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Chapter 1022 - Myriad Beast Graveyard

In ancient times, there was a beast that didn’t consume vegetation nor meat for food. Instead, it consumed lightning as its food and the lightning had gathered in its heart, was suppressed within and possessed a destructive power.

However, the natural character of that beast was docile and they never harmed others. But if they were truly enraged and forced to the point of death, they would erupt their own hearts. It was said that if a Lightning-Devouring Beast had lived for tens of thousands of years, the power of it exploding its heart was indescribable.

Legend also had it that there was once an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse that tried to capture a Lightning-Devouring Beast as a pet. But in the end, that expert had enraged the beast, causing it to explode its heart. In the end, even the Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse died in the explosion.

However, due to the rarity of the Lightning-Devouring Beast, they were extremely rare in the Great Thousand World nowadays, so they were gradually being forgotten by the people.

In the stone pagoda, when Mu Chen finished hearing Han Shan’s explanation, he felt his scalp going numb, even his hand trembled as he held onto the heart in fear that the heart would explode. If that’s the case, then no one amongst them might be able to escape alive.

“The Lightning Devouring Beast’s Heart is classified by the colours. Beyond ten thousand years, it will be pure gold in colour and since it’s silver, it should be thousands of years. Although it cannot kill an Earth Sovereign, it’s fatal to anyone beneath the cultivation of Earth Sovereign Realm.” Han Shan looked at the silver heart as he said that with blazing eyes.

With the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart with them, it could be a trump card to intimidate others. If they were forced into a dead end, anyone would fear them if they took it out.

Mu Chen was also well aware of this and couldn’t help grinning, before carefully storing the silver heart. With this item, it would be equivalent to a chance of escape.

However, this item could only be used once. Therefore, unless it’s needed, he absolutely couldn’t take it out so carelessly. Otherwise, it would be too wasteful.

“Brother Mu is well fortuned.”

When Han Shan saw Mu Chen store the heart, he couldn’t help having envy on his face. If Mu Chen had converted the items that he had obtained into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would probably be near 10,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. It was too great of a profit, considering that he only invested 1,500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Mu Chen also couldn’t conceal the joy in his heart, since his harvest had far exceeded his expectations.

But if it wasn’t for the help of Mo Ling’s unique ability, he wouldn’t be able to have such an astonishing harvest. Naturally… the best thing was that he could use a Spiritual Array while others could only forcefully break the seal.

Both were indispensable for him to have such a harvest this time.

“Brother Han, we will soon reach the Myriad Beast Graveyard. Can you tell us more information about the Treasure Beast’s situation?” Mu Chen quickly calmed the joy in his heart and asked while looking at Han Shan.

Standing beside him, Nine Nether and Mo Feng had also directed their gazes over. Their main objective in this trip to the Myriad Beast Graveyard was to search for clues of the Undying Bird. Although the Treasure Beast was tempting as well, it was secondary compared to their main objective.

Therefore, they had to be clear of the risk involved so that they could be well-prepared.

Han Shan nodded his head, “That’s a must… According to the expert from my clan that had gone to the Divine Beast Origin in the past, it wasn’t only my Demonic Rhino Clan that discovered the Treasure Beast.”

“What other clans are there?” Mo Feng asked.

“There are still two other clans, the Sky Wolf Clan and Golden Lion Clan,” said Han Shan.

When Mu Chen heard his words, he contracted his eyes. Those were two clans with deep foundations and if they could obtain their final evolution, they would become Mooneater Sky Wolf and Nine-Headed Golden Lion, powerful existences that could confront even Super Divine Beasts.

But over the tens of thousands of years, there was nothing heard about anyone in those clans that achieved evolution to that state. Thus, one could tell how difficult it was for them to evolve to that point.

But even so, the Sky Wolf Clan and Golden Lion Clan were both extremely famous in the Great Thousand World and couldn’t be underestimated.

“We have once formed a hidden agreement with the experts of the Sky Wolf Clan. Perhaps at that time, we can join together to get rid of the Golden Lion Clan. If that’s the case, then we will have another share in the treasures.” Han Shan smiled.

Mu Chen was somewhat astonished as he looked at Han Shan. He never thought that they had already pulled the Sky Wolf Clan together with them. If that’s the case, then the Golden Lion Clan might be fooled.

“But the Sky Wolf Clan is extremely cunning and brutal. So we have to be cautious when working together with them.” Nine Nether reminded.

Han Shan nodded at her words, since he wasn’t a fool. He knew how feeble their agreement was. If a sudden change of events occurred at that time, the Sky Wolf Clan might be dealing with them. Which was the reason why he had invited Mu Chen’s party. That’s because if he was confident, he wouldn’t want others taking a share in the treasures.

