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A light door radiating ancient fluctuations quietly appeared behind the black stone tablet. In that light, it was as if a boundless aura of desolation emanated, inducing fear and reverence in people.

Mu Chen and the three others' glances were transfixed on the door.

Mu Chen looked towards Ink Blade and asked in a low voice, "Is this the gateway to the last floor? What on earth is the fifth floor?"

Ink Blade shook his head and said, "Very few people can enter the fifth level. It is said that the test on the fifth level is not fixed and changes accordingly, so I'm not sure what we're going to face this time."

Mu Chen frowned a little, but somehow, the last floor of the tower made him feel some palpitations in his heart, something he had never felt before.

No matter what, it had been a struggle to get here, so he had no reason to give up now. Moreover, having previously absorbed the essence of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast, his physique had once again gained great strength, and he could feel that perhaps he would only need to take that little step.

The Dragon-Phoenix Scriptures would enable him to make a breakthrough to the second level! By then, his physique would attain a whole new level of evolution! Mu Chen would no longer have the slightest fear when facing the various supreme talents of the Divine Beast Clans.

No one would be worthy to be his opponent among the Seventh Grade Sovereigns, either. A fire surged in Mu Chen's eyes at this thought. He immediately took a deep breath and without any more nonsense exclaimed, "Let's go!"

When his voice fell, he was the first to step out directly towards the light door and go in. Behind Mu Chen, Ink Blade also immediately followed. Han Shan smiled as he looked at the gloomy Zong Teng.

Zong Teng was at the end of the line. He looked at Mu Chen and the others with a cold glint flashing in his eyes as they disappeared into the door of light. It seemed that in this fifth level, he must obtain the best opportunity. Once his power was enhanced, the first thing he would do was to make sure Mu Chen perished there!

"I'll see who can get the last laugh!" Zong Teng murmured and immediately stepped out directly into the ring of light leading to the last floor.

As the four of them entered the light door, outside the Body-refining Tower, everyone's eyes were burning with heat as they looked up at the fifth floor. They also wanted to know what exactly the test of the fifth floor of the Body-refining Tower would be. According to some of the information they had, few people had made it through the fifth-tier test over the years.

Although the four people were considered good, many felt they would only return in regret.

Ink Ring clenched her little fists as she asked Nine Nether in a low voice, "Elder Sister Nine Nether, can Brother Mu and my big brother pass the test of the fifth floor?"

Nine Nether thought it over and replied solemnly, "It's very difficult. It is said that the test of the fifth floor is not fixed. Sometimes it even has a Sacred Artifact that will launch an attack… Of course, it is not a true Sacred Artifact but a projection. Even so, that kind of power is not something our level can resist."

Ink Ring was stunned. Even offensive attacks from Sacred Artifacts can appear? If one makes contact, even a Seventh Grade Sovereign will be instantly wiped out by that level of attack?

The difficulty of the fifth level of the Body-refining Tower was so intense?

Whispers were heard coming out of the tower, and everyone was staring at the fifth floor. Not long after that, unsurprisingly, there was a resurgence of light as it gradually turned into a light screen.

Everyone's glances immediately converged on the light screen.

After Mu Chen had stepped into the ring of light, the light only lasted for a moment, then faded away like a tidal current. The rich smell of blood swiftly permeated the area.

The sudden stench of blood caused Mu Chen's heart to jolt. The golden light on his body burst out as the golden feather sword seized from Zong Teng also flashed out. He grasped the sword firmly in his hands.

After a series of defensive measures, Mu Chen raised his gaze, and then his expression twisted.

The place he was in seemed to be an ancient battlefield covered with corpses. A bloody stench permeated the atmosphere, and a bitter aura enshrouded heaven and earth, making Mu Chen's scalp tingle with dread.

Not far behind Mu Chen, Ink Blade, and the two also appeared. Upon seeing this scene, their eyes narrowed, and they immediately triggered their spiritual energy to protect their bodies.

"This is the last level of the Body-refining Tower?"

Mu Chen surveyed the ancient battlefield. The aura of death and destruction that swept across the earth and the sky revealed how terrifying the war was that had broken out in this battlefield.


Just as they looked at the heavens and earth, suddenly the ancient battlefield shook, and then they saw that the aura of blood and ferocity of the earth surged as if it had materialized into a substance. Finally, in mid-air before them, it condensed into a dark red figure.

The figure seemed to be dressed in blood-red iron armor. He stood tall between heaven and earth, with a vast murderous intent billowing out like a flood. That murderous aura caused the four people to instantly stiffen, as they dared not even move in the slightest.

