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Chapter 64: 64
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 64 – Trowman Rings (9)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

The next one that Frey instructed after Beniang was Fianne .

He stared at Frey with apprehension as he recalled the dull and lifeless look in Beniangs eyes when she returned home .

Without noticing Fianne’s anxiety, Frey asked .

“What is the name of your martial art?”

“It is called Baekwanggwon(White King Boxing) . ”


It was a tacky name .

He couldn’t understand why the practitioners of martial arts liked to use ‘king’ in their technique names .

If they deviated from the stereotype, he was sure that they would be able to come up with some better sounding names .

Frey shook his head, remembering Kasajin .

“First let’s spar . So that I can know your skills . ”

Fianne nodded with a stiff expression .

He had seen Frey teaching back at the village .

Of course, among those who had been dissatisfied, there were a few Magic Warriors .  

They had attacked Frey with extreme determination but they had not even managed to touch his collar .

It was then that Fianne had realised .

This young man before him was not just a talent Wizard, but he was also a First Class Magic Warrior .

At the very least, he was an opponent that Fianne had no guarantee he could beat .

“Come . ”

Tat .

Fianne quickly narrowed the distance, his fist outstretched towards Frey’s face .

Huk .

Frey avoided the attack simply by moving his head .

‘Fast . ’

It was a fierce attack .

If it had landed, his face would definitely have been deformed .

Fianne wasn’t disappointed when his attack failed to connect, instead, he quickly retracted his arm and attacked Frey’s abdomen with his left hand .

Fianne knew that because he was so close, such an attack would be in his opponent’s blind spot .

However, Frey caught his fist as though he was expecting the attack .


How did he know?

No, there was no time to think about that .

Fianne twisted his body and roughly shook his hand free .

And using the rotational force, he turned and fired a kick .

Although it was called Baekwanggwon, that didn’t mean that it only consisted of fist techniques .

There were times when one would use their feet, knees, elbows, hands and even their forehead to attack .

Kwak .


It was blocked again .

Frey had managed to stop Fianne’s attack with just one arm .

If it had landed, he might have been able to end the fight at once .

He clenched his teeth and pulled his foot back .

Frey didn’t pursue him and remained standing in the same spot .

‘I need to understand your skills . ’

This was what Frey had told him and that’s what he was demonstrating right now .

It was not time for him to make a move yet .

Instead, it was time for Fianne to show Frey just what type of martial art his Baekwanggwon was .

Taat .

Once again, Fianne rushed forward and delivered a flurry of blows .

Frey avoided all of these attacks with only minimal movements and blocked the ones that he couldn’t avoid .

‘This is frustrating . ’

That was truly how he felt .

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Obviously, it was his first time fighting Frey, but it felt like he was fighting against someone who had carefully examined all of his strengths and weaknesses .

No matter how he attacked, it didn’t seem like he would be able to do any damage .

‘It’s like punching a rock . ’

Fianne continued his attacks for nearly a full minute .

His body was covered in sweat and he was panting slightly .

“That’s enough . ”


Fianne stopped his attacks .

He didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even be able to land one hit .

Frey looked at Fianne’s expression of indignation and shame before speaking .

“Honor Fianne, you have the skill of a Second Class Magic Warrior or below . ”

Fianne was much weaker than Liamson who could be considered to be a peak Second Class Magic Warrior .

Although this level was quite impressive, it was not enough for an executive of a circle .

He should at least be able to be him(Frey) who only learned martial arts in passing .


Fianne bit his lip fiercely to the point where it became white .

Frey approached him and patted him on the shoulder .

“This wounded your pride . ”

“…yes . ”

“That’s a good thing . Fianne, never forget the resentment you are feeling right now . Pride is very important for those who walk the path of magic . Others might not understand, but sometimes you will even have to risk your life to defend that pride . ”

“There are situations where you would have to put your pride before your life?”

“That’s right . It’s not that hard to imagine . You are prepared to risk your life to defend the honor of the Trowman Rings . The details might be different, but the determination is the same in this context . ”

“…I see . ”

Fianne nodded as he felt that he understood what Frey was saying .

Then he looked at Frey with a strange gaze .

“Are you a Dragon, Round Frey?”

“Why do you say that?”

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“It’s because it doesn’t feel like you are younger than me . They didn’t say it, but I’m sure the circle members and Master Beniang think the same . ”

Frey laughed .

“Is it because I helped Master Beniang who is half Dragon?”

“Yes . ”

“Your reasoning is amusing, but I am human . I just know a bit more than other people . ”

Fianne recalled their previous engagement before asking .

“Is martial arts one of those things?”

“That’s right . Of course, my martial art skills are lackluster . I can barely be considered a Second Class Magic Warrior . ”

“Huh? Is that true? I could’ve sworn you were a First Class Magic Warrior…”

It was not unreasonable for Fianne to be mistaken .

However, it was true that Frey’s skills could only pass as a Second Class Magic Warrior .

Nevertheless, it was his eyes and his experience which allowed him to beat Fianne in such an overwhelming manner .

“Anyway . Did you say the name was Baekwanggwon? It seems to be a standard martial art . There are no anomalous attacks and few tricks . ”

Fianne smiled bitterly .

“That’s correct . This makes it easy to read, which means that after a few exchanges, someone can recognize the patterns . ”

“That’s because of your lackluster skills . A standard isn’t called a standard for nothing . The Baekwanggwon will grow stronger as your level increