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Chapter 102 – Deal


Within Nine Territory City, an amazing Spiritual Energy exploded into the sky in a pillar of light. Fierce winds suddenly started blowing and everyone in the city felt the Spiritual Aura within the world tremble.

Numerous shocked gazes stared at the source of the light pillar. They had never seen such a powerful fluctuation of Spiritual Energy in their lives. The extent of the Spiritual Energy wasn’t something that a Spirit Stage powerhouse could compare with.

When did a powerhouse of this level appear in the Northern Spiritual Realm?

“No matter who attempts to stop my Liu Territory today, I will kill them all!”

An old figure slowly emerged from within the towering Spiritual Energy light pillar. He did not need to borrow external strength in order to stand within the air. His sharp gaze was like a hawk and his cry resounded throughout the entire city.


From the collapsing temple, five figures charged out. Each of them relied on their dense Spiritual Energy in order to stay afloat in midair. These five lights occupied a different direction, yet, they were all facing the old figure.

“That’s Mu Feng and Tang Shan…They’re actually five Territory Lords!”

“What are they doing? Just where did that old man come from? He has such a terrifying Spiritual Energy!”

“Holy! That’s Liu Jingshan. That old man is still alive! Moreover, with this strength… Did this guy break past the Spirit Stage to advance to the Heavenly Fusion Stage?”

The commotion in midair instantly attracted everybody’s gaze. Furthermore, shocked voices rang out when they noticed the confrontation in the sky. It immediately caused an uproar in the city.

“It seems that the Liu Territory is attempting to form a Northern Spiritual Alliance and wants to gobble up the other forces. Five of the Territory Lords disagreed, so they joined forces to fight against the Liu Territory!”

Soon, news regarding the commotion spread out, which undoubtedly caused a bit of a shock to the people within the city. To the Northern Spiritual Realm, this major event was definitely sufficient to cause chaos.

“Mu Feng, do you really believe that you can defeat me if the five of you join forces? Based on the fact that you’re all pretty strong, I will give you another chance. After all, it would be a severe blow to the Northern Spiritual Alliance if all of you were killed!” In the sky, Liu Jingshan stared at Mu Feng and the others as he said this in a deep voice.

“Senior Liu, I think you should give up on this. We aren’t that ambitious and would only like to guard our own territories. Regarding the conquering of the Hundred Spirit Heavens, you should do it by yourself,” replied Mu Feng with a faint smile.

“How stubborn!”

A small chill flashed through Liu Jingshan’s eyes. He did not speak anymore. It seemed that the battle today was inevitable. Otherwise, the Liu Territory would not be able to scare the other forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm.


A powerful Spiritual Energy erupted like a volcano from within Liu Jingshan’s body. The overwhelming Spiritual Energy surged out and turned into a black double-headed dog behind him as a vicious aura emitted from the giant dog’s body.

Seeing the black double-headed giant dog behind Liu Jingshan’s body, Mu Feng and the others’ expressions turned serious. This was a Double-Headed Hellhound, which was ranked 98th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. It was able to spew both winds and flames. Although it was not considered to be a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, it was not far behind. 1 Within the High Rank Spiritual Beasts, it was regarded as a top existence.

The Double-Headed Hellhound formed by Liu Jingshan’s Heavenly Fusion Stage strength seemed as if it was truly there. Compared to the Spiritual Beasts condensed by Mu Feng and the others, it was clearly more powerful.

“Today, I’ll let you experience a Heavenly Fusion Stage’s true strength!”

Liu Jingshan stepped on the air and immediately spun his hands around. The Spiritual Aura in the air gathered in his palm forming red-hot flames and black winds.

Exhaling wind and flame was the Double-Headed Hellhound’s ability. Since Liu Jingshan had ingested its Soul Essence, he was naturally able to use this ability, Windfire Spiritwave!

Liu Jingshan smacked out with his palms. From one hand, flames twisted around like a giant fire python while black winds condensed into an enormous black tempest on the other hand.


