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The slender palm grasped the incredible sharp dark golden feather and was as firm as a rock. No matter how the feather flickered with golden light, it still could not break free.

After suppressing the feather, Mu Chen's eyes, which were still glowing with golden light, glanced indifferently at Zong Teng. He then said slowly, "It seems that Brother Zong truly didn't show any mercy."

Zong Teng's expression twisted into a particularly ugly mask. He did not think that Mu Chen would restore his strength at this most crucial time. Moreover, this guy, with his flesh palms alone, had blocked his golden feather sword!

The power of this sword was comparable to a Magnificent Grade Divine Artifact. So, if a Seventh Grade Sovereign was careless, it would pierce through his body entirely!

Moreover, Zong Teng had absolute confidence that, if it was the Mu Chen from before, it was impossible for him to attain this. However, after absorbing the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast's essence, Mu Chen's physique had since been greatly enhanced. Hence, the present Mu Chen caused him to feel very threatened!

"What a disaster!"

Zong Teng was extremely regretful, if he had known that this would be the situation, he would have forcefully struck to kill Mu Chen on the third level. However, living in regret was useless at this time, as he must just move forward.

Facing Mu Chen's sharp gaze, Zong Teng had no expression. His body tensed up, ready to guard against Mu Chen's violent counterattack.

Zong Teng's gaze flickered and he crooked his fingers, trying to retrieve the feather sword that had been seized by Mu Chen. If the sword was in his hands, his combat power would be enhanced. Seeing that circumstances were not to his advantage now, he had to make himself more powerful.

However, his manipulation did not achieve the desired effect. Although the feather sword struggled in Mu Chen's hands, it was ultimately unable to break free. Instead, within Mu Chen's strong grip, the golden light gradually dimmed.

"Since you have sent it out, why take it back again? Since Brother Zong is so generous, I will accept this sword gladly." Mu Chen smiled at Zong Teng, as the spiritual energy in his body surged out and poured directly into the sword. He apparently intended to make it his own, as he was short of a weapon at the moment, and the golden feather sword was just perfect!

Zong Teng was first enraged upon seeing Mu Chen's action, but then there was an air of sarcasm that filled his eyes. The golden feather sword was made from the divine feathers of the Golden-winged Roc, so the the aura of it still remained within. As such, unless a member of the Heavenly Roc Clan wielded it, the bearer would be injured by the backlash from the powerful aura.

This Mu Chen was too arrogant!

Under Zong Teng's mocking gaze, Mu Chen's spiritual energy poured into the golden feather sword. However, like Zong Teng had expected, his body suddenly stiffened and the golden feather sword struggled fiercely. An extremely domineering and powerful aura emanated from the sword, intending to strike out at Mu Chen.

"The aura of the Golden-winged Roc?"

There was no surprise in his eyes, as he questioned this, then smiled and clenched his fist. On his arm, the real Dragon and Phoenix symbols emerged, their auras pouring into the golden feather sword and suppressing the remnants of the Golden-winged Roc's aura.

Even though all of the forces were Sovereign Divine Beasts, the remnants of the Golden-winged Roc's aura proved to be no match for the force of the real Dragon and Phoenix symbols in Mu Chen's body. As such, the aura was suppressed and the vibration of the golden feather sword quickly calmed down.

Then, the golden light dimmed and transformed into a gold sword that fell into Mu Chen's hands. This sword was quite strange, as the front of its blade was covered with a dense, serrated edge. The golden light flowed forth faintly, as an extremely sharp aura emanated from it.

"This sword is not bad." Mu Chen waved the sword, which was glowing with a golden light, and smiled.

The sarcastic smile on Zong Teng's face froze the moment that Mu Chen held the hilt of the sword. He stared at the sword, which had become unusually still in Mu Chen's hands, his face full of disbelief.

How had Mu Chen had actually suppressed the aura of the Golden-winged Roc in the sword so effortlessly?

That was a Sovereign Divine Beast!

Was this Mu Chen even really human?! Did he have the bloodline of a Sovereign Divine Beast running through him?

As he was stunned, Mu Chen glanced at him meaningfully, then raised his golden sword and laughed. "It seems it's time for us to settle our feud."

Although he had a smile on his face, there was a murderous intention in the words that Mu Chen spoke. After all, Zong Teng had given him trouble time and again, trying to get rid of him.

As Mu Chen's voice fell, Ink Blade, who was behind him, also moved several steps to form an angle that locked onto Zong Teng. At that moment, the fierce momentum of the two surged, causing Zong Teng's expression to twist grotesquely. He had little chance of winning against Mu Chen's and Ink Blade's alliance.

