit Stage powerhouses. The observer’s faces also turned pale and fear emerged slowly within their hearts. A few of them secretly sighed. It seemed that the Northern Spiritual Realm would belong solely to the Liu Territory.

The previous balance was destroyed.

Liu Qingtian smiled, and he stared at the sky while his hands were behind his back. Not far away, the other 3 Territory Lords that did not attack also had pale expressions. A hint of bitterness emerged on their smile. So a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse was actually this terrifying.  It was unlikely that it would have helped if they joined the fight to help Mu Feng and the others. In the future, it would be best to please the Liu Territory. With the Liu Territory’s strength, it would not need to suppress them too much. The other Territory Lords would be able to obtain a decent status at least.

“Ohoho, the 3 Territory Lords, please rest assured. From now on, you are friends of my Liu Territory. My Liu Territory has always treated friends kindly.” Liu Qingtian glanced at the 3 Territory Lords and smiled.

Hearing this, the 3 Territory Lords let out a hollow laugh. They quickly displayed a respectful and submissive attitude.


Seeing the Territory Lords, who were at an equal footing with him before, display such an expression, Liu Qingtian could not help but laugh out loud. The sound of his laughter was filled with pride.

A hint of fury surged through the 3 Territory Lords when they heard Liu Qingtian’s laughter. However, they forcibly suppressed it. The situation right now wasn’t the same as before.

“Ohoho. It seems that father is about to use his true strength.” Liu Qingtian did not care much about them and suddenly lifted his head.

Hearing this, the 3 Territory Lords’ hearts jumped. They quickly raised their head.

In the sky, the flame and the black wind faded from Liu Jingshan’s palms. He stared indifferently at Mu Feng and the others, who had a vigilant and serious expression, as he called out: “Have you had enough yet?”

“If you’ve had enough, then it’s time to end this game. I’m quite old, and I do not have that much energy to play with you all.”

Liu Jingshan took a step forward. At that moment, numerous individuals could see that the Spiritual Aura within the world was gathering quickly beside him. The surging Spiritual Aura was like an enormous wave and was an impressive display of power.

“Myriad Waves Mountain Pulverizing Palm!”

Liu Jingshan had a cold expression, as he suddenly fired off a palm. Billowing Spiritual Energy surged out from his palm and formed a gigantic handprint. A devastating Spiritual Energy radiated from the handprint.


The instant that the handprint appeared, it enveloped the entire sky. It directly and fiercely suppressed Mu Feng and the others.


Underneath the handprint, the air exploded. Countless waves swept out, and crashing sounds resounded through the sky. It made the air tremble violently. Even the buildings beneath the handprint were instantly smashed to the ground.

Feeling the devastating Spiritual Energy fluctuation that enveloped them, Mu Feng shouted, “We’ll attack together!” The five of Territory Lords instantly pushed their Spiritual Energy to the limit and the Spiritual Beasts behind them roared up at the sky. Five light beams containing all their Spiritual Energy exploded out.

Bang Bang Bang!

The attacks from both sides collided fiercely in midair. A Spiritual Energy shock wave that could be seen with the naked eye was created by the collision. In the sky, endless explosion sounds rang out and brought forth an amazing gale.


As the gale emerged, Mu Feng and the others’ bodies trembled. Then, they spat out a mouthful of blood as they each tumbled downward like broken kites.

Just when Mu Feng was about to hit the ground, he forcibly stabilized his body. He wiped the blood from his mouth and shouted out in the direction of Zhou Ye: “Run!”

“Mu Territory’s troops, kill them!”

Hearing Mu Feng’s cry, the Mu Territory’s troops stationed outside of the temple instantly let out bloodthirsty cries. Then, they rushed towards the temple like a flood.

“Stop them!”

Liu Qingtian sneered and waved his hand. From the opposite direction, troops flooded in and blocked the Mu Territory’s troops.



Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling stared at Tang Shan and Hong Ling, who were covered with blood on top of a stone tower. Their pretty faces were completely pale and their bodies trembled.

“Brother Zhou, please bring them away with you!” Tang Shan’s face was pale. He immediately turned his head towards Zhou Ye and shouted out.

