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Chapter 1015 - Rushing the Journey

Towards Han Shan’s suggestion, Mu Chen had no reason to reject it. Not to mention how tempting the Primordial Treasure Beast was, just the clue regarding the Primordial Undying Bird in the Myriad Beast Graveyard alone was worth enough for him to take the risk.

That’s because the main objective for him in the Divine Beast Origin was to help Nine Nether obtain the Divine Blood of the Primordial Undying Bird, perfecting her bloodline and removing all the impurities from their Bloodlink Bond.

The Divine Beast Origin was vast and massive, with all sorts of danger. Wanting to find traces of the Primordial Undying Bird was undoubtedly searching for a needle in the ocean. Therefore, since they had clues now, he naturally wouldn’t give it up.

Thus, Mu Chen and Nine Nether did not hesitate much towards Han Shan’s invitation and accepted it.

Mo Feng and Mo Ling had no objections regarding this matter. They came to the Divine Beast Origin to seek opportunities, to begin with, so despite the Myriad Beast Graveyard being dangerous, it was also a great opportunity for them.

“Since that’s the case, then let us get moving. There’s a long distance to the Myriad Beast Graveyard. According to my estimations, we will need at least five days, even if we move at full speed.” When Han Shan saw that Mu Chen’s party was willing to cooperate, the smile on his face grew even denser, then he waved his hand and three silhouettes had flew over and landed beside him.

Those three were covered in black heavy armours, enveloped with ominous auras. Evidently, they were the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan and two of them had actually stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. Even the weakest was at the pinnacle of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, it was a powerful formation.

Despite the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan being enveloped in an ominous aura, they were extremely courteous towards Mu Chen’s party. Evidently, Mu Chen’s earlier display of strength had won them over. Therefore, they did not have any objection towards Han Shan looking for cooperation with Mu Chen.

The four of them nodded their heads towards the three Demonic Rhino clansmen. There were only a few people left in this ruined city. A majority of them had already left and even the Thunder Crow Clan’s party had already fled with the unknown statused Lu Sui when Zong Teng was defeated.

Mu Chen did not stop them. Despite the Thunder Crow Clan being hateful, it wasn’t to the point that he would kill all of them. That’s because if he had, he might offend the Thunder Crow Clan. After all, it was also a considerable Spiritual Beast Clan and if they were enraged, it would definitely be a problem.

Naturally, if someone jumped out being overbearing like how Zong Teng previously was, Mu Chen might find an opportunity to kill all of them if they were late in their escape.

Regarding that clown, Lu Sui, he couldn’t be bothered with him, since there was no threat from him.

The two parties joined together and their formation could be considered powerful. Mu Chen and Han Shan did not delay any more time and had immediately moved out after determining the direction. They turned into eight light silhouettes and flew out of this ancient ruined city.

Once they left, the city had, once again, become quiet with only the ancient stone pagoda towering forth with time leaving its mark on it, which was the proof of how glorious it once was.

While Mu Chen and the rest left the ruined city and headed towards the Myriad Beast Graveyard, in another direction far away…


A golden light whistled and landed on a hill in a pathetic manner. In the golden light was a large golden roc and a golden light flickered before it turned into a human figure.

That person was naturally Zong Teng, with Liu Qing and the rest appearing with pale expressions.

“Big Brother Zong Teng, you…” Liu Qing’s face was pale as she looked at Zong Teng. At this moment, the latter’s face was terrifyingly sinister and the base of his right arm was broken off and was held in his hand as fresh blood flowed.

Although he was decisive when he made the decision to escape, he still had an arm of his sliced off by Mu Chen’s sword.

“Mu Chen, I will definitely not let you go!”

Holding onto his arm, Zong Teng viciously roared. A genius of the Sky Roc Clan like him was actually in such a pathetic state due to a human, it’s to the point that he even had an arm broken off. If this matter was to spread back to the clan, who knew how great of a billow it would cause.

“Big Brother Zong Teng, what are we going to do now?” Zong Yan asked with a pale expression. With Zong Teng’s current injuries, their fighting strength was basically crippled. If they were to compete for opportunities with other clans, they might even have their lives left in the Divine Beast Origin.

Zong Teng’s gaze was vicious as he took a deep breath and gradually calmed his emotions, then he coldly said, “Look for the Roc Clan. Zong Qingfeng has come to the Divine Beast Origin with the party of the Roc Clan. With his help, we will be able to easily kill Mu Chen!”

