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Chapter 1018 - Chi Hongwu

“600,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, I’m taking this Phoenix Fire Essence.”

A lady’s voice suddenly resounded, containing an unquestionable tone. Furthermore, when the voice resounded, a whip had flown over and had quickly started to envelop the Phoenix Fire Essence in Mo Ling’s hand.

The light that flew towards Mu Chen was a jade bottle, filled with Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

The changes were too sudden. Furthermore, the person had moved extremely swift, without allowing anyone to react. So Mo Ling could only widen her eyes as she saw the whip flying over.

But just when the whip was about to envelop the Phoenix Fire Essence, a slender hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the whip. A terrifying power surged forth and the whip was instantly pulled straight, emitting creaking noises, but it couldn’t pull any further.

The owner of the hand was naturally Mu Chen. At this moment, he had no emotion on his face. After grabbing onto the whip, he waved his hand and a wind blew, blowing the jade bottle back to its owner.

“It’s not for sale.”

He faintly said and heavily flicked the whip. Instantly, the whip felt like a snake that had suffered a huge blow, swiftly shooting back with a booming sound.

At this moment, Mo Ling had also recovered and a rage gushed from her eyes. She looked in the direction that the whip returned to with rage and saw a red-dressed lady looking at them with shock and rage.

The red-dressed lady had a head of red hair, looking extremely bewitching with an exquisite face as well. However, that face was filled with undisguised pride.

The pride was completely different from Liu Qing’s. The latter had Zong Teng as her support, using her powerful connections to intimidate others. But this girl’s pride originated from her blood and bones, the pride which came from herself.

But regardless, the pride was unlikable in Mu Chen’s eyes.

Therefore, he coldly looked at the red-dressed lady and faintly said, “Not even a greeting, aren’t you slightly lacking in education?”

The red-dressed lady seemed to have been lectured for the first time. Her brows were immediately furrowed. But thinking of her rudeness due to her impatience, her bearing weakened a bit. However, she still wasn’t willing to admit defeat. “You guys have spent 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to obtain the Phoenix Fire Essence. I gave you 600,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquids, I’m not making you take a loss.”

“You’re unreasonable.”

Mu Chen’s gaze suddenly turned cold without the slightest trace of having tender feelings for a girl. “Get lost!”


The red-dressed lady was quickly angered to the point that her face had turned pale and the fiery whip in her hand had turned into a fire dragon as it shot forth, enveloping towards Mu Chen.

Although the red-haired girl had a pampered character, she wasn’t weak. When her Spiritual Energy exploded forth, she was already a Seventh Grade Sovereign and even amongst those of her cultivation, she wasn’t weak.

Mu Chen’s gaze coldly looked at the fire dragon that flew over and threw a punch. As a golden light surged, he had thrown an attack towards the fire dragon like a bolt of lightning.


The fire dragon exploded and turned into sparks that dissipated in the sky.

The whip was dulled when it returned. When the red-dressed lady saw that, her eyes couldn’t help contracting. But before she could say anything, her face suddenly changed, since Mu Chen had turned into golden light and pounced forth.

The red-dressed lady gently tapped on the ground and her silhouette flew in retreat. At the same time, a scarlet Spiritual Energy rolled around her, which turned into torrential flames that swept towards Mu Chen. Even the stones on the ground had been reduced to ashes, displaying the power of the flames.


But Mu Chen’s body, which was emitting a golden light, had pierced through the flames and he mysteriously appeared before the red-dressed lady, then threw a punch forth.

As the golden light surged, his fist had quickly shattered space, causing the face of the red-dressed lady to completely change. Her hand swiftly formed seals, then she slapped out.

Scarlet flames violently gathered on her palm and turned her hand into lava, then she pushed the palm out. The overbearing temperature was sufficient to destroy the heavens.


The palm and fist heavily clashed together and a blazing heat wave rolled out.

Mu Chen’s body jolted, while the red-dressed lady had taken ten-odd steps backwards. Large bruises appeared on her hand and she felt a vague stinging pain.

The two had clashed in an instant and when the red-dressed lady retreated, everyone in the surroundings recovered. When they saw the red-dressed girl, exclamations uncontrollably resounded.

“Isn’t that Chi Hongwu of the Scarlet Phoenix Clan?”

When Mu Chen heard those exclamations, his heart trembled. This lady was truly from the Phoenix Clan, a clansman of the Scarlet Phoenix Clan? Although it was only a branch of the Phoenix Clan, she did possess the genuine bloodline of a Phoenix.

It was no wonder why this lady’s strength was so powerful. According to his estimations, the strength of that lady wasn’t any inferior to Nine Nether’s.