Together with an extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuation, the fiery python and black tempest stormed towards Mu Feng and the others.

Seeing Liu Jingshan’s powerful attack, Mu Feng and the others’ expression had turned completely solemn. They did not dare to treat it with the slightest neglect. The Spiritual Energy within their bodies was pushed to the extreme. Behind them, five powerful Spiritual Beasts were formed from Spiritual Energy light.

Among these 5 Spiritual Beasts, the fiery giant bird behind Mu Feng was naturally the most powerful. After all, the Dragonfire Bird was the only one that had truly reached Heaven Rank.

In the sky, the five territory lords used all their strength to form an attack with their dense Spiritual Energy. The overwhelming attack swept out and collided with the fiery python and the black tempest.


The collision caused a massive rumble through the sky endlessly. Waves of Spiritual Energy rolled outwards and forcefully razed the buildings beneath the battlefield.

Countless individuals watched the battle in the sky with shocked expressions. Mu Feng, Tang Shan and the others were all reputed top-class powerhouses within the Northern Spiritual Realm. At this moment, all of them had pushed their strength to the limit. However, Liu Jingshan, who was facing them, remained motionless as he stood in the sky. Under his palms, wind and fire surged. He could actually mobilize the Spiritual Aura within the world casually, and so, with an unmovable state like a mountain, he blocked the fierce offensive from Mu Feng and the others.

So a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse was actually this terrifying. Even when he was against 5 Spirit Stage powerhouses, he still had complete control over the situation.

From within the temple, Mu Chen and the others rushed out. When they noticed the amazing confrontation in the sky, their faces turned grim. A Heavenly Fusion Stage’s strength had completely surpassed their imaginations.

“Dad.” Tang Qian’Er’s pretty face was filled with anxiety. Her beautiful eyes were slightly red. It was evident that the current situation was making her feel extremely uneasy.

Beside Tang Qian’Er, Hong Ling also bit her lips tightly. Her father had died when she was young. Through all these years, she and her mother had depended on no one but each other. If something were to happen to her mother here, it would be a severe blow to her.

“Don’t worry,” Mu Chen said.  He looked at the panicked expressions of the two girls and reached out to hold their slender wrists. Then, he pulled both of them behind him and said with a gentle voice, “They’ll be fine.”

Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling stared at this boy’s calm, handsome face. At this moment, they seemed to get affected by his calmness and the anxiety within their hearts faded away slightly.

“They’ll be fine? What a foolish dream. My grandfather hasn’t even gotten serious yet. Do you really believe that it was possible for them to defeat a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse if they joined forces? How naïve.” At a corner of the collapsed temple, Liu Mubai stared at Mu Chen with a mocking expression.

Mu Chen glanced at him and could not be bothered to respond. At the same time, Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling winced behind Mu Chen’s back.

“Hmph, Hong Ling. You should come over to my side. If you persuade your mother to join the Liu Territory, I’ll guarantee your safety!” Liu Mubai grunted as he stared at Hong Ling, who was wincing behind Mu Chen’s back. He had always liked her. Although they seemed fairly close within the Northern Spiritual Academy, they were only friends. He had always wanted to advance their relationship, but had failed to do so.

Hong Ling glanced at Mu Chen and immediately gritted her teeth. She reached out with her icy and petite hand to hold onto the corner of Mu Chen’s clothes, as if this act could ease her anxiety a little.

Seeing this, Liu Mubai’s face turned blue. Then, he immediately shot a vicious glance at Mu Chen. Soon, I’ll make it so that you would wish that you were dead!

“Uncle Zhou, how is it?” Mu Chen ignored Liu Mubai and asked Zhou Ye, who was standing next to him and was staring at the sky with a serious expression.

“Not good. That old fart Liu hasn’t used his true strength yet…” Zhou Ye’s face darkened: “Even for the five Territory Lords together, it’s unlikely that they can be his opponent.”

