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Chapter 1025 - Tricked

In the forest that was covered in a deathly aura, the light was abnormally dark and the grey deathly aura covered the sight and the stretch of Spiritual Energy.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Occasionally, there were beastial roars resounding from the forest along with wind-breaking sounds as several silhouettes quietly flew past. Their figures were robust and their feet gently tapped on the tree branches, causing the leaves to sway as they flew out.

This group of silhouettes was naturally Mu Chen’s group who had entered the forest.

Moving through the forest, their gazes were filled with caution as they looked at the region that was filled with a deathly aura. Although the deathly aura had blocked out their Spiritual Energy perceptions, they could still sense a large amount of Beast Spirits in the forest.

“We’ll enter from the southwest. According to our distributions, there should be 6 Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits. As for the other Beast Spirits, there’s quite a number, at least a hundred of them.” As they swiftly moved, Han Shan explained to Mu Chen’s group.

When Mu Chen, Nine Nether and the rest heard those words, their eyes contracted. 6 Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits in addition to over a hundred somewhat weaker Beast Spirits. They had no choice but to fear this formation. But fortunately, those fellows did not have any spirituality. Otherwise, even they would have to avoid them.

“The four of us will obstruct the 6 Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits. Mo Ling will lead the rest to deal with the other Beast Spirits. We have to deal with this swiftly. Otherwise, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to last long.”

Mu Chen, Nine Nether and Mo Feng nodded their heads. Although there are still three Seventh Grade Sovereigns from the party of the Demonic Rhino Clan, they had to face a large amount of Beast Spirits. So their difficulty was high as well.

“Get ready, we’re approaching the region where the Beast Spirits resides.” After explaining the plan, Han Shan roared.

Mu Chen and the rest had instantly tensed their bodies as they felt the deathly aura in the surrounding growing denser. In the far away dark forest, there were numerous pale-grey silhouettes wandering around like ghosts.

When they appeared in this region, those pale-grey silhouettes had immediately directed their eyes over. In the next instant, roars filled with deathly auras resounded in this forest.

Boom! Boom!

Numerous ghostly silhouettes endlessly came out from the darkness along with a cold deathly aura as they surged towards Mu Chen.

Han Shan, Nine Nether, Mu Chen and Mo Feng had moved out and had immediately appeared ahead of the team. Instantly, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out and terrifying streaks of Spiritual Energy whistled.

Boom! Boom!

Sharp streaks of Spiritual Energy pierced through and the heads of ten-odd Beast Spirits exploded. The entire team had charged through the layers of Beast Spirits as they flew towards the distance.


A violent Spiritual Energy endlessly poured out of the deathly forest and the Beast Spirits that were obstructing before Mu Chen’s party were sent flying. However, there was still an endless flow of Beast Spirits coming from the surroundings.

However, Mu Chen and the rest paid no attention to them as they entered into the depths. The greatest threat was still the several Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits. As long as they’re dealt with, then they would be able to free themselves and deal the massive amount of Beast Spirits.

“Han Tong, you guys will deal with the rear!”

Han Shan looked up ahead as the deathly aura grew denser with his eyes contracted. He could sense that they were already heading towards the depths of the forest. Furthermore, they had also started to sense a dangerous fluctuation of deathly aura from the distance.

That should’ve been the region where the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits resided.


The four experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan immediately nodded their heads, then they separated from the group. Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out and massive images of the Demonic Rhino Clan appeared, instantly attracting the attention of the massive group of Beast Spirits.

“Mo Ling, you will go help them, but take care of your safety.” Mo Feng barked.


Mo Ling replied, then she retreated shortly after. Torrential scarlet flames swept up from her petite body, instantly causing the temperature in this region to climb and even the atmosphere was on the verge of burning.

With Mo Ling and the rest covering their backs, the four of them immediately felt at peace, then they swiftly increased their speed before charging into the dense deathly aura.

Beyond the deathly aura was a chaotic space with pale-grey trees spreading out, casting shadows on the ground. Within those shadows were cold gazes that were directed over, targeting Mu Chen’s group of four. Those shadows flickered, then they appeared before Mu Chen’s group.

The six black shadows had bodies that looked like they were made from black metals, looking extremely sturdy. This was caused by their bodies drying up and losing the vitality while being refined by the deathly aura.

The deathly aura enveloped around them, which made them exceptionally powerful when compared to ordinary Beast spirits.

“6 Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits indeed…”

Mu Chen cast a glance at those black Beast Spirits as he muttered to himself. However, when he just finished muttering to himself, his pupils suddenly contracted. “Something’s not right!”