"Gentlemen, we're just searching for opportunities when we enter the Body-refining Tower! We don't have to engage in life and death struggles, right? Now, this is only the fourth floor, and if you really want to fight me, I think you'll have to pay the price. You don't want that, right?" Zong Teng's expression flickered, as he spoke lowly.

Mu Chen smiled and said, "I think we can easily force you out of this tower."

Zong Teng's eyes suddenly darkened. If he were forced out of the tower, he would be disqualified from entering the fifth floor, which would be a great loss for him.

"What exactly do you want?" Zong Teng gnashed his teeth and spit out.

"If you don't want me to hold your previous assault against you, it's very simple. I want three million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid." Mu Chen stretched out his palm and smiled.

Shock appeared on Zong Teng's face. He then gnashed his teeth and retorted, "Three million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? You might as well rob me!"

Even if he was a supreme talent of the Heavenly Roc Clan, three million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was no small sum. Thus, it was impossible for him to give that amount!

"Then, get out of the Body-refining Tower!" Mu Chen's smiling face immediately turned chilling, as he spoke bluntly in a cold voice.


Rage boiled within Zong Teng, as his eyes shone ferociously. He gnashed his teeth and said, "I only have a total of one million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with me now."

"Hand it over." Mu Chen stretched out his palm.

Zong Teng's face flashed with rage. Finally, with a wave of his sleeve, a golden jade bottle flew out. Within that jade bottle, a bright flash of spiritual light flickered.

Mu Chen caught it, then checked it with his senses, before nodding with a smile. This Zong Teng was well-to-do indeed, to be able to carry such a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid around. These one million drops were the equivalent to more than half a year's income at Nine Nether Palace!

Mu Chen divided the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in the jade bottle into two portions, then tossed half to Ink Blade, as he smiled and said to him, "Thanks."

If Ink Blade had not helped him to buy some time, he would have really been at the mercy of Zong Teng. Ink Blade accepted graciously, as this was a necessary resource in cultivation, so the more of it one had, the better.

However, as Ink Blade accepted the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, he asked curiously, "You are letting him off?"

He knew a little about Mu Chen's personality, particularly, that this man was not as gentle as he looked.

"I can't kill him in this Body-refining Tower. Besides, if he's desperate, he will just quit, and the tower will kick him out directly. Once he leaves, he will inevitably seek revenge and attack Nine Nether and Ink Ring. In that case, we may be forced to leave the tower," Mu Chen smiled and replied.

"That is a situation where both parties would lose, so there is no need to give up our fifth level opportunity for the time being. As for this guy, let's wait until it is all over. As for the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, treat it as me charging him some interest. In fact, if this guy refuses to give it up, I actually cannot do much to him. After all, I don't want to give up any opportunity on this fifth level…"

Upon hearing Mu Chen's words, Ink Blade's expression twitched.

Zong Teng is a smart man, but this time, he has been utterly tricked by Mu Chen! How humiliating!

Just as Mu Chen and Ink Blade were communicating telepathically, Zong Teng seemed to be aware of it, immediately frowning. As the realization further dawned on him, his face immediately turned red with rage. "You tricked me!"

He was no fool, so he knew that, if he was Mu Chen, he would never let him off.

"Your reaction is quite fast." Mu Chen commended, as he smiled.

Zong Teng was so angry, he almost blew up. But, he stifled his anger and simply glared at Mu Chen menacingly. He could only gnash his teeth and swallow the rage.

Mu Chen was too lazy to bother with him now. After the incident, he would then deal with this guy. His eyes turned to Han Shan, who had never interfered, as he clasped his fist and said, "Regarding this, thank you Brother Han."

Although he had been trying to absorb the spirit of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast, Mu Chen still knew what had happened, so for Han Shan to not interfere, he did owe him a favor. Otherwise, the situation would have never had such a positive outcome for Mu Chen.

"No problem…"

Han Shan smiled and nodded. "Brother Mu has some formidable means indeed."

Whether it was suppressing Zong Teng's golden feather sword or forcing Zong Teng to hand over his Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to solve the problem, his actions had revealed that this man was no pushover, which made him more than a little glad that he had not been possessed by greed before.

Mu Chen returned the smile, then raised his head to look at the black stone tablet. There, behind that black stone, appeared a door of light, filled with an aura of desolation.

Looking at the door of light, Mu Chen's heart began thumping and throbbing. He knew that this was the tunnel that led to the last level of the Body-refining Tower.

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