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When Lord Gladiator stepped out, the sky over the battlefield became scarlet, as if a billowing blood wave had just filled the sky. At that moment, the power, which caused the heavens and earth to dull, made the scalps of the four men feel numb.

They really couldn't imagine why this fifth level test was so difficult. In fact, it seemed nearly impossible to pass at all!

However, no matter how inconceivable they felt that it was, there were more pressing things to consider. At that moment, in mid-air, the aura of the bloodbath that was surrounding the expressionless Lord Gladiator was brewing to its peak. Then, he struck a ferocious blow.


When his fists burst out, the air seemed to be driven out of the sky entirely, and even the void was brutally torn apart.

A shadow of the bloody ray fists then rained down from the sky, as if it was a punch from a Divine Demon! Even before the punch had fallen, the ground on which Mu Chen and the others were standing, collapsed directly, and a great rift spread out, like an abyss, beneath their feet. This punch was so powerful, it almost destroyed the earth.

The four men looked on in horror at the roaring bloody fists. Even though it was a distance away, the fists' overwhelming aura was almost crushing them to the ground.

A majestic spiritual energy then burst out of their four bodies, as they forcibly resisted the terrible pressure. Yet, even so, all of their knees gradually buckled, unable to bear the terrible pressure.

This kind of situation made their hearts tremble with fear, as that punch had not yet really landed, but its aura alone had already oppressed them to such a humiliating state! If it really landed, they feared that they perish upon impact!

It was only then that they understood how reckless it was of them to have made the promise. This super power opportunity, was indeed something that no any ordinary person was worthy of receiving!

But, no matter how regretful they were, it was too late. So, the four men had to grit their teeth and carry on.

The only thing that they could be thankful for now was that Lord Gladiator had not come directly at them, but had first cast his ire on the earth beneath their feet. Otherwise, they might have been crushed into smithereens!


Han Shan let out a skyward roar, only to see a black light surge around his body, as if there was a huge and incomparable ancient rhinoceros demon that trod on the ground, roaring at the massive fist that was about to land.

A golden light then erupted from Zong Teng's body, as a Heavenly Roc, flapping a pair of massive golden wings, flashed out. Above the gold wings, countless runes rose and wrapped around the body, like a strong defensive fortress.

Ink Blade took a deep breath, as phoenix flames swept through his body. A royal aura emanated from him. As the phoenix flames burned, they transformed into a giant scarlet red Phoenix. The flames were scorching, raising the temperature between heaven and earth immensely.

Ink Blade's Divine Beast form was actually not of the Nine Netherbird Clan, but was rather a Phoenix from the Phoenix Clan! Ink Blade originally did not want to expose his true form. However, at this time, if he wanted to bear such a terrifying fist, he could no longer conceal it, as he must go all out!

Mu Chen's expression turned solemn, as a bright golden light swept out of his body. Then, the roar of a dragon and the cry of a phoenix reverberated in his body. At this time, the Dragon-Phoenix Body was driven to the extreme, making his body seem as if it had been cast in gold and was indestructible.

When the four revealed all of their ace cards, the bloody fists' shadow that fell from the sky finally rushed into the air, hundreds of feet above them. The terrifying aura then completely enshrouded them.


The earth collapsed layer by layer, the sky around it shrinking rapidly. Seeing this, the four men quickly left, fleeing far away into the horizon. The Divine Beasts form of the three wailed pitifully at the same time, their huge bodies being directly shaken down, the light on them quickly dimming.

The three were also unable to bear that kind of powerful aura from the fists, as their knees buckled. Immediately, even the boulders under their feet were crushed into powder. Their faces were a sickish green, as they frantically summoned their spiritual energy to try to resist.

Yet, they could not even stand up straight. Outside their bodies, their Divine Beast forms lay on the ground, roaring, but to no avail.

As the three were in a state of humiliation, Mu Chen's situation was not much better. Although he had already pushed the Dragon-Phoenix Body to the extreme, the terrible aura of the punch was so oppressive, his bones were rattling, as if they were about to break apart. His feet had sunk deep into the ground, up unto his calves, as cracks spread madly on the ground along his feet.

Outside the Body-refining Tower, all of the onlookers watched in horror at the four's images on the light screen. They had completely lost their dignity as supreme talents in this battle.