“Then Uncle Zhou should help as well.” Mu Chen proposed.

“No, I must protect you. If the situation turns out bad, I will take you away with me. We can die, but you can’t!” Zhou Ye said in a deep voice.

“I won’t leave dad behind.” Mu Chen clenched his hands and replied slowly.

“Little Mu, you can’t act recklessly. While there’s life, there’s hope. As long as you enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, you would be able to surpass the old fart within 3 years. When that happens, we need you to take revenge for us!” Zhou Ye snapped.

“If there is no other choice, I will do that.” Mu Chen gritted his teeth. Within his eyes, a hint of scarlet color emerged.

“However, I will use everything I have to find a chance within the despair first. I won’t let you die in front of me!”

Zhou Ye stared at the boy and let out a bitter laugh as he firmly patted Mu Chen’s shoulder. How could there be a chance within the current situation? When Liu Jingshan became a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse, they were doomed to fail.

Mu Chen took a deep breath. Then, he glanced one more time at Mu Feng and the others, who were fighting with all they had in the sky. He slowly closed his eyes and his consciousness entered his aurasea.

Inside, he saw the Nine Nether Bird staring at him lazily from on top of the mandala flower.

“What? You want me to help? Dream on.” A hint of ridicule passed through the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes as a thought was conveyed over.

“If I die, it would not be good for you either. Once you’re discovered, countless powerhouses would target you. This is because you are too powerful. However, you are way too weak right now.” Mu Chen’s voice was impervious to desires and passions. It was so calm that the Nine Nether Bird was surprised as well.

“Within my body, you can gradually recover. However, if you fall into the hands of those powerhouses, your situation would be several times worse than it is now, staying within my body.”

The Nine Nether Bird’s long eyes narrowed and it folded its wings against its body.  It was evident that it was not deeply moved by Mu Chen’s words. Although the situation outside was quite dangerous, it still had other measures it could take.

“Let’s make a deal. You help me and I’ll make you a promise.” Mu Chen said slowly.

“A promise?”

“I will promise that I won’t ingest you.” Mu Chen’s voice was steady and firm.

A hint of light flashed in the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes, but it immediately responded sarcastically, “Bah! Stop with the act. You can’t even imagine how much benefit you’ll obtain if you ingest my Soul Essence. Thus, your words have no credibility at all.”

“You’ve been in my body for a while, so you should understand my personality.”

Mu Chen said in a faint voice: “You are indeed powerful. I need to help my father now, otherwise, if he dies, rage will fill my heart. The hatred within me would also end up affecting you; I would definitely ingest you when I obtained the power to do so.”

“Don’t try to question whether or not I can do it. The black paper, which trapped you within my body isn’t that easy to deal with. It would not be difficult to deal with you once I unlock its secrets. You should also realize this.”

The Nine Nether Bird’s wings spread out. A cold thought was conveyed over: “Are you threatening me?”

“I’m offering to make a promise which will be of great benefit to you. Moreover, if you do not help me in this situation, you will be Liu Jingshan’s accomplice. I, Mu Chen, can distinguish hatred and kindness clearly. If you help me, I will naturally be grateful to you. Otherwise, I will not forgive anyone involved, when I have the ability to do so!” Mu Chen’s voice was filled with decisiveness. If the Nine Nether Bird does nothing to help, he will let it go easily in the future.

Feeling the stubborn decisiveness within Mu Chen’s voice, the Nine Nether Bird gradually turned silent. It laid down on the mandala flower. Shortly after, it slowly answered: “If I help you, you truly will not attempt to ingest me?”

“Once you have the ability to form you true body, you can decide whether or not you want to leave!” Mu Chen said in a deep voice.

“If you want me to help, it’s possible.” The Nine Nether Bird stared sharply at Mu Chen: “However, you must accept a condition of mine!”

Mu Chen did not hesitate and  nodded heavily.


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