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Mu Chen had no reason to reject Han Shan's proposal. As long as there were leads on the Undying Bird, he would take the risk to go to the Myriad Beasts Tomb, even if there was no Treasure Beast.

The main reason for him to enter the Land of the Divine Beasts, other than to train himself up, was to help Nine Nether obtain the Undying Bird's divine blood to perfect her bloodline. She could then remove the damage that had been done by the Bloodline Bond.

However, the Land of the Divine Beasts was expansive, and there were dangers everywhere. It would be difficult to search for the Undying Bird, thus Mu Chen would not give up any lead that could help him find it.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether did not hesitate to accept the collaboration with Han Shan. Ink Blade and Ink Ring were fine with it as well. They had come to the Land of the Divine Beasts in search of opportunities. Although the Myriad Beasts Tomb seemed dangerous, there were great opportunities within.

"In this case, let's make a move. We are quite a distance away from the Myriad Beasts Tomb, and we will need at least five days if we travel at full speed." When Han Shan saw that Mu Chen and the rest had agreed to collaborate with him, he smiled even more broadly. He waved his hand, and three people who had been standing afar immediately came up behind him.

The three of them were in back armor, and they exuded an ominous aura. It was apparent that they were the top powers of the Demonic Rhino Clan. Two of them were Grade Seven Sovereigns, and one of them was slightly below them at the Peak of Grade Six Sovereign. They looked impressive.

Although the three top powers of the Demonic Rhino Clan had an ominous aura, they were extremely polite to Mu Chen and the rest. It was apparent that they were impressed by his power, thus they had no objection when Han Shan asked Mu Chen to collaborate with him.

The four of them nodded in a friendly manner at the three top powers from the Demonic Rhino Clan. There were only a few people in the ruined city, as most of them had left. After Zong Teng had escaped, the people from the Lightning Crow Clan had left with Lu Sui, whose fate was unknown.

Although the Lightning Crow Clan was detestable, Mu Chen had no intention of killing them and had let them off. After all, the Lightning Crow Clan was a powerful Spiritual Beasts clan, and it would be better not to offend them. He would be looking for trouble if they were enraged. However, if anyone were to go overboard, Mu Chen would definitely kill them just like how he would have dealt with Zong Teng if he had not escaped.

Mu Chen could not even be bothered with Lu Sui, since he did not pose a threat.

When Mu Chen's and Han Shan's groups of people came together, they looked impressive. Mu Chen and Han Shan immediately made a move when they had decided on the direction. The eight of them turned into shadows and shot out of the ancient ruined city.

After they had left, the ruined city went into a dead silence. The ancient stone tower continued to stand tall in the city. Over the years, the tower had mottled. It had witnessed the city's glory and loneliness.

As Mu Chen and the rest left the ruins for the Myriad Beasts Tomb, faraway in another direction…


Golden light whizzed across the horizon and landed on a hill. A large golden roc was within the light, and it turned into a human. It was Zong Teng. Liu Qing, who was looking pale, and the rest of the people appeared behind him.

"Brother Zong Teng, you…" Liu Qing looked at Zong Teng and found him looking hideous. His right arm was broken and bleeding, and he was holding it with his other hand. Although he had escaped, Mu Chen had cut off his arm with the last blow.

"Mu Chen, I will not let you off!" Zong Teng shouted bitterly as he held onto his broken arm. As the genius of the Heavenly Roc Clan, he had been beaten to such a sorry state by a human being and even had his arm broken. If the people of his clan heard of it, there would be a great commotion.

"Brother Zong Teng, what shall we do now?" Zong Yan asked. He looked pale as well, and after seeing that Zong Teng had been so badly injured, their combat force had weakened. If they continued to fight with the other clans over the opportunity, they might be killed in the Land of the Divine Beasts.

Zong Teng looked ferocious. After a long while, he took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He said in a petrifying tone, "Let's look for the Giant Bird Clan. Zong Qingfeng is there with the clan. We will be able to kill Mu Chen with his help!"