The two words “Zong Qingfeng” had caused the eyes of Liu Qing and Zong Yan to turn fiery. That’s because this name was practically a legend amongst the younger generations of their Sky Roc Clan. He was initially a member of the Sky Roc Clan, but due to his exceptional talent, he was caught in the eyes of an Elder of the Roc Clan, taken in as disciple and recruited into the Roc Clan. Furthermore, even in the Roc Clan, where geniuses gathered, he could be considered outstanding with talent even more superior than Zong Teng!

If Zong Qingfeng was willing to help, then Mu Chen would definitely be ruthlessly stepped into the ground.

Just thinking about Mu Chen’s sorry-looking state and being stepped on, Liu Qing and the rest couldn’t help feeling joy from the vengeance, as if that matter had already come true.

Night gradually arrived and it enveloped the area.

The night in the Divine Beast Origin was extremely cold, with the both the heavens and earth being filled with coldness. That was because of the deathly aura. There were too many powerhouses of the Divine Beast Clan that have fallen here. Thus, despite it being tens of thousands of years later, this night was still contaminated with the deathly aura, making it extremely cold. 

Thus, no experts in the Divine Beast Origin would want to travel at night, so all of them had looked for places to rest, resisting the invasion of the deathly aura.

On the once majestic and now collapsed mountain, there was a cave that had opened up, blazing with white flames. It was a unique flame that could expel the deathly aura, which caused the entire cave to be free from it.

In the cave, Mu Chen’s group sat around the fire, looking at the flickering white flames. They couldn’t help nodding their heads. Han Shan’s party was more prepared, even preparing this special flint stone, since they had long set the Myriad Beast Graveyard as their objective.

“According to our speed, it should take us another four days to reach the Myriad Beast Graveyard…”

Before the bonfire, Han Shan flicked his finger and sparks rose, forming into a map above the bonfire, then pointed to a certain location. “Two days from now, we will pass this place. This is a free market. There will be experts from the other clans gathering together, and we have to prepare some things.”

“Furthermore…” Han Shan looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, then smiled. “There are quite a lot of things as well. If opportunities arise, we might even be able to fish for some decent treasures. I’ve once heard that there was a fool in the past that sold a fragment of a Divine Ability unintentionally and was purchased by someone else.”

“A fragment of a Divine Ability?”

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were instantly stunned, then they inwardly grinned. That fellow was truly a fool, but Han Shan’s words had also piqued their interest. The Divine Beast Origin was too vast, with all sorts of opportunities hidden here. Therefore, there would be quite a number that had obtained opportunities. Some might lack eyesight and would easily throw out a rare treasure.

“As for the currency, it’s naturally Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Of course, you can also exchange with items.” Han Shan smiled.

Mu Chen nodded his head. He had just gotten 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from Zong Teng, so he nearly had 2,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in his possession in total. So if he encountered a suitable treasure, he would be able to give it a go at purchasing it.

“Okay, we’ll call it a day now. Everyone rest early and we’ll continue the journey tomorrow.”

Han Shan further spoke the rules of the free market before he stopped and closed his eyes, then gradually entered into his cultivation state.

From the side, Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling had also found a place and started to cultivate.

Mu Chen opened a separate cultivation chamber in the cave and entered. He sat down but he did not immediately go into a cultivation state. He took in a deep breath and gradually closed his eyes.

When he closed his eyes, a scenery appeared in his mind. It was the ancient battlefield with the end of the horizon that couldn’t be seen with a mere look, with a torrential killing intent and despair aura sweeping out.

In the centre of the battlefield sat a crimson silhouette and his body was like a boulder. Even if troops of thousands or myriads of horses charged over, it would be impossible to shake his body.

Mu Chen’s eyes were fixed on the crimson silhouette and the torrential killing intent gradually gathered from the surroundings, making that silhouette to look like a demonic god.

The crimson silhouette slowly raised its head and took a glance at Mu Chen, before the torrential killing intent gradually formed into countless crimson words.

Looking over, Mu Chen’s heart violently jerked.

The first move of the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch - Sacrificing into Demonic!

Although Mu Chen came out of the Body Refining Pagoda without harm, it was strange that no one had thought that Mu Chen had passed through the test on the fifth level. That’s because in their view, it was simply an impossible task.

They would never expect that the fifth level was not a test of strength, but the courage to self-sacrifice.

When Mu Chen lasted until the final moment of the destructive fist, he knew that his bet had succeeded when he saw his body seemingly being destroyed by the fist.

The stake of that bet was naturally the Divine Ability that the Blood War Monarch had created!

The Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch!

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