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Chapter 104 – Fighting Liu Jingshan

The moment that amazing Spiritual Energy pressure was emitted from Mu Chen’s body, everybody within the city was completely dumbfounded. Countless individuals stared blankly at the boy’s figure, as rumbling waves flooded their hearts. Their minds had stopped completely.

How could he possess such terrifying strength?


Liu Zong, Liu Ming and Liu Mubai were speechless. They had an incredulous expression plastered on their face as if they had just seen a ghost.

“Heavenly Fusion Stage?!”

In the sky, Liu Jingshan, who had maintained an indifferent expression all this time, suddenly narrowed his eyes. His gaze fixated itself onto Mu Chen’s body, which had black flames rising up from the surface. The pressure of this Spiritual Energy was in no way inferior to his. It had become evident that Mu Chen had also reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage at this moment.

The entire city was perfectly silent.

Moreover, under numerous surprised gazes, Mu Chen’s eyes focused on Liu Jingshan’s body. He seemed to smile as he spoke, “Old geezer, don’t think that you can act recklessly within the Northern Spiritual Realm just because you have reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage. I’m afraid that the Liu Territory’s wish to create the Northern Spiritual Alliance will not be realised today.”

“Brat, don’t get too carried away. Although I don’t know why your strength has exponentially increased, that power does not belong to you. If you want to stop me with that power, I’m afraid you’re still too naïve.” Within Liu Jingshan’s voice, fury surged and pressured one’s soul.

“Then, we’ll have to see if that’s true.”

Mu Chen smiled. He clenched his hands and the skin on the back of his hands cracked open. Tiny amounts of blood oozed out. The Nine Nether Bird’s power was too strong for him. It was clear that his body was being forced to suffer a tremendous burden in order to withstand this strength. However, he couldn’t afford to care about that right now.


Mu Chen appeared in the sky and confronted Liu Jingshan, who was far away from him. The pressure from two Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouses’ Spiritual Energy surged out in waves as they fiercely collided with each other.

A thunderous sound seemed to echo throughout the entire space.

At this moment, Mu Feng, Tang Shan and the other 3 Territory Lords had landed on the ground. They exchanged gazes with each other before their eyes fell onto Mu Feng. However, the latter could only let out a bitter laugh. The current situation had already surpassed his expectations. He too did not understand where Mu Chen obtained this power.

But this wasn’t the time to care about it. Mu Chen’s strength had suddenly increased to the point of being able to compete with Liu Jingshan. To them, this was a pleasant surprise. The originally irreparable situation had now truly changed.

From here on, they could only watch to see if Mu Chen would be able to overturn this unfavorable situation single-handedly.

As these thoughts were flashing through the Territory Lords’ minds, the figures confronting each other in the sky, gradually intensified their Spiritual Energy pressure. Although they hadn’t taken action yet, this imposing manner had completely enveloped the city.


A muffled sound rang out as another wave of Spiritual Energy pressure collided once again. At the same time, a hint of coldness flashed through the eyes of Mu Chen and Liu Jingshan.


Their bodies seemed to have moved at the same moment. They rushed through the sky like lightning, and ,in an instant, they collided with each other above the city.

Liu Jingshan’s expression darkened. Since Mu Chen’s power increased suddenly, he did not dare to underestimate him. A punch accompanied with rumbling Spiritual Energy was blasted out. With its momentum, it could have easily shattered an entire mountain.

Against Liu Jingshan’s powerful attack, Mu Chen did not show the slightest signs of dodging. Instead, a mysterious black flame emerged from within his eyes. Black Spiritual Energy surged out from the Nine Nether Bird and appeared on the surface of his fists. Within that black Spiritual Energy, there was a smoldering black flame.


Two powerful fist winds, containing extremely powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations, fiercely collided with each other. A rumbling sound resounded instantly. Then, visible shockwaves were emitted from their fists. As these shockwaves touched tall buildings inside the city, the buildings instantly turned into powder.

In midair, the two figures both retreated back dozens of steps. A hint of seriousness filled Liu Jingshan’s eyes as he stared at Mu Chen. In the earlier Spiritual Energy collision, he could feel that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was extremely bizarre. The strange black flame within the black Spiritual Energy seemed to scorch his Spiritual Energy whenever they collided.

“The source of this boy’s strength is quite mysterious and strange. I must use my full strength to deal with it.” This idea floated within Liu Jingshan’s mind. He instantly clicked his tongue, and a rumbling sound rang out from his mouth.

Behind Liu Jingshan, the Spiritual Aura within the world surged and gathered. The density and power emitting from it made a few Spirit Stage powerhouses’ heart jump. A Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse was just too powerful.

Take this!

Liu Jingshan took a step forward. At this moment, the entire sky seemed to tremble a little. He issued out a cry as he fiercely punched out with both hands.

Jingshan’s Punch! 1


Liu Jingshan’s punch was like the wind. Billowing Spiritual Energy was being turned into yellow Spiritual Energy clumps, as it accompanied the winds from the fist. In a few seconds, the entire sky was filled with the violent Spiritual Energy clumps as they rushed towards Mu Chen.

Every single Spiritual Energy clump had the power to gravely injure a Spirit Stage powerhouse. It was even more terrifying because there were so many of them gathering together.

Mu Chen stared at the fierce offense that enshrouded him. A hint of light flashed through his black eyes. Then, he actually charged over.