Just when Mu Chen had sensed it, their rear suddenly exploded and two black shadows slowly crawled up from the ground. They were both shrouded with a deathly aura, it was another two Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits.

This way, they have reached an amount of eight.

When Han Shan saw this scene, his face was a little unsightly. It looked like the amount of Beast Spirits gathered here was greater than what they had imagined.

“Looks like it’s getting a little troublesome.”

Han Shan bitterly smiled. 8 Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits, even they would have to spend some time to deal with them. In terms of fighting strength, those Beast Spirits weren’t weaker than someone on Lu Sui’s level.

“Each of us takes two and will swiftly deal with them.” Mu Chen had furrowed his brows as he called out.


Now was not the time to say anything much, Han Shan and the other two nodded their heads, then they instantly shot forth, sending boundless Spiritual Energy to envelop two Seventh Grade Sovereigns each.

Mu Chen shot out as well, his targets were the two Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits that were coming from his rear.


The two Beast Spirits roared and the deathly aura fluctuated and enveloped their sharp bone claws and they clawed towards Mu Chen’s chest like bolts of lightning. The sharp claws also tore marks in space.


Mu Chen’s arm forcefully blocked them with sparks flying on his arm. However, the bone claws of deathly aura only left white marks on his arm.


Without any expressions, Mu Chen’s fist surged with a golden light as he punched towards the chest of the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit. Instantly, a deep sound rang out and the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit was instantly sent flying with its chest collapsed.

However, the toughness of dealing with the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit had exceeded Mu Chen’s expectations. When his punch came in contact with its body, it immediately shot out, but the Beast Spirit paid no attention to its collapsed chest as it pounced towards Mu Chen once again.

“What a sturdy body.”

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed at this scene. If it was an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign facing his punch, they would have already spewed blood out. But this Beast Spirit was still lively jumping around.

Boom! Boom!

The two Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits pounced forth, launching fearless attacks. As the deathly aura surged, even Mu Chen had taken several steps back. However, he had quickly adapted to this and circulated his Dragon-Phoenix Physique. A dazzling golden light exploded as layers of heavy fists flew out, causing the two Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits to be defeated as their bodies collapsed one after another. If it wasn’t for their undead bodies, they would have already been heavily injured.

But even so, it was still a matter of time before they were crushed by Mu Chen.

While Mu Chen’s situation was gradually clearing up, Han Shan, Nine Nether and Mo Feng also gradually got used to their opponents and they start to gain the initiative.

In their rear, Mo Ling’s group was doing all they could to obstruct the huge amount of Beast Spirits. Although it was getting a little tough, they could still drag the time on, since those Beast Spirits did not have any intellect.

So, judging from the surface, it was all within Han Shan’s expectations. As long as they dragged the time on a bit longer, they should be able to deal with all the trouble on their side.


In the rubble, the huge rock beneath Mu Chen’s feet shattered and a golden light flashed in his eyes.  He had quickly grasped a flaw in the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits and grasped his hand. A golden feather sword appeared in his hand and the golden light flashed, before the head of one of the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits was sliced apart.


Dealing with a Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit, Mu Chen’s pressure dropped and his attacks suddenly grew sharper. He had quickly suppressed the other Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit to the point that it couldn’t move.

Nine Nether and the rest had also sensed the process in Mu Chen’s direction and they rose up with spirits. As long as Mu Chen freed himself, then they would be able to break free from this situation quickly.

And their path would no longer pose any danger.

However, just when Han Shan and the rest felt a breath of relief, they had suddenly sensed that the ground had started to tremble, as if the Myriad Beast Graveyard was boiling.

This sudden change caused Mu Chen to be stunned, before he suddenly turned towards the left and right of the forest and his face drastically changed.

That’s because he could sense that there was a large amount of deathly auras sweeping over from both sides, which was evidently from a large amount of Beast Spirits. They could even see some black silhouettes amongst them, the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits!

“So many Beast Spirits!”

At the back, the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan roared with drastic changes in their expressions.


A golden light surged and Mu Chen threw a fist towards the head of the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit before looking at the two other directions with a dark expression.

Han Shan’s face was pale as he gnashed his teeth. “They’re coming from the direction of the Golden Lion Clan and Sky Wolf Clan! What are those fools doing?”

Nine Nether coldly sneered, “What else? They’re trying to bring us down by letting us attract the attention.”

Han Shan’s gaze turned completely cold. That also meant that the Sky Wolf Clan had already gone back on their agreement and allied with the Golden Lion Clan.

With the current situation, those scrambles were clearly intending to push the Beast Spirits to their direction and bury them completely.

He had actually been tricked by the Sky Wolf Clan this time!

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