"Such a terrible attack! How can they withstand it at their current stages?" Nine Nether's face twisted with worry, as she could not help but exclaim. This degree of difficulty almost let people conclude that one must at least step into the rank of Ninth Grade Sovereign in order to be able to survive such a blow.

Ink Ring, who had been standing beside her, had long gone pale, apparently frightened by the terror of the fist. The strong men from the other clans shared the same sentiments, as they knew that such a terrible attack was not something they could withstand at their current stages either.


The bloody rays' fists shadows were suppressed, and with the rapid approaching of those shadows, the terrible power of the fist was also increasing at an astonishing speed. The Divine Beasts form, which was enveloped in the bodies of the three men, had become so dim, it was nearly shattered. It was obvious that it could not be sustained.

The three men were deathly pale, as they felt that their bodies were unable to move under that kind of oppressive pressure. Also, above the shadow of the fists, they sensed a mood that made them feel that the master of this punch seemed to place his life and death upon its success.

Once the Self-sacrificing Demonic Fist's punch is dealt out, does one have to sacrifice his own life? That would be incredibly domineering and eerily strange! No wonder it is known as a Demonic Fist!

By this time, they were clearly aware that, when the shadow actually fell, it would be their time to perish. By then, there would be no escape!

The four figures were trying their best, but resistance was futile. The surface of the four bodies began to see blood seeping through, as their physical bodies began to show signs of crumbling.

Even the Dragon-Phoenix Body, which Mu Chen had trained to the peak of the first level, had begun to shatter, its blood beginning to spread from the skin, making him look rather horrific.


The shadow of the fist was less than fifty feet away, and the whole sky seemed to be obscured by it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Divine Beast forms outside the three men's bodies were finally unable to withstand the pressure, exploding under the impact.


The three people spewed mouthfuls of blood at the same time, their energies instantly withering immensely.

"Son of a b***h, I give up!" Zong Teng's face was pale, as he felt the pressure that almost crushed his body. Finally, he had to grit his teeth and roar in defeat, as he felt that, if he continued, he would really die there. After all, although the super power opportunity was attractive, one must be alive to enjoy it!


As Zong Teng chose to give up, a flash of light surrounded him. Immediately, his figure dissipated, showing that he had been kicked out of the Body-refining Tower.

After Zong Teng, Ink Blade, and Han Shan persisted for a few more moments, they felt the shadow of the fist was getting closer, which made them feel desperate and despondent.

It was just not something that they could compete against! Thus, after an internal struggle, they also gave up reluctantly.


The light flashed, as the two figures also disappeared. After they left, Mu Chen was the only one remaining in the battlefield. He was in a terrible state, as blood streamed down his whole body.

The force of the fist was pouring in from all sides, causing him to feel like he was in a bottomless trench. He was under terrible pressure. However, it was this kind of pressure that caused a glint of madness to flash in Mu Chen's red eyes. At this time, although dangerous, he saw that there was an opportunity for him!

It was the perfect opportunity to break through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Scriptures!

Any breakthrough needs a threat of death! And now, this kind of feeling is the most suitable one to trigger it!

I'll attain a breakthrough here!

Mu Chen summoned the Dragon-Phoenix Scriptures, and all of the blood in his body seemed to swim at this time, as it poured into the real dragon and phoenix symbols in his arms. With the infusion of that large amount of blood, the real dragon and phoenix symbols, which originally had a purple gold body, saw hints of blood red surfacing upon them. It was this bright red that made the real dragon and phoenix symbols grow in vitality! 

The dragon and phoenix symbols of the past, although strong and flexible, had always lacked that kind of vitality. However, at this moment, under the threat of death, Mu Chen's blood and energy were forced into the real dragon and phoenix symbols, which immediately absorbed the magnificent power. As such, a strong spirituality was condensed from the formation!

Once the creation of spirituality stabilized, the Dragon-Phoenix Symbols that were circling on Mu Chen's arms opened their eyes completely. Between heaven and earth, the Dragon and Phoenix sung together, as if they were Dominators of the whole world.

The Dragon-Phoenix Scriptures had finally broken through to Mu Chen's desired second level! At this time, that giant shadow of the blood fist completely descended, bombarding Mu Chen's motionless body…

The heavens and the earth shook violently...

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