The four of them had experienced many life and death struggles but had never seen anyone with such a strong murderous aura who must have experienced countless bloody wars and mountains of corpses in their lifetime.

As Mu Chen and the others stiffened, the dark red figure in mid-air lowered his head as his dark red eyes directed an emotionless gaze towards them.

Being watched by that pair of dark red eyes, the four men perked up and had an urge to leave the place immediately. Fortunately, none of them were ordinary people, so they suppressed their urge to escape and remained rooted to the ground.

That dark red figure slowly opened his mouth, and as he spoke, a crimson wind filled with a bloody aura blew in the heavens and earth. "I am Lord Gladiator."

Ink Blade, Han Shan, and Zong Teng's expressions twisted, as they exclaimed in disbelief, "Lord Gladiator?"

Mu Chen was extremely unfamiliar with the sovereigns who had appeared in the Land of the Divine Beasts before, thus he turned to Ink Blade and asked, "Who's that?"

Ink Blade exclaimed with fear and reverence, "It is rumored that this Lord Gladiator was a sovereign who appeared in primordial times in the Land of the Divine Beasts. He was of ordinary talent, but he survived many wars and experienced unimaginable bloodshed. It is said that this man, by virtue of the power of the Complete Earthly Sovereign, was enough to threaten a Heavenly Sovereign!

"When the Extraterritorial Race invaded the Land of the Divine Beasts, Lord Gladiator put his life on the line and killed a powerful character in the Extraterritorial Race equivalent to a Heavenly Sovereign. He sacrificed himself in the process."

"He died killing a Heavenly Sovereign?"

Mu Chen could not help but be utterly shocked. Although that level was still a bit distant to him, it was also possible to imagine the gap between a Complete Earthly Sovereign and Heavenly Sovereign. However, the man was able to kill a Heavenly Sovereign, demonstrating how ferocious his means were.

Such a character… It was no wonder that even after having fallen thousands of years ago, he still had this majestic aura.

As Mu Chen was still in shock, the dark red figure in mid-air stated indifferently, "Withstand a blow of my fist and you may pass."

Upon hearing this, the four men's scalps immediately tingled with dread. In front of them was a terrible existence that could fight on par with a Heavenly Sovereign. Even if it was just a projection that remained over thousands of years, it was absolutely not to be underestimated.

"D*mn it, that's too much!" Even Han Shan could not help but gnash his teeth. He had no confidence that he could take the punch. Ink Blade also shook his head helplessly, clearly not harboring hope.

Mu Chen's eyebrows were also knitted tightly into a frown. The difficulty of this fifth floor was far beyond his imagination…

However, no matter what they thought, Lord Gladiator was indifferent and remained unmoved. After concluding his statement, the murderous aura that flowed out of him was all the more horrifying.

His fingers clenched slowly, and his vast and indifferent voice reverberated throughout the battlefield. "I have been through countless wars, and have created my own Super Power, Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist. If anyone can withstand it, I will teach him the first step."

D*mn you!

Upon hearing that Lord Gladiator not only intended to strike, but even planned to use his Super Power, the four people present almost couldn't help but burst out into rude remarks and vulgarities. This fellow is such a bully! Lord Gladiator, why not call yourself Lord Shameless!

However, when the end of the statement rang in their ears, the four were stunned, and then their eyes flushed red.

Super Power?!

To be able to acquire the Super Power created by Lord Gladiator...?!

Although rational thought told them that it was impossible to withstand this punch, the covetous desire caused them not to reject the opportunity outright. It was not that they were not strong enough to resist but because the reward was just too great a temptation!

Even the Earthly Sovereigns would be moved this kind of Super Power, not to mention them! The value of one step of this Super Power alone would exceed the sum of all previous gains!

The four people looked at each other, and they all saw the thick greed in each other's eyes. No one chose to quit.

"Men die for money, and birds die for food…"

Mu Chen took a deep breath, and then he stared at Lord Gladiator. It was clear that whatever the outcome, he would have to give it a try or give up if he really couldn't take it.

When Lord Gladiator's voice fell, he did not say any more nonsense. He clenched his fist, and the murderous rage swelled. He stepped out, and at that step, it was as if there were hundreds of millions of roars reverberating between the sky and the earth. A brutal and ferocious aura, as if piercing through time and space, surged in a rush, causing heaven and earth to tremble.

There was no emotion in his eyes as he watched the four men, and with a slow blow of his fist, an ancient murmur reverberated, shaking heaven and earth, "Sacrificing my Demonic Physique, Destroy the Ancient and Present Times."

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