Zhou Ye’s face was gloomy. He stared at the chaotic situation appearing within his eyes and gritted. Then, he grabbed onto Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling as he shouted towards Mu Chen: “Little Mu, let’s go!”

Mu Chen’s body did not move. It seemed to be trembling slightly.

“You want to leave?!”

Liu Qingtian was also aware of the situation over at this side. He instantly let out a sneer and his body turned into a light figure as he charged over. A dense Spiritual Energy gathered beneath his palm. Then, he blasted the palm over.

Zhou Ye hurriedly appeared in front of Mu Chen and fired off a punch. The dense Spiritual Energy caused the ground to crack open as it collided against Liu Qingtian’s palm.


Waves of air swept out. A muffled sound suddenly emitted from Zhou Ye’s throat as he was forced back a dozen steps or so. After all, he was only at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase while Liu Qingtian was at the Spirit Stage Late Phase.

“Boy from the Mu Family, don’t even think about going to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. You will be buried in this Northern Spiritual Realm!”

After knocking aside Zhou Ye with a palm, Liu Qingtian appeared in front of Mu Chen as quickly as a ghost. He sneered as he fiercely fired off a palm filled with Spiritual Energy at Mu Chen.

“Asshole Liu, you’re seeking death!”

Seeing the attack on Mu Chen, Zhou Ye was extremely angry. He issued a fierce cry and charged madly at Liu Qingtian.

Not far away, Mu Feng noticed the situation appearing over there and instantly lost his spirits. It was as if his brain had turned completely empty.

“Haha, Mu Feng. I’ll help you get rid of your genius son!” Liu Qingtian’s face was extremely hideous. The palm winds were becoming increasingly sharp as the palm smacked down.

But just when the palm winds were about to hit him, Mu Chen, who had made no movements until now, suddenly raised his head. In his eyes, a mysterious black flame arose. Then, the corner of the boy’s lips slowly lifted up in Liu Qingtian’s narrowed eyes.


Mu Chen’s hand instantly appeared in front of him and completely blocked off Liu Qingtian’s fierce attack.

The fierce Spiritual Energy impact emitted beneath Mu Chen’s feet caused the earth to crack open.

At this moment, countless people widened their eyes. This is because Mu Chen, who endured Liu Qingtian’s fierce attack, stood motionless like a boulder.

“How is this possible?!”

Surprise instantly filled Liu Qingtian’s eyes. He stared at the strange smile of the boy in front of him and a hint of unease appeared within his heart. But just when he was about to retreat backwards, Mu Chen’s palm turned into a claw and it clawed downwards. An irresistible force emitted out and Liu Qingtian’s body smashed down to the ground, causing the hard ground to shatter.

Mu Chen’s eyes were cold. He lifted his feet and stepped fiercely on Liu Qingtian’s back. At this moment, the earth instantly collapsed.


Liu Qingtian spat out a mouthful of blood. Horror filled his eyes. He never imagined that a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase boy would suddenly possess such fearful strength.

Naturally, he wasn’t the only one that was surprised. Even Zhou Ye, who was rushing over, suddenly stopped moving and stared at the scene in daze.

Numerous gazes gathered at this location as well. Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling could not help but cover their mouths with their hands. In the rear, Liu Zong, Liu Mubai and the others were all stunned.

“Mu Chen…” Mu Feng was also stunned. Everything that was happening there was beyond his imagination.

“Asshole, you’re seeking death!” Liu Jingshan’s eyes turned cold. A hint of killing intent filled his eyes.

Mu Chen ignored his voice and lifted his feet. He kicked Liu Qingtian’s chest and sent the latter flying. For hundreds of meters, long, deep tracks appeared in the ground.

Many people sucked in a cold breath. Just what had happened?

After sending Liu Qingtian flying, Mu Chen slowly lifted his head. The eyes, that had burning black flames within them, stared at Liu Jingshan like a vicious beast. Then, a hoarse voice echoed throughout the sky.

“Old geezer, you haven’t asked whether or not I’ll agree to you killing my dad!”

Mu Chen gripped his hands tightly. Black Spiritual Energy surged out like flames from his body. At this moment, a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure emitted throughout the entire city.

As they felt the Spiritual Energy pressure, everybody, including Liu Jingshan, changed complexions.

This is because the strength of the Spiritual Energy had actually reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

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