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Mu Chen was shocked when he saw that both he and Ink Ring were eyeing the black stone that looked like an egg. The black stone that seemed burned looked ordinary. However, when Mu Chen saw it, he could indistinctly feel a strange fluctuation within the black stone.

Ink Ring's eyes brightened, and she pulled Mu Chen's sleeve and said softly, "Brother Mu Chen, there is Phoenix Flame Essence in the black stone!"

"Phoenix Flame Essence?" Mu Chen was shocked. Only the Phoenix Clan had this flame, and it was overbearing. The Phoenix Flame Essence was the essence that had been refined by the Phoenix Flame, and it was beneficial to those who cultivated fire property spiritual energy. It was a rare treasure.

He was shocked that Ink Ring knew what was inside the seal when he could only feel the strange fluctuation in it. "How do you know?" Mu Chen asked through telepathy.

Ink Ring winked and said happily, "I have innate sensory power and can see through every seal."

Mu Chen was shocked to learn that Ink Ring had such an innate ability. No wonder she could tell him exactly what was inside the black stone.

The Phoenix Flame Essence easily cost more than 500,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops, and those who cultivated the fire property spiritual energy would desire to possess it.

Mu Chen looked at Ink Ring and asked, "Would you like to have it?"

Ink Ring was from the Phoenix Clan, and she possessed the Phoenix Flame. If she could have the Phoenix Flame Essence, it would do her much good.

Ink Ring nodded but she said shyly, "However, I don't have that much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid… moreover, even if we know what is inside, I may not be able to break the seal."

A 30 percent success rate was too low. If she failed to break the seal, it would be destroyed.

"We have to give it a try." Mu Chen smiled. Ever since they entered the Land of the Divine Beasts, Mu Chen was the one who had gained the most. Ink Blade had entered the Body-refining Tower, so it was still fine for him. However, Nine Nether and Ink Ring had not gained anything after they had waited for so long.

Mu Chen did not have to stand on ceremony with Nine Nether, but he felt guilty about Ink Ring. He was willing to part with 500,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops since Ink Ring managed to find something that she needed.

Having said that, Mu Chen immediately drew the crystal ball with the black stone to his hand. At the same time, he waved his sleeve and threw a jade bottle to the skinny man who was sitting under the stone tree. The skinny man took the jade bottle and nodded. He flicked his fingers and cut off the spiritual energy light beam that connected the crystal ball to him.

Mu Chen crushed the crystal ball, and the hot black stone landed in his hand. The surface of the black stone was rough, and it seemed to have been burned. Ancient runes formed by the seal were on its surface. It looked mysterious.

Mu Chen grabbed a hold of the black stone and shut his eyes. He used his spiritual energy to check the ancient seal. After a long while, he opened his eyes and frowned. The seal was intriguing. It would be easy to break it by force, but before he could do that, it might perish on its own and destroy whatever was in it. He had to think of a special method to break the seal in order to preserve whatever was inside.

"A special material has been used for the seal." After going over it for some time, Mu Chen realized that the runes were the answer. The runes were dark red in color, and they contained a special oppression.

"The runes are formed by the blood of Sovereign Divine Beasts… no wonder they have remained intact after so many millennia."

After Mu Chen had studied the black stone, he realized that the oppression came from the Sovereign Divine Beasts. Although the smell had faded, he was familiar with it, as he possessed the spirit of the real dragon and real phoenix.

"Brother Mu Chen, how is it? Can you break the seal?" Ink Ring asked. Those people who were around them stared at Mu Chen and were looking forward to seeing what this squanderer had gotten for his 500,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops.

The skinny man looked at him as well, and he indistinctly felt that these items were valuable. He had thought of trying his luck and breaking all the seals to see if he could get some treasures from them. However, he had been unlucky and had not gotten anything from the seals that he had broken.

In the end, he stopped trying, as he had developed a phobia. He was afraid that he would fail and waste his efforts, so he might as well sell them in exchange for some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

After Mu Chen had pondered for a long while, he said, "I can try to."

Once he knew the material and structure of the seal, Mu Chen wanted to give it a try. Although he had no absolute confidence in succeeding, it would be better than trying to break it by force.

Immediately, he moved his fingers and gathered the spiritual energy to the hand that was holding the black stone. A spiritual seal formed and blended in with the air. As the spiritual seal blended in with the air, a small spiritual array formed on Mu Chen's palm and covered the black stone.

This spiritual array was not powerful and did not possess any threat. However, it had the power to transform and help Mu Chen enter without breaking the seal. He could then break it from the inside.

Although such spiritual arrays seemed insignificant, one had to have great attainment in order to form them. Mu Chen had no problem forming the array, as he was a Spiritual Array Master.

The real dragon and real phoenix symbols on his arms moved, and purple light spots started to surge and enter the black stone.

The ancient seal had been formed by the blood of Sovereign Divine Beasts, and one could not possibly use the usual method to break the seal without causing harm to the things that were within. The only way was to use the power of similar Sovereign Divine Beasts such as the real dragon and real dragon that were on Mu Chen's arm. This would create a defect on the seal and solve his problem in one fell swoop.

The purple light spots entered the black stone and started to erode the runes. Mu Chen was extremely careful and proceeded slowly for fear of wasting the 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

The people around him had no idea what he was doing and thought that he was staring blankly at the black stone. Many of them curled up their lips and thought that he was another squanderer…

Nine Nether, Ink Blade, and Ink Ring looked curiously at Mu Chen. They knew that he must have some confidence in succeeding.

Swish. Swish.

The purple light spots eroded the runes and started to break the seal. This was enough to let Mu Chen find a loophole.

"Now!" When Mu Chen saw the loophole, he immediately triggered the spiritual energy that was in the black stone and burst it, tearing the seal effortlessly.


Light burst out from the black stone that was on Mu Chen's palm, and the black stone exploded. When the crowd saw it, they thought that Mu Chen had failed. The skinny man shook his head and was gloating that he had cheated another squanderer…

Buzz! Buzz!

As they were about to look away, red flame shot up from Mu Chen's palm, and high temperature raged out, causing space warps. The sudden turn of events shocked everyone. They looked at Mu Chen's palm and gasped.

The black stone had disappeared, and a red crystal about the size of a fist had replaced it. Magma was flowing in the crystal and formed the shape of a phoenix! Those who knew what it was were shocked and envious. They cried out, and there was a commotion.

"It is the Phoenix Flame Essence!"

The skinny man's jaw dropped, and he turned pale.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he looked at the Phoenix Flame Essence. Although there were no earth-shattering movements, he had had to handle it skillfully in order to break the seal.

"Mission accomplished." Mu Chen smiled and handed the Phoenix Flame Essence to Ink Ring, who was stupefied.

"Thank you, Brother Mu Chen!" Ink Ring was excited and carefully took the Phoenix Flame Essence.

The moment Ink Ring took the Phoenix Flame Essence, a shadow pierced through the wind and moved straight toward the Phoenix Flame Essence. At the same time, another shadow flew toward Mu Chen, and an arrogant voice belonging to a lady resounded.

"I will pay 600,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops for the Phoenix Flame Essence."

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