Earlier, the majority of the reason why he could gain the upper hand was due to Chi Hongwu having not used her full strength. Furthermore, she had opted for a head-on clash, which was something that Mu Chen was absolutely confident in. Within the Seventh Grade Sovereigns, perhaps no one could gain an advantage when fighting him head-on. Even if Chi Hongwu was someone from the Scarlet Phoenix Clan, she was not an exception.

While Mu Chen was slightly startled in his heart, the stinging pain that came from Chi Hongwu’s hand made her feel disbelief that she would actually be injured by a Sixth Grade Sovereign.

“You have concealed yourself quite deeply there.”

Chi Hongwu stared at Mu Chen with a smear of astonishment in her eyes. It wasn’t any admiration, but a yearning that blazed. This girl was clearly extremely fond of battles deep down in her bones.

However, Mu Chen did not pay much attention to her. Even if she was from the Scarlet Phoenix Clan, he did not have the slightest interest to win her over. He indifferently glanced at Chi Hongwu, then turned around and was about to leave.

“Haha. Hongwu, so you’re here. I’ve been looking for you…”

Just when Mu Chen was about to leave, a burst of cold laughter resounded and the crowd opened up, allowing several silhouettes to move over.

The leader was a white-clothed man with a handsome appearance, holding onto a foldable fan in his hand. From his appearance alone, he looked like a weak scholar, but the light that occasionally flashed in his eyes was as sharp as a blade.

When the white-clothed man appeared, the face of Mo Feng, who was standing behind Mu Chen, suddenly became a little unsightly.

Mu Chen had also cast a glance at this person with his brows furrowed. He had sensed traces of danger coming from that man, which clearly meant that he was not ordinary.

However, Mu Chen did not want more issues to rise, so he turned around and started to leave.

“Haha. You’re the one that made a move towards Chi Hongwu earlier? If that’s the case, I advise you not to move.” But when Mu Chen had just turned his body around, cold laughter resounded.

Mu Chen slightly turned his head and he looked at the white-clothed man fanning himself with the fan. The fan had caused a cold chill to sweep out, which had completely frozen the atmosphere. At this moment, the latter was indifferently looking over with a venomously cold gaze towards Mu Chen.

“Bai Bin, I don’t need you to bother in my matter!” When Chi Hongwu saw that man, her brows furrowed as she yelled.

When the white-clothed man heard her words, he casually smiled and looked towards Mu Chen’s direction. His gaze was slightly stunned when he stopped on Mo Feng and Mo Ling. Thereafter, a ridiculing smile lifted from the corner of his lips. “Hey, what good fortune I have to find two vile spawns here…”

When Mu Chen heard his words, his brows immediately furrowed. Looking towards Mo Feng, Mu Chen saw the dark expression on the latter’s face, filled with killing intent as he looked at the white-clothed man.

Chi Hongwu was also stunned when she looked at Mo Feng and Mo Ling with astonishment. It was no wonder why she felt a familiar fluctuation coming from the both of them. So the both of them possessed the bloodline of the Phoenix Clan as well. However, she had never seen them before in the past.

“Chi Hongwu, as you are unaware, but the father of those two vile spawns is of a superior bloodline in our clan. However, he joined together with a female of the Nine Netherbird Clan, defiling the bloodline and made the Elders of the Clan furious. They imprisoned their father beneath the Black Mountain. As for the two of them, they should have been seized by our clan but someone tried to go in between to harmonise things, allowing them to escape for so many years.” Bai Bin chuckled.

Only now did Chi Hongwu understand what was going on. However, she wasn’t bothered about it. Since someone from the clan harmonised things, that meant that the existence of those two was allowed. Since that’s the case, she couldn’t be bothered much. But this Bai Bin was truly vicious to call them vile spawns the whole time.

Bai Bin looked at the dark expression on Mo Feng’s face and smiled. “Looks like you siblings have been hiding in the Nine Netherbird Clan. It was no wonder there hasn’t been any news of you two, but the two of you are somewhat bold to dare to come out.”

As he spoke, he cast a glance at Mu Chen. “You must be with them, right?”

“The two of them are sinners of my clan. You harbouring them will mean that you’re also making my clan your enemy. However, I am not someone that doesn’t forgive, this matter can be resolved.” As he spoke, he pointed towards the Phoenix Fire Essence and faintly said, “Give that to me and I will let the two vile spawns leave.”

Mu Chen contracted his eyes as he looked at Mo Feng, whose expression was extremely unsightly, before looking at Bai Bin, who had been calling him vile spawn time and time again. Clearly, rage had gradually brewed in his heart for the pitiful Mo Ling.

Thus, he slowly raised his head and looked at Bai Bin. His gaze turned sharp and his roar rumbled out like thunder.

“Get lost!”

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