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Killing intent surged in Mu Chen's mind and soul, causing even his eyes to turn red. He obviously had a strong desire to kill! When Mu Chen realized this, he immediately stopped and opened his eyes, revealing a grave look.

The Self-sacrificing Demonic Fist was indeed horrifying, as a simple cultivation was enough to influence him to kill. He was not anxious in cultivating this Super Power, as he knew it would be very taxing and difficult. After all, if a Super Power could be easily cultivated, it would not be classified as a Super Power!

"I will have to start connecting to the desire to kill. After I can control the desire, I will then start cultivating," Mu Chen muttered to himself.

In order to display the Self-sacrificing Demonic Fist, Mu Chen had to allow himself to be in the desirous state of killing. If he could possess the sacrificial aura, he could then display its true power.

Although it was tough to cultivate the Self-sacrificing Demonic Fist, Mu Chen was secretly delighted at the prospect of it. Once he managed to cultivate the first stroke, it would be his best trump card!


Mu Chen took a deep breath and tried to suppress his joy. After he had calmed himself down a bit, he focused on the battlefield again. From now on, he would connect himself to the terrifying killing desire daily to get used to it. He was looking forward to seeing how powerful the punch would be, once he displayed it.

The following morning at dawn, Mu Chen and his company got up from their states of cultivation and set off. As they hurried onward in their journey, Mu Chen saw how expansive the Land of the Divine Beasts really was.

Some of its regions were full of bottomless chasms. If one were to look down from the top, he would notice that these chasms had been torn up the middle by a huge palm. It looked as though the entire land had been cracked. This was proof of how destructive it had been when the Extraterritorial Race had invaded the Land of the Divine Beasts during the Primordial Age.

In some of the regions, the chasms seemed to be filled with treasures, but Mu Chen and his company dared not go in them, as there were still evil spirits there, even after such a long period of time. These evil spirits did not blend in with the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, so if one went into the chasm, his spiritual energy might be entirely depleted! He might even be attacked by the evil spirits!

While en route, Mu Chen and his company saw many of the clans traveling together. When these people saw their strength, they wisely left them alone.

Two days passed by quickly, as Mu Chen traveled with his company during the day at full speed, then used the night to connect to the killing desire. On the third day, Mu Chen and his company realized that there were more and more spiritual energy fluctuations that were moving towards their same direction. Mu Chen believed that this was a clear sign that they must be reaching the Free Trade Zone that Han Shan had mentioned earlier.

As he thought of this, he suddenly saw a large hill on a plain, which was far off in the distance. Some ancient buildings, which were made of boulders, were on the hill. The buildings were clearly exuding numerous majestic spiritual energy fluctuations. 

Shadows whizzed toward the buildings from all directions. It was apparent that this place was the Free Trade Zone.

"We are here." Han Shan smiled and nodded. He told Mu Chen and the rest, "After we are inside the Free Trade Zone, we will go our separate ways to get some items that can be used to fend off the death-gas. These will be useful to us when we enter the Myriad Beasts Tomb. You all have the list of materials with you, so if you happen to see any of them, try to get some. The more of them we can get, the better."

"Alright." Mu Chen nodded.


The streamers darted across the horizon and landed outside the Free Trade Zone. Mu Chen was amazed by the liveliness and large scale of the place. He estimated that there were about 1,000 people in the Free Trade Zone.

They went in with the rest of the crowd, and Han Shan left with the three top powers from the Demonic Rhino Clan, leaving Mu Chen and the other three to roam around on their own. Ink Ring was especially excited. Mu Chen and the other two smiled, indulging her by letting her shop around to her heart's desire. They followed behind her, staying conscious of their real mission, which was to look for treasures!

The Free Trade Zone was spacious and there were boulders of different styles all around. Some people sat on the boulders and sturdy stone trees grew in front of those boulders. Crystal balls, with different weapons within them, were hanging on the trees' branches. There were also scrolls, Grim Swords, white bones and other strange treasures that looked captivating within the near vicinity.

Once in a while, Mu Chen would come across some materials needed to fend off the death-gas and would purchase them. The materials were hard to come by and cost a few hundred thousand Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which was still within his budget.

Mu Chen had also come across a few good treasures, but he did not purchase them, as they were too pricey. Anyway, he found it unnecessary to spend on things that were not useful to him!

The things that were sold in the Free Trade Zone were of good quality. If they were to be sold in the Auction House outside, they would surely command a high price.

As the four of them went deeper into the Free Trade Zone, they stopped before a sturdy looking stone tree. The stone tree was sturdier than those that they had seen earlier, and many items were hanging on it.

Some of the items looked quite unique. As such, many people were curious and came to look at the items. Mu Chen was shocked, when he looked at the items, as all of them were sealed by ancient seals and no one could see what was inside of them.

"Hey brother, what do you mean by this?" Mu Chen looked at a skinny man, who was sitting cross-legged under the stone tree. Although he looked sleepy, Mu Chen noticed that he had a strong spiritual energy fluctuation. He also had great strength.

"I have dug out these things from a heap of ruins. All of the items have been sealed by special seals. If you break the seal by force, your success rate will be about 30 percent. If you fail to unseal it, the treasure will disintegrate, thus rendering it worthless. You can choose any of the items you want for the price of 500,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. As for whether you succeed or fail, that is none of my concern. Even if you happen to get a sacred object, it will be yours to keep." The skinny man looked at Mu Chen, speaking lazily.

The rules that this man gave were indeed unique, as they were all based on luck. If one was unlucky, even if he happened to break the seal, he might still get a heap of rubbish!

"500,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to break a seal, and the success rate is not even 50 percent?! Are you crazy?" Someone among the surrounding crowd mocked him, obviously finding such a "deal" to be highway robbery!

Many people around him agreed. Although they were tempted by the promise of treasure, they ultimately backed out, due to the low success rate and exorbitant cost.

The skinny man ignored them. He had carefully selected these items, and only those sophisticated souls could sense their uniqueness. If the success rate had not been so low, he would have broken the seals himself. However, he had been very unlucky and had never succeeded in breaking the seals.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other, both becoming interested. They noticed that these treasures were special. Hence, to their group, this was worth a try, so they started to look at the crystal balls.

Mu Chen and Ink Ring were especially looking at the crystal ball that was hanging on the lower right. A black stone, about the size of a fist, was in that crystal ball. The stone looked like an egg that had been burnt.

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