The Spiritual Energy clumps that filled the sky howled. However, at the very last moment, Mu Chen’s body turned extremely blurry, and after images emerged behind him. He directly passed through the fierce offensive with a phantom-like speed.

“What speed!”

Liu Jingshan was slightly shocked by Mu Chen’s speed. It seemed that this boy had trained in a Movement Spiritual Art as well.


Mu Chen’s body passed through the clumps of Spiritual Energy that filled the sky. Then, he straightened out two fingers, as a dazzling golden light radiated from them.

“Try one of my attacks as well,”Mu Chen shouted out coldly, as he stabbed at the air with his two fingers. An extremely overbearing golden light exploded out from within his fingers. It tore through the air and fiercely charged towards Liu Jingshan.

With Mu Chen’s current strength, the destructive power of the Spirit King Finger could almost destroy a mountain.


Liu Jingshan watched the golden light surge over. The domineering fluctuation within it made him focus even more. He immediately let out a muffled shout and lifted his arm slowly. Then, he blasted out a punch with an extremely heavy expression.


Right when Liu Jingshan’s slow and strange punch was shot out, the Spiritual Aura in front him shook. It vaguely seemed to turn into a gigantic mountain of approximately 300 meters tall.


Liu Jingshan’s heavy punch landed on the gigantic mountain and caused the mountain to tremble. Soon, it turned into a deep yellow light which had the power of a mountain as it collided with the golden light that ripped through the sky.


As the two lights collided, an amazing Spiritual Energy shockwave was sent out. At this moment, a storm was raging fiercely within the area.

“You’re quite capable. Let’s see how many punches you can block!”

Liu Jingshan’s sleeves instantly disintegrated. His bony arms expanded rapidly. His veins trembled as a feeling of power was emitting from them.

“Mountain God Tactics, Regretful Mountain God Fist!”

A cold cry resounded from Liu Jingshan. At this moment, his fists energy detonated and numerous, gigantic mountains were formed beneath the fists. These  mountains were formed of dense Spiritual Energy, and suddenly, heavy fists of wind surged out endlessly at Mu Chen.

“I’ll receive as many punches as you throw!”

Facing Liu Jingshan’s overwhelming offensive, Mu Chen did not back down. Brilliant golden light spewed out from his two fingers like a peerless divine spear, tough and overbearing.

Take this!

Mu Chen’s fingers suddenly thrust out and the air in front was instantly torn apart. Numerous golden lights erupted from Mu Chen’s fingers. Moreover, hints of black flames surged around on the surface of the golden lights.


Everybody within the city raised their heads at this moment. They watched the boundless mountains and the domineering golden lights with astonished expressions.

A battle of this level was too impressive.

Dong Dong!

The overwhelming offensives that covered the sky collided fiercely. As the golden lights collided heavily with the mountains, amazing Spiritual Energy shockwaves exploded out.

The Spiritual Energy shockwaves set off a storm in the sky. As the storm swept out, cracks appeared within the city. A few buildings even collapsed directly.

At this instant, everybody was awkwardly dodging the powerful and matchless Spiritual Energy impacts.

Mu Feng and the others lifted their heads. The entire sky was filled with golden and yellow lights. It was as if the sun’s rays were obscured by it.

As they watched the collisions, they sighed deeply. They could clearly feel how powerful a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse was once again. When they fought against Liu Jingshan earlier, there was no need for him to use his true strength.

“Heavenly Fusion Stage.”

Mu Feng clenched his hands tightly. He had been stuck at the pinnacle of the Spirit Stage Late Phase for many years and failed to take the final step. However, he seemed to have understood something vaguely after his fight with Liu Jingshan and watching this huge battle.

This feeling made him understand that he might be able to step into the stage that he had dreamed of, as long as he secluded himself for a while after the fight.

Just when Mu Feng was enlightened, the fiercely domineering battle in the sky had finally ended. As the lights that filled the sky faded away, an old figure and a young figure reappeared in everybody’s eyes.

Both of them were unscathed. However, the Spiritual Energy rumbling near their bodies made everybody understand that their fight had entered the climax.

On Liu Jingshan’s arms, his snake-like veins were writhing. He stared sharply at Mu Chen, who was nearby, as he let out a dark expression. He never imagined that he would fail to defeat Mu Chen with his fierce offensive earlier.

The latter’s strength had surpassed his expectations. However, it was still not enough!

Liu Jingshan took a deep breath and slowly formed seals with his hand. At this moment, his face turned solemn. Then, an indescribable heavy pressure emitted out quietly.

“Mu Chen, I trained tirelessly for many years before I finally mastered the Mountain God Tactics. Today, I’ll test it out on you!”

Liu Jingshan’s eyes were cold. As his shout faded away, deep yellow lights swept out overwhelmingly behind him. Within those lights, a yellow mountain that was approximately 3000 meters tall was gradually formed.

On this mountain, the cliffs and boulders were vivid and realistic. It was like a genuine object. Once it appeared, the sky was forcibly oppressed. Even the ground below was crumbling.

Mu Chen’s eyes focused as he witnessed this scene.

Liu Jingshan’s hand seals changed and he fired off a palm. With an enormous shadow, the 3000 meter tall mountain actually soared and charged towards Mu Chen.

“Mountain God Tactics, Earth Sealing Mountain!”

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