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Chapter 1017 - Phoenix Fire Essence

When Mu Chen and Mo Ling’s gazes were gathered on that black stone, which seemed like an egg, the former was somewhat astonished and he exchanged a glance with the girl beside him. Clearly, he did not expect for both of them to be attracted to that one item.

The burns on the black stone were extremely ordinary, but through his extraordinary senses, Mu Chen could vaguely sense the abnormal fiery fluctuation in the black stone.

Mo Ling opened her eyes with a flash of brilliance, then she grabbed onto Mu Chen’s sleeve and used a voice that only he could hear, “Big Brother Mu Chen, there seems to be a Phoenix Flame Essence in the black rock!”

“Phoenix Fire Essence?” Mu Chen’s heart lightly trembled. The so-called “Phoenix Fire” was a flame unique to the Phoenix Clan, which was extremely overbearing. The Phoenix Fire Essence was the refined essence of the Phoenix Fire. It could be considered as a treasure and it would greatly benefit those that cultivated the fire attribute.

But what made him shocked was the fact that he had only vaguely sensed the peculiar fluctuation in the black stone. However, Mo Ling could immediately distinguish the item sealed within.

“How did you sense it?” Mu Chen couldn’t help transmitting his voice over and ask.

Mo Link blinked her big eyes as she chuckled, “That’s because I have a shocking innate perception. Anything sealed up will not be able to avoid my detection.”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled, since he never thought that the girl would have such an innate talent. It was no wonder why she could determine the treasure sealed in the black stone.

In terms of price, one Phoenix Fire Essence well exceeded 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which could be considered as a precious treasure for those that cultivated fire-attributed Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen looked at Mo Ling, whose eyes were dazzling. She was clearly tempted by it, so he said, “You want it?”

Mo Ling was from the Phoenix Clan, to begin with, and possessed the Phoenix Fire. If she could absorb the Phoenix Fire Essence, it would undoubtedly be greatly beneficial to her.

Mo Ling violently nodded her head and said with slight embarrassment, “But I don’t have that much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with me… Furthermore, even if we know what is in there, it’s not for certain that we can break the seal.”

The odds of 30% was too low and if they failed, it would cause the item to be reduced to ashes.

“Regardless of anything, we still have to give it a try.”

Mu Chen smiled. Ever since he had entered the Divine Beast Origin, nearly many things had been benefited by him. Mo Feng was still better, since he could also enter the Body Refining Pagoda, while Nine Nether and Mo Ling had to wait outside for a long time.

He and Nine Nether did not need to bother much about this, but it was unavoidable for him to feel that he owed that girl, Mo Ling. Now that she had found something she needed, Mu Chen was still willing to spend the 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Finishing his words, Mu Chen no longer hesitated, made a grasping gesture and the crystal ball with the black stone fell in his hand. At the same time, he had waved his hand and a jade bottle flew towards the skinny man beneath the stone tree.

When the latter received the bottle, he had only sensed it and the Spiritual Energy string that was attached to the crystal ball was cut off by him with a single flick of his finger.

The surface of the black stone was rough with burnt signs on the surface of it. There were also ancient runes formed on it. The runes looked extremely profound.

Mu Chen grabbed onto the black rock and slowly closed his eyes. Strands of Spiritual Energy entered the black rock and he examined the ancient seal. After a long while, he opens his eyes with his brows knitted together.

The seal was extremely bizarre. If he wanted to forcefully break the seal, it wouldn’t be difficult. But before the seal was destroyed, there’s a high possibility of the self-destruct sequence being activated, destroying the item within.

Therefore, he would require a special method if he wanted to break the seal without damaging it.

“The material for the seal seems to be somewhat special.”

After examining it for a long time, he finally realised the crucial point on the runes on the surface of the black stone. Those runes were crimson in colour and they contained a special pressure.

“This seal is formed through the blood of a Super Divine Beast… It’s no wonder why it still remains even after tens of thousands of years.”

Mu Chen observed and finally realised that the pressure was something that only Super Divine Beast possessed. Although it had already been weakened several times, the True Dragon and Phoenix’s Divine Beast Spirit in his body was extremely familiar to the scent of this Super Divine Beast.

“Big Brother Mu Chen, how is it? Can you destroy the seal?”

Mo Ling couldn’t help curiously asking him. From the side, there were also many people looking at Mu Chen and they clearly wanted to see what item the spendthrift who had spent 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid would get.

It was so much so that even the skinny man had also looked over. He could actually vaguely sense that the things he’s selling weren’t common. He had once firmed his heart with the intention to open it all up, trying his luck. If he had found a genuine treasure, then it would be worth the price of all the tickets. However, he did not expect his luck to be so bad. He failed all the attempts on the seals.