“Aside from those two clans that might fight for the Treasure Beast, the land that the Treasure Beast died in also has Beast Spirits that have been corroded by the deathly aura. Thus, they are extremely troublesome to deal with as well.”

“Beast Spirits? How many of them? What’s their strength roughly?” Mu Chen pondered. The so-called “Beast Spirits ” were the spirits of the Spiritual Beast experts being corroded by the deathly aura after their deaths, thus becoming undead existences. But they still maintained a portion of their fighting strength when they were alive, they did not fear death and if they were tangled by those Beast Spirits, it would be somewhat troublesome.

“There aren’t many of them, and most of them are at the cultivation of Fifth and Sixth Grade Sovereigns. But there should be some that are harder to deal with. So at that time, we have to be cautious or else we will have to pay a considerable price.” Han Shan spoke with a grave expression.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The information that Han Shan knew about wasn’t too clear and since the Myriad Beast Graveyard could become one of the ominous lands of the Divine Beast Origin, it’s definitely not a tourist place that they could come and go as they wished. So the competition for the Treasure Beast this time might not be too easy.

But since they had already come this far, they cannot give up no matter how dangerous the Myriad Beast Graveyard was. After all, the clues to the Primordial Undying Bird might only be found in there.

They further discussed their plans before they entered their cultivation states when the night arrived.

Mu Chen had been comprehending the killing intent of the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch as usual.

A night without words swiftly passed.

When morning arrived, this region suddenly became bustling and an endless flow of silhouettes flew over. At the same time, there were also people leaving the free market and heading for their own objectives.

The entire region was flourishing with vitality.

“Let us get moving.” Han Shan looked at Mu Chen’s group of four and smiled.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether nodded their heads. They weren’t slow and had immediately flown out of the stone pagoda, turning into streaks of light and they flew across the horizon with Han Shan’s party closely following behind them.

Not long after Mu Chen’s party left, ten-odd figures appeared outside the stone pagoda that they stayed in. There was a familiar figure amongst that group, which was Bai Bin, who had suffered in Mu Chen’s hand yesterday.

But at this moment, Bai Bin had already retracted all the pride on his face. That’s because before him was a blue-clothed man with an indifferent gaze. His eyes were ice-blue and as he swept his gaze around, even the atmosphere was frozen into ice.

“Big Brother Bai Ming, that fellow must have left.” Bai Bin looked at the empty stone pagoda as he carefully said.

The blue-clothed man called Bai Ming knitted his brows and cast a glance over, instantly causing Bai Bin’s body to turn cold.

“Are you speaking the truth when you sensed the True Phoenix Aura from that person?” The blue-clothed man faintly said.

“It’s the truth, that pressure can’t be wrong. Furthermore, that person should be a human, so he should possess a Supreme Treasure of our clan. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to possess the True Phoenix pressure.” Bai Bin quickly explained.

The blue-clothed man slightly nodded his head with a smear of astonishment in his eyes. The True Phoenix Aura… that could only be possessed by their fellow clansman with the noblest bloodline. Just what treasure did that human possess?

If he, Bai Ming could obtain it, he might even be able to further evolve his bloodline and greatly increase his strength.

“Have you guys investigated the direction that they have left in?” The blue-clothed man asked once again.

“It should be the northwest.” Bai Bin said.

“That direction…” The blue-clothed man was stunned, then he smiled shortly after. “It’s the direction to the Myriad Beast Graveyard. So they’re heading towards the same place as us, looks like even the heavens are not helping them.”

“Big Brother Bai Ming, are we going to head on over there?” asked Bai Bin.

The blue-clothed man shook his head and said, “I still have to purchase some things in this free market. Since they’re going towards the Myriad Beast Graveyard, then we will meet them sooner or later. We’re not in a rush, let them jump around for a while longer.”

When the blue-clothed man finished his words, he turned around and left while Bai Bin looked in the direction of the northwest with unwillingness and eerily said, “Then I’ll let you guys live for a few more days!”

As for Mu Chen’s party, which had swiftly left the free market, they naturally didn’t know that they had been targeted. But even if they knew, Mu Chen wouldn’t be bothered by it with his character. After all, when Bai Bin moved, Mu Chen knew that he would get some trouble. But it was as he had said before, he didn’t cower or hide from the things he did. If Bai Bin thought that he can get someone to trample over him, then Mu Chen wouldn’t mind letting him pay a great price.

Thus, he had fully focused on travelling towards the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

In the coming two days, they were not disturbed. Travelling at top speed, when the sun sets on the second day, they were already standing on a peak.

Their gazes were directed towards the distance before turning exceptionally grave.

In the distant mountain and ground, dense grey-mist filled the area like a barrier. The grey-mist was extremely cold and eerie and was even vaguely emitting ghostly howls.

It had vaguely formed into countless tombs in the sky with a torrential deathly aura.

They’d finally reached the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

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