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Chapter 1023 - Sky Wolf Clan

A grey deathly aura had spread out in the region and the cold sensation couldn’t be resisted even with the use of Spiritual Energy. Traces of the deathly aura would invade their bodies, gradually causing the Spiritual Energy in their bodies to be contaminated.

The group stood on a peak outside the Myriad Beast Graveyard, looking at the deathly aura that filled this region before looking at the large tomb in the sky. Gradually, their gazes turned grave.

The Myriad Beast Graveyard made them feel sensations of fear.

“It’s no wonder why it’s an ominous land in the Divine Beast Origin.” Mu Chen sighed.

“There is not only one Super Divine Beast that fell in the Myriad Beast Graveyard…” Han Shan nodded his head. Super Divine Beasts were pinnacles amongst the Divine Beast Clans, comparable to Heavenly Sovereigns. But in the end, they had all fallen in this Myriad Beast Graveyard.

The more powerful the existences would let out torrential deathly auras if their burial places couldn’t be well protected. With such astonishing amounts of deathly aura in the Myriad Beast Graveyard, there was a large reason that it might be due to the fallen Super Divine Beasts that resided there.

“It’s almost time, let us get prepared to enter…”

Han Shan looked at the sky before waving his hand. Instantly, several white lights flew towards Mu Chen’s group and they took them. They saw that the white light swiftly turned into white flames that had fallen on their shoulders. As the white flames blazed, the flames had gradually enveloped them.

Once they were enveloped by the white flames, Mu Chen and the rest instantly felt their bodies gradually turning warm and the invasive deathly aura was also dispersed.

The flames were clearly much stronger than the ones that Han Shan had used when they were travelling.

“These are Death-Repelling Flames… They can repel the deathly aura and also sense the Beast Spirits that have been corroded by the deathly aura. However, the flames can’t last long so we need to add some materials to them from time to time, which I have given to you guys earlier.”

Han Shan smiled as a white flame soared above his shoulder. Flicking his finger, he threw a white leaf into the flames and it was swiftly burnt. Thereafter, the flames grew even more vigorous.

Mu Chen’s group nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

“Then, let us get moving.”

Seeing that everyone had been prepared, Han Shan no longer spoke and called out, then flew out first. He turned into a streak of light and flew towards the greyish deathly aura that enveloped this region.

Seeing Han Shan, Mu Chen and the rest quickly followed up.

As they approached, Mu Chen could sense the deathly aura in this region becoming colder and the ground below was black in colour, like rotten mud.

“We’re going in now!”

Han Shan roared up ahead and Mu Chen suddenly felt that the temperature in this region had suddenly turned cold. Even with the protection of the Death-Repelling Flames, the invasion of the deathly aura still made him shiver.

The surrounding deathly aura was dense to the point that it had blocked their vision. Furthermore, under the corrosive deathly aura, Mu Chen could feel that the Spiritual Energy in his body had been suppressed to the point that it couldn’t extend much.

The peaks around them slowly turned pale-grey without any plants. It was like a world of death.


In the far distance, there were cold bestial roars that held not even the slightest trace of vitality, as if they were undead. 

Rustle! Rustle!

As Mu Chen’s group travelled through the mountain range, they carefully moved forth, tightly tensing their bodies as they looked around with caution.


Up ahead, Han Shan suddenly stopped and his silhouette landed on a bald pale-ash tree while looking forth. In the sky, there were several shadows in the sky with waves of cold deathly aura being constantly emitted from their bodies.

“They are the Beast Spirits?”

Mu Chen looked over and saw that those shadows were all pale-ash with empty eyes without any intellect. They all had a different appearance and some even had the appearance of a half-beast/half-human form. But all of them were undoubtedly emitting such a powerful deathly aura that anyone beneath Fifth Grade Sovereign could die upon contact.

“Deal with this quickly. Shatter their heads or they will bother us endlessly. Furthermore, we have to be fast or they might call out to other Beast Spirits. At that time, it’ll be troublesome if we’re surrounded by them.”

Han Shan spoke quietly, then he waved his finger and swiftly distributed their targets.

Mu Chen and the rest nodded their heads and in the next instant, they had practically exploded forth at the same time towards the few pale-ash silhouettes in the sky.

Mu Chen had appeared before a pale-ash silhouette first. That silhouette was covered in white fur and its pale-ash body looked weak. However, it was sturdier than most metals.

When Mu Chen appeared before that silhouette, a grey light flickered in the eyes of that silhouette. Then it suddenly raised its head and targeted Mu Chen. Thereafter, its sharp claws bolted towards Mu Chen’s chest.

The attack of that silhouette was extremely crafty and ruthless, causing Mu Chen to be slightly startled. It looked like these Beast Spirits still possessed some of their battle instincts when they were still alive. Otherwise, it would be impossible for its attack to be so crafty.

