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Chapter 1024 - Jin Lie

Standing before the pale-ash forest, the leader of the Sky Wolf Clan looked at Mu Chen’s group with scarlet eyes. The sharpness in their eyes was practically like blades that wanted to pierce the few of them through.

“Haha. Brother Huo, there’s no need to be anxious. They are friends of the Nine Netherbird Clan, partners which I have found.” Han Shan smiled as he explained.


The expert of the Sky Wolf Clan, Huo Yang furrowed his brows as he coldly chuckled, “Han Shan, did you think that there are endless treasures from the Treasure Beast? More people means that there will be more to share with. I am not agreeing to this.”

Han Shan said without a move in his expression, “Brother Huo doesn’t have to be worried about this. Since I have invited them, then we can split to them from my shares. We will not touch yours.”

When Huo Yang heard Han Shan’s words, only then did his gaze turns gentle. However, he still looked at Mu Chen’s group with a ferocious gaze and pulled the corner of his lips with a flash of disdain in his eyes.

Evidently, he could sense that among Mu Chen’s group, only Nine Nether and Mo Feng had stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. As for the other two, they were still at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm.

They even dared to come to the Myriad Beast Graveyard with their strength, they had truly been blinded by foolish greed.

The disdain in Huo Yang’s eyes wasn’t concealed, so Mu Chen and the rest could naturally sense it. However, they weren’t enraged and maintained calm expressions. They also did no actions to pull themselves closer with the experts of the Sky Wolf Clan.

Mu Chen swept a glance at the party of the Sky Wolf Clan. They had a total of five with four at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. Their formation was comparable to the Demonic Rhino Clan and, clearly, they had also expended great efforts for this trip to the Treasure Beast.

After all, the difficulty of sending an additional person would be much harder. Even the Nine Netherbird Clan had only sent the four of them in. Naturally, they also did not want to send any clansman whose strength was weak. After all, there were too many geniuses in the Divine Beast Origin, so they sought quality in those that entered, not quantity.

But among the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns of the Sky Wolf Clan, aside from Huo Yang, which made Mu Chen somewhat expected, he only swept a glance at the other three. In his perception, the other three should be somewhat similar to Lu Sui of the Thunder Crow Clan. If he faced them before he broke through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra, it might be somewhat troublesome for him. But right now… it would be an easy feat.

“Brother Huo Yang, how’s the situation over there?” Han Shan smiled.

Huo Yang cast his lips aside. “The Golden Lion Clan arrived half a day earlier. But they did not dare to go in too deep too soon. The amount of Beast Spirits seems to increase the deeper one ventures in.”

“The Golden Lion Clan has sent someone to pass us a message. Through their investigations, the amount of Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits in the fallen place of the Treasure Beast has reached 50.”

When Han Shan heard his words, his face couldn’t help turning grave. 50 Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits, it would be hard for anyone in their party to take them down all by themselves.

“The intention of the Golden Lion Clan is to join forces to deal with the Beast Spirits and we’ll decide the belongings after we reach the treasures.” Huo Yang’s scarlet eyes cast a glance at Han Shan as he said.

“Join forces?”

Han Shan did not answer that question, but said, “We’ll go take a look, first.”

After they finished talking, he swiftly led everyone into the forest.

Behind them, Huo Yang looked at the silhouettes of Han Shan’s party, then he waved his hand and swiftly followed up.

The plants in the forest were pale-ash, covered in a dense deathly aura. As they went deeper in, Mu Chen could sense the deathly aura growing denser to the point that it could even stop the blood from flowing in their bodies.

The forest was extremely massive and they had swiftly flown for ten-odd minutes before they started to slow down. The forest before them started to thin down, and was replaced with a steep hillside. The group stood on a pale-grey rock, looking at the massive crater beneath the hillside.

The plants there were pitch-black in colour due to being severely corroded by the deathly aura and this region was constantly being filled with beastial roars. Vaguely, wandering shadows could be seen.

“This is the land where the Treasure Beast fell.” Han Shan pointed towards the crater and spoke with a grave expression.

Mu Chen focused his gaze over. A terrifying deathly aura had converged into grey layers of clouds above the crater and the entire region had no signs of vitality.

This scenery represented extreme danger in the Myriad Beast Graveyard. When ordinary people saw this scene, they would all leave far from this place. If it wasn’t accidental, even the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan, Sky Wolf Clan and the Golden Lion Clan would not discover the Treasure Beast’s fallen land hidden here.

While they were examining this region, golden lights suddenly flickered in the distance and the sound of breaking wind exploded. Immediately, Han Shan’s expression became alert.