Liu Qing, Zong Yan, and the rest became excited at the mention of Zong Qingfeng. He was a legendary figure among the younger generation in the Heavenly Roc Clan. He was formerly from the Heavenly Roc Clan, but the elder of the Giant Bird Clan had accepted him as his disciple due to his extraordinary talent. He had then joined the Giant Bird Clan and was considered the cream of the crop among the many geniuses. His talent and strength were way beyond Zong Teng's!

If Zong Qingfeng agreed to help, Mu Chen would definitely be crushed. Liu Qing and the rest felt good when they thought of how Mu Chen would be trampled, as though they had already taken their revenge.

The area started to turn dark.

It was extremely cold in the Land of the Divine Beasts as the death-gas lingered. Too many top powers in the Divine Beasts' clans had died there, and even though it had been so many thousands of years ago, the Land of the Divine Beasts would become cold due to the death-gas.

Those who were in the Land of the Divine Beasts would choose a place to rest instead of carrying on with their journey for fear of being attacked by the death-gas.

On a collapsed hill that used to be lofty, a special white flame was burning in a cave. The flame could ward off the death-gas and prevent it from attacking. 

Mu Chen and the rest gathered around the flame and sat cross-legged in the cave. He looked at the white flame and nodded. Han Shan and his men were well prepared. They carried flint stones with such special effects with them, and it was apparent that they were prepared to head for the Myriad Beasts Tomb.

"Given our speed, we should be able to reach the Myriad Beasts Tomb in about four days…"

Han Shan flicked his fingers, and the flame rose up, forming a map above the fire. He pointed at a spot and said, "Two days later, we will pass by this place which is a Free Trade Zone. There will be many top powers there, and we need to take some items with us.

"Other than this…" Han Shan looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether and said with a smile, "There is a lot of good stuff there. If you are lucky, you may even find some treasures. I have heard that someone was silly enough to sell a Fragmented Super Power at a very low price, not knowing its value."

"Fragmented Super Power?"

Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the rest were shocked and then smiled secretly. This fellow was so silly. However, what Han Shan had said aroused their interest. There were many opportunities in the Land of the Divine Beasts, and many of them would have gotten hold of some of the opportunities. However, some of them did not know their value and could have sold some rare treasures.

Han Shan smiled and said, "You will need to have Sovereign Spiritual Liquid if you wish to make a purchase, or you can barter."

Mu Chen nodded. After getting 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from Zong Teng, he had a total of 2,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. If he should see any treasures that he liked, he would be able to purchase them.

"Alright. That's all for today. Let's have an early night. Tomorrow we have to get up early and hurry on with our journey." After Han Shan reminded them of the rules at the Free Trade Zone, he shut his eyes and went into the state of cultivation.

Nine Nether, Ink Blade, and Ink Ring found themselves a place and started to cultivate as well.

Mu Chen carved out a cultivation room in the cave and sat cross-legged in it. He did not cultivate but took a deep breath before shutting his eyes. As he shut his eyes, a shadow appeared in his mind. It was a borderless, ancient battlefield filled with sand and desperation. A figure in red stood tall in the middle of the battlefield. He was like a rock, and no powerful army could make him move at all.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the figure in red. Killing intent surrounded him and made him look like a Demonic God. As he lifted up his head, he looked at Mu Chen with his red eyes. The killing intent gradually turned into numerous bloody texts.

As Mu Chen looked at it, he was shocked.

The first stroke in the Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist, "Sacrifice Self to be Spellbound"!

Although Mu Chen had left the Body-refining Tower unscathed, no one believed that he had passed the test at the fifth level. They thought that it was impossible to do that. They had never expected that the test at the fifth level was not about strength but about having the guts to sacrifice oneself. When Mu Chen had persisted until the end, and the destructive punch hit him, he knew that he had won.

The bet was the Super Power formulated by Lord Gladiator! The Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist!

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