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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:28:13 PM

Chapter 65: 65
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 65 – Trowman Rings (10)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

(TL: Somehow, between the website and the discord, you guys managed to tie between wanting transliteration and translation…which makes it my choice again . So I will just leave it to whichever I feel sounds better . If this turns out to be the choice you didn’t pick, then my apologies . )

The last executive to be taught by Frey was Gisellan .

Frey looked at him and spoke .

“Honor Gisellan, you are a 5 star Wizard . ”

“That’s right . ”

5 stars wasn’t bad .  

However, it wasn’t good either .

There were many scattered problems, but above all, there were a few major flaws .

“Did you know that that’s your limit?”

“I’m fully aware of that . ”

Frey looked at Gisellan who nodded calmly .

There was no way for Frey to avoid that .

The reason for this was more attributed to missing the best timing instead of a lack of talent .

Frey noticed that Gisellan had begun studying magic at a fairly late age .  

While this might not seem like a big deal at first glance, this was, in fact, very detrimental .

‘I don’t know if I should give him an elixir . ’

If he was given a suitable elixir, then the impurities in his body could be cleared away, and his mana sensitivity would increase explosively .  

However, this was a problem that needed thorough consideration .

It was not very efficient for Gisellan to take an elixir .  

To maximize effects, it would be better if it was given to Fianne or Beniang instead .

After thinking about it for a moment, Frey handed something to Gisellan .

“Take this . ”

It was Kungunil’s Dagger .  

When he saw the dagger, Gisellan’s expression became filled with surprise .

“This…looks like an amazing dagger…”

“It is a relic from the Age of Light . It has two runes, Blink and Return, engraved on it and the dagger itself is quite sharp . If you use it well, then it would prove to be quite helpful . ”

“But why would you give such an item to a Wizard like me…”

“How many years have you been using daggers?”


A look of surprise flashed through Gisellan’s eyes .

“…how did you know?”

“Your physique is not innate . Your muscles are still taut… I don’t think you’ve missed even one day of training . ”

Gisellan smiled bitterly .

“I practice every morning . If I miss even a single day, I begin to feel uneasy . As Rounder Frey knows, I was once a mercenary . I probably did that for more than ten years . ”

“Ten years . With that much experience in the mercenary world, you can be considered a veteran…did you start learning magic during that time?”

“Little by little as time went by . I only truly focused on learning after I turned thirty . ”

There was no need for him to lie about that .

It was a shame .

If Gisellan had begun learning in earnest at a younger age, then he would have reached a higher level by now .

Of course, it was still quite amazing that he had been able to reach 5 stars .  

This was something that was impossible without backbreaking hard work and determination .

“I think you’d be better off as a Magic Swordsman . ”

“A Magic Swordsman…”

“At only 5 stars, it would be impossible for you to win in an overwhelming manner during the friendly competition . But if we make use of your physical ability, it would be an entirely different story . ”

Frey looked at the dagger in Gisellan’s hand .

“That dagger requires a tremendous amount of skill to use, but if you are able to make it your own, it would be incredibly helpful . ”

“…I’m not confident I can do that . ”

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Frey smiled .

It was the same smile that Frey had given to Beniang and Fianne, and it gave Gisellan goosebumps .

“You will be . ”

* * *

Two months .

That was how long it took for Frey to be completely accepted into the Trowman Rings .  

It wasn’t just acceptance .

There was no longer any circle member who dared to complain about Frey’s position as Circle Rounder .

Instead, most of them were even proud to have Frey as the Rounder of the Trowman Rings .

“A total of five people will be participating in this friendly competition . With the exception of Honors Gisellan and Fianne, I will need to pick the other three members . ”

Frey looked around at the gathered circle members as he said these words .

“Of course, I will thoroughly select the participants by order of skill, and they will be given a reward . ”

After saying this, he pulled out a few items from his bag which greatly shocked the circle members .

“Heroes’ Relics!”