Therefore, a shadow had been cast in his heart after his failures, not daring to open them by himself any further. He was afraid of being unlucky and fail all of them. If that’s the case, then all of his efforts would be in vain. Thus, he had chosen for such a method to sell them, through a lottery method, since he could still earn back some of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Under everyone’s gaze, Mu Chen remained silent for a long while, before he slowly said, “I can give it a try.”

After gradually understanding the structure of the materials used in the seal, he had some ways which he could try. Although he wasn’t 100% certain about his chance of success, it was still better than breaking it with brute force.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and his fingers, which were grasping the black rock, gently throbbed. Immediately, Spiritual Energy gathered and formed into spiritual seals that integrated into the atmosphere.

After the spiritual seals had integrated into the atmosphere, a Spiritual Array formed in the centre of Mu Chen’s palm and the black stone was located in the centre of it.

This Spiritual Array was not any formidable Spiritual Array. It’s to the point that it didn’t possess any offensive capability. However, it possessed the ability to transform, helping Mu Chen pour his Spiritual Energy into the seal without coming into contact with it. He was going to break it from the inside.

However, although the Spiritual Array seemed easy, it required high attainments in Spiritual Arrays. Fortunately, Mu Chen was already a Spiritual Array Grandmaster, so he could set up this Spiritual Array as he wished.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on his arms gently fluctuated and a purple-golden light gushed out, then entered the black stone through the Spiritual Array.

The ancient seal was formed by the blood of a Super Divine Beast, so ordinary means wouldn’t be able to destroy the seal without damaging the item inside. The only possible threat to it was the power of another Super Divine Beast.

Like the power of the True Dragon and Phoenix in Mu Chen’s arms.

Only a similar power could break the seal perfectly.

The purple-golden light integrated into the black stone and touched the runes, before the purple-golden light quietly started to corrode the seal.

The corrosion was extremely slow, since Mu Chen did not dare to be careless. He feared that the 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid would be in vain if he was careless.

Those in the surroundings couldn’t understand his hidden actions, so they could only think that Mu Chen was dazing off as he held onto the black stone. Immediately, many people had pulled the corner of their lips in disdain. He looked like another fool…

Only Nine Nether and Mo Feng were curiously looking at Mu Chen. With their understanding of the latter, the latter must have had some confidence for him to do this.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Mu Chen had completely ignored all those gazes and in his perception, along with the corrosion of the purple-golden light, a snap finally appeared in the seal’s runes.

It was this snap that made loopholes appear in the entire seal.


When the loophole appeared, Mu Chen immediately contracted his eyes and no longer hesitated. The Spiritual Energy that he had poured towards the black stone suddenly exploded, destroying the seal from the inside, swiftly and forcefully crumbling it.


A light exploded from the black stone in Mu Chen’s hand and the stone shattered and exploded.

When everyone in the surroundings saw this scene, they grinned. Looks like this fool has failed.

The skinny man shook his head as he rejoiced in his heart at the same time. It looks like he managed to fool another unlucky fellow…

Buzz! Buzz!

But just when they shook their heads and wanted to pull back their gazes, scarlet flames suddenly soared into the sky from Mu Chen’s palm and a terrifyingly high temperature wreaked out, causing even space to suddenly distort.

The sudden changes made everyone dumbfounded. Thereafter, their gazes were all focused on Mu Chen’s palm and they took in a deep cold breath.

That’s because they saw that in Mu Chen’s palm, the black stone had already disappeared and was replaced with a palm-sized scarlet crystal that seemed to have lava flowing in the crystal.

Furthermore, the lava had formed into the shape of a fire phoenix!

Looking at the phoenix that was formed from lava, those that knew their stuff here had immediately contracted their eyes and dense greed gushed from their eyes with exclamations of surprises resounding around.

“It’s actually the Phoenix Fire Essence?!”

Beneath the stone tree, the skinny man widened his mouth and his face turned splendour.

Looking at the Phoenix Fire Essence in his hand, even Mu Chen couldn’t help taking a breath in. Previously, when he was breaking the seal, even if there didn’t seem to be any huge commotion caused, it required him to have fine control over his Spiritual Energy.

“Thank you, Big Brother Mu Chen!”

Mo Ling rejoiced as she carefully received the Phoenix Fire Essence.

But just when Mo Ling was about to receive the Phoenix Fire Essence, a whip suddenly burst over and was enveloping towards the Phoenix Fire Essence. At the same time, a light flew towards Mu Chen and a cold female voice resounded.

“600,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, I’m taking this Phoenix Fire Essence.”

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