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Chapter 1016 - The Free Market

A torrential killing aura with endless brutality surged in Mu Chen’s mind and endlessly rushed at Mu Chen’s Spirit, causing his eyes to gradually turn scarlet.

It’s as if there was a bloodthirsty aura rising in his heart.

Sensing this, Mu Chen was decisive and cut off the sensation, his eyes opened with a grave expression.

The Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch was truly horrifying. Just the cultivation alone would require him to be affected by the bloodlust.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t too deeply worried about this matter. If a Divine Ability could be so easily cultivated, then it wouldn’t be called a Divine Ability.

“Now, I just have to sense the bloodlust every day until I can gradually gain control of it before I can give it an attempt at cultivating it.” Mu Chen murmured to himself.

If he wanted to execute the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch, then his Spirit would have to be in a state of bloodlust. Only by forgetting death, could he truly unleash the might of the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch.

But even if the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch’s cultivation method was extremely tough, Mu Chen was still secretly rejoicing in his heart. Although he had only gotten a single move, it would become his greatest trump card if he could successfully cultivate it.


Mu Chen took in a deep breath and suppressed the joy in his heart, then he calmed his mind before going into the slaughtering battlefield. Starting from now on, he would have to comprehend the brutal killing aura and try to adapt to it as soon as possible.

That’s because he was looking forward to the day that he could execute the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch and see how shocking it was.

Next morning, the darkness gradually dissipated and Mu Chen’s party woke up from their cultivation state. After tidying things up, they had once again moved out.

Travelling swiftly, Mu Chen had started to experience how vast the Divine Beast Origin was first hand. Especially some regions that were filled with abyssal ravines. Looking from high up, they would realise that those abysses were all torn apart by a huge palm. That scene made it look like the entire ground had been split apart.

This scene proved how disastrous it was when the Fiend Clan’s experts launched attacks towards the Divine Beast Origin during the ancient times…

As for those abysses, even if those regions were emitting treasure auras, Mu Chen’s party did not dare to go in. That’s because even after tens of thousands of years, there was still some evil auras haunting the place. Those evil auras were incompatible with the Spiritual Energy of the heavens and earth. If they went in, there was a possibility that the Spiritual Energy in their bodies would be swiftly exhaust to the point that the evil auras might invade and injure their Spirits.

Along the way, they had encountered quite a bit of experts from the other clans. But when those people saw the formation of Mu Chen’s party, they left rather tactfully.

After all, judging from the appearance itself, their party had five genuine Seventh Grade Sovereigns. As for the other three, aside from the feeble-looking Mo Ling, none of them tried to provoke them. Thus, it had dispersed the hearts of those teams that were harbouring ill intentions, allowing their journey to become smoother.

Thus, time swiftly passed and Mu Chen travelled through the day, while comprehending the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch’s bloodlust at night.

On the third day, Mu Chen suddenly discovered that more Spiritual Energy fluctuations have appeared. Furthermore, they were all heading in the same direction.

This scene let Mu Chen know that they might be approaching the free market that Han Shan had spoken of.

“We’re arriving.”

Han Shan had nodded his head with a smile and said towards Mu Chen and the rest, “When we enter the free market, we’ll split up to acquire items that can help us resist the deathly aura, so that it’ll be suitable for us to go into the Myriad Beast Graveyard. You also have a list of materials, so go buy them if you find them, since those would give us another guarantee.”

“Good.” Mu Chen nodded his head after hearing him.


Several streaks of light flew across the horizon and swiftly approached the free market, landing on the border.

When they landed outside the border of the free market, shock flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes. The flourishing scale here had exceeded their expectations. According to their speculation, there wouldn’t be less than a thousand that's here in the free market.

They entered the free market with the flow, before Han Shan and the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan left Mu Chen’s party and wandered off.

Mo Ling entered with excitement, revealing her young lady characteristics, which loved lively places. When Mu Chen and the other two looked at her, they smiled. They came with the intention to seek treasures, to begin with, so they followed behind her and wandered around.

The free market was extremely vast and the surrounding huge rocks formed various patterns. Some people had sat on the rocks on the two sides of the path, with thick stone trees before them. On the tree branches, were crystal balls flickering with light and all sorts of eye-catching items were in the crystal balls.

There were scrolls, ancient swords, white bones and all sorts of bizarre treasures that looked dazzling to the eyes and attracting attention.

Mu Chen slowly walked and had occasionally encountered some materials that could resist the deathly aura. Thus, he had made his move to purchase them. Although those materials were rare, the price was all within the myriads of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, so it wasn’t a problem for Mu Chen.

As they swept through the goods, Mu Chen had also discovered some items that could be considered as treasures. But the seller clearly knew about that as well, so the price wasn’t low. Thus, he had only taken a glance before he gave up.

There wasn’t a need to purchase items that weren’t too beneficial for him, wasting his Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Thus, along the way, Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. Many items in this free market were of top quality, and if they were placed in the outside auction houses, those items would definitely attract a huge price.

As they slowly walked into the inner section of this free market, the four of them had stopped before an extremely thick stone tree branch.

The stone tree wasn’t small, it was a fold thicker than the rest. Furthermore, there were many items on it. They were dazzling to the eyes and they seemed to be exceptional.

Therefore, there were people constantly coming over to look at the things on the stone three.

Mu Chen had also directed his gaze over and shock appeared in his eyes. That’s because he realised that all the things were covered in seals. Those seals were extremely ancient, making others incapable of prying too deep into them.

“Brother, what’s the meaning of this?” Mu Chen looked beneath the stone tree, where a skinny man quietly sat. Although that man had maintained his hung low eyes, as if he was sleepy, Mu Chen could sense a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation from him.

That man’s strength was not something to underestimate.

“These things were all taken by me from a ruin, but there are seals on them. Those seals are very peculiar and the chance of success in breaking them is only 30%. The moment it fails, the treasure will self-destruct. So if anyone wants to try, then pay 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and you can choose one to break. Naturally… I will not be responsible for the success or failure. So even if you obtained a Saint Artifact, then it’s all yours.” The skinny man raised his eyes and cast a glance at Mu Chen before he slowly said.

That person’s rule was different from everyone else’s. Using a lottery method to test your luck. If one was unlucky, even if they managed to break open the seal, they would only obtain a bunch of trash.

“500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for a chance in breaking the seal. Furthermore, the odds are not even half. Are you insane?” From the side, someone mocked, since that person had clearly thought that the seller was trying to demand an exorbitant price.

When he spoke out, there were many people in the surroundings that looked for a long time. It was tempting, but the price of 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had also stopped their attempts to take another step forth.

However, the skinny man was too lazy to pay any attention to them. His items had all gone through careful selection, so those with good eyesight could naturally sense that the items were uncommon. If it wasn’t for those items having such low odds of success, he would be breaking them himself. However… he had once attempted it, which left him in a rage. His luck was too bad and he wasn’t able to break the seal successfully.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a glance and their interest rose. That’s because they had realised that the items sealed within were all extraordinary.

Perhaps they could give an attempt at it.

The four of them had such a thought flashing through their hearts, before they swept their glances at the crystal balls.

While the four of them were looking around, Mu Chen and Mo Ling’s gaze suddenly froze as they looked at a crystal ball hung on the lower right.

Within the crystal ball was a fist-sized black stone. The stone was like an egg and there even seemed to be traces of burns.

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