“Surely these benefits…”

“That’s right . I’m going to award these artifacts to the participants . ”

The circle members were in an uproar .

At the same time, their faces were filled with enthusiasm .

This was natural .  

Artifacts were so precious that few medium and small sized circles had any of them, and the few artifacts they had were in the hands of their circle executives .

That was why these ordinary circle members were shocked to learn that just by becoming a participant, they would be given these items that they couldn’t get even if they were willing to risk their lives .

This was an opportunity that they might never get again!

Becoming an executive would no longer be just a dream if they were able to grasp this chance and make steady progress .  

Frey smiled as he watched the circled members become filled with excitement .

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Fianne, who was standing at the side, could only watch with a tired expression on his face .

“He’s very good at dealing with people . It was almost at the point where the circle members were becoming complacent, but now, he has lit a fire in them at the best time . ”

“What’s more, we might be able to fill the empty executive positions . In fact, there were a few talented members who stood out after receiving Rounder Frey’s advice . If they are refined a bit more, they would be good candidates for Force Honor . ”

“He’s the perfect Rounder for the circle members . ”

Fianne looked at Frey with fearful eyes .

“But he is merciless . ”

“Fianne’s right . ”

Beniang had the same expression on her face .

They had managed to successfully remove her mana room, but it was impossible to get rid of a habit developed over so many years in such a short time .

Of course, Frey noticed this immediately, which meant that she had to experience a new type of hell .

Gisellan let out a dry laugh .

“Rounder Frey is a great teacher . ”


“The way he teaches depends on the personality of the person he’s teaching . Strict to some, gentle to others . He knows what approach to use to help every person the most . ”

“Huh…so you think the strict teaching he gives to Master Beniang and I is the most effective method?”

“Don’t delude yourself when you know the truth . ”


Fianne, who was about to say more, closed his mouth immediately .

This was because he could not deny the fact that his skills were rapidly improving because of Frey’s teachings .

“By the way, isn’t today the day that Honor Eizek returns?”

“Now that you mention it, it should be around this time . ”

“Do you think he will accept Rounder Frey?”

“It’s hard to say, but we will know soon enough . ”

At that moment, Beniang, who had been quietly listening at the side, smiled .

“It’s scary that you just brought it up . I think Honor Eizek is here . Hmm . He even brought someone who is usually hard to meet . ”

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After a while, two people appeared in the distance .

One was a man in his thirties, and the other was a woman with a stern expression on her face .

When they came near, the man bowed toward Beniang .

“Master Beniang, I’m back from my mission . ”

“Good work, Honor Eizek . Was everything all right?”

“Of course . More importantly, how is the situation with the circle?”

“There was a crisis, but it has been resolved now . ”

“What crisis?”

Then Eizek’s gaze turned to Frey, who was standing in the empty lot, surrounded by circle members .

Frey was in the middle of teaching the circle members .  

Eizek became confused .

It didn’t seem like this person was a guest .

“…who is that man?”

“He is…”

“Huh? Isn’t that Frey?”

The woman behind Eizek finally spoke .

Gisellan nodded .

“It seems Adelia knows Rounder Frey already . ”

“Of course I do . I was the one who told the Master about him . No, wait a minute . Rounder…Rounder?”

Adelia, who was tilting her head in confusion, suddenly shouted in surprise .

“Frey is the Rounder?!”

(Note: I recently found the need to point something out after having a conversation with one of the readers . They made mention of my use of both ‘relic’ and ‘artifact’ . The word the author uses is ‘유물’ which, among a few other things, can be used to represent both . So when I use ‘relic’ or ‘artifact’, it’s not that the author is using different words, but that I use these two words in an effort to prevent redundant or odd sounding english sentences/paragraphs .

Also minor change, ‘Azeg’ will now be ‘Eizek’…as you might have noticed . )

(TL: Gisellan is gonna be the Trowman Rings’ Yellow Flash…if you don’t get the reference, you’re too young…

Kidding…I’m kidding…don’t hurt me . )

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