Facing this sort of Beast Spirit, if an ordinary Sixth Grade Sovereign were to encounter it, they would probably need some time before they could kill it.

But it was a pity that Mu Chen wasn’t within the range of “ordinary”.

Therefore, when the Beast Spirit’s claw whistled over, Mu Chen did not dodge, but stretched his hand out and grabbed the claw in his hand. The claw, which was comparable to a Divine Artifact, could not even draw any blood from his skin.


Mu Chen put more force into his hand, before he crushed the claw. However, the Beast Spirit did not feel any pain and launched another claw wrapped in a deathly aura towards Mu Chen’s throat.


Mu Chen threw a punch forth with a calm expression. It tore through space, then his fist landed on the head of the Beast Spirit. Instantly, an explosion resounded and the head of the Beast Spirit split open like a watermelon.

When the head shattered, there wasn’t any blood that dripped down, only some ashes drifted from it. Furthermore, the body of the Beast Spirit had suddenly frozen before it fell down from the sky, facing down.

Mu Chen did not look at the falling Beast Spirit but at his fist instead. After shattering the head of the Beast Spirit, his hand was wrapped in traces of a grey aura, the deathly aura.

“The deathly aura is truly troublesome.”

Mu Chen furrowed his brows, then he circulated his Spiritual Energy to expel the deathly aura. In the Myriad Beast Graveyard, the deathly aura was too strong. If he was careless and it invaded his body, then he would have to pay a considerable price.

After dealing with the Beast Spirit, Han Shan, Nine Nether and the rest had also dealt with theirs before everyone gathered together. They did not speak, but followed Han Shan and swiftly travelled forth.

“The Treasure Beast that we have discovered is in the northwest region of the Myriad Beast Graveyard. As long as we’re careful, we should arrive in about half a day.” Along the way, Han Shan said.

“Will the Sky Wolf Clan and Golden Lion Clan arrive first?” Mu Chen asked.

“In terms of speed, they shouldn’t be that fast. After all, the area that the Treasure Beast has died in is filled with danger. It won’t be an easy task for us to get through.” Han Shan replied.

Mu Chen nodded his head and did not speak any further.

The group swiftly travelled through the grey Myriad Beast Graveyard. But the size of the Myriad Beast Graveyard had clearly far surpassed their imagination. No matter how many mountains they passed through, they still couldn’t see the end of it.

Along the way, they had encountered many Beast Spirits. Although Han Shan was leading them, there were some changes to the route that Han Shan knew about. Causing them to enter into the envelopment of Beast Spirits numerous times. In the end, they managed to free themselves after a series of great trouble and looked somewhat pathetic.

But fortunately, they did not encounter any powerful Beast Spirits. Otherwise, their footsteps would’ve been held back.

Furthermore, Mu Chen had also quietly circulated the True Phoenix Spirit along the way towards the Treasure Beast. He was trying to sense traces of the Undying Bird, but in the end, it wasn’t very effective, which left them somewhat disappointed.

Meanwhile, time swiftly passed as they travelled.

Not knowing how many mountains they’ve passed, Mu Chen finally felt that Han Shan, who was leading them, started to slow down and the latter gave them a hand signal to inform them to be cautious.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a glance, then they increased their guards. It looked like they should be approaching the land where the Treasure Beast fell.

Passing through the mountain before them, what appeared before Mu Chen’s sight was a patch of pale-ash forest, covered in deathly aura as if there were ghostly figures that sent a chill down the spines of others.

Mu Chen looked at the pale forest before him and lightly contracted his eyes. In that place, he sensed several obscure Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

He swept a glance at Nine Nether and Mo Feng, since the two had also sensed it, and they raised their guards.

Han Shan stared at the white forest before him and retrieved a whistle, then blew out extremely fine sound waves. As the sound waves spread out, the leaves of the white forest wriggled, before Mu Chen and the rest saw several silhouettes covered with ominous auras charging out of the forest and stood before them.

Those few silhouettes were quite robust and their bodies were covered in scars, looking somewhat ferocious. At this moment, their scarlet eyes were fixed onto their group.

On their foreheads, there was a crescent moon shape, which was the symbol of the Sky Wolf Clan.

Those people were naturally the experts of the Sky Wolf Clan.

When Mu Chen saw them, he did not put down his guard. On the contrary, he raised his guard even more.

The expert that stood before the Sky Wolf Clan’s party was a ferocious man covered with scars on his face. His scarlet eyes first took a glance at Han Shan’s party before focusing on Mu Chen’s. Instantly, an ominous aura surged on their faces.

“Han Shan, they’re not from the Demonic Rhino Clan!”

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