Those golden lights swiftly appeared and when they showed themselves, a powerful pressure came from the leading robust silhouette.

Directing their gazes over, they saw a total of 6 that came, all of them had robust figures and golden hair with faint golden runes on their faces. In their golden eyes, an unconcealable arrogance and pressure swept out.

Evidently, they were the experts of the Golden Lion Clan.

When the experts of the Golden Lion Clan appeared, the Demonic Rhino Clan immediately brought their guards up with their bodies tensed. Spiritual Energy surged around them as they looked at the other party.

Han Shan’s face was calm as he looked at the front of the Golden Lion Clan’s party. It was an extremely robust man. His body was like metal with golden light beneath his skin. He had an astonishing pressure with surges of Spiritual Energy pressure endlessly sweeping from his body.

“Jin Lie… the Golden Lion Clan really got you to lead the team this time.” Han Shan stared at the robust man as he slowly said.

Nine Nether spoke to Mu Chen in a soft voice as well. “There are two outstanding elites in this generation of the Golden Lion Clan. Known as the Golden Dual Heros. Jin Lie is one of them, but it seems that the other one did not come this time.”

Mu Chen gently nodded his head. The pressure that Jin Lie gave off was something that even Seventh Grade Sovereigns might not be able to confront against. Furthermore, he could sense that Jin Lie had cultivated his physical body, thus making it even stronger.

When the robust man heard Han Shan’s words, he grinned, revealing his pearly-white teeth and was emitting a chill. He cast a glance at Han Shan with pressure in his eyes, before stopping at Nine Nether and Mo Feng.

“Han Shan, you’re lacking too much confidence for your Demonic Rhino Clan. How can you allow someone else to take a share in this opportunity?” Jin Lie smiled with ridicule in his smile.

When Nine Nether heard his words, she faintly said, “We’ve been invited by Brother Han to broaden our horizon.”

Jin Lie smiled. “You even dared to come recklessly with that formation. I’m not sure if you’re arrogant or ignorant?”

“Arrogant or ignorant, why don’t you come and give it a try?” Mu Chen lightly smiled.

“A mere Sixth Grade Sovereign like you has the qualification to speak here?” Standing behind Jin Lie, a Seventh Grade Sovereign expert of the Golden Lion Clan said.

Jin Lie waved his hand, stopping his clansman. However, his gaze did not look much at Mu Chen, since he probably did not think that he needed to change his view on a Sixth Grade Sovereign.

“Han Shan, we’re not here to quarrel… Through our investigations earlier, there are dozens of Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits here. In addition to a large amount of Beast Spirits, it’s impossible for any of our parties to successfully get through them alone.”

Jin Lie looked at Han Shan as he continued, “A day ago, the Sky Wolf Clan’s party had also investigated it. If you don’t believe me, you can go and take a look.”

Huo Yang and the experts of the Sky Wolf Clan who had come from the back had nodded their heads as well.

Han Shan looked at the region, which was filled with dense deathly aura, and lightly knitted his brows. Actually, he didn’t need to investigate, since he could also vaguely sense that there were many formidable Beast Spirits.

“Brother Mu, what’s your opinion on this?” Han Shan hesitated as he turned to look at Mu Chen.

When Jin Lie and Huo Yang saw that Han Shan did not ask Nine Nether, but Mu Chen who was a Sixth Grade Sovereign, they couldn’t help being stunned as they looked at Mu Chen with astonishment. Clearly, they couldn’t figure out why Han Shan was so courteous to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen exchanged a glance with Nine Nether and nodded his head.

Seeing his response, Han Shan replied to Jin Lie, “We can join forces to get rid of the Beast Spirits first. As for the treasures, we’ll split them after we get past here.”

When Jin Lie heard his words, he nodded and the three parties combined together, each allocating their own regions and amount of Beast Spirits. 

“Since you guys are all prepared, then let’s get moving.”

Jin Lie moved swiftly and decisively without any delay. When the distribution was completed, he did not speak any further and led the experts of the Golden Lion Clan then shot forth.

“We’ll go first and gather after we’re done with cleaning up.”

Huo Yang of the Sky Wolf Clan spoke up as well, then he led his party.

“Let us get moving as well.”

When Han Shan saw the two other parties moving out, he said towards Mu Chen, before turning into a streak of light, and flew towards the pitch-black crater.

Mu Chen followed behind, then he contracted his eyes and looked at the directions that the Golden Lion Clan and Sky Wolf Clan were headed with his hands behind his back before secretly giving a hand signal to Nine Nether and the rest.


Nine Nether and Mo Feng exchanged a glance with lights flashing across their eyes as they gently nodded.

This trip to the Treasure Beast might not be as smooth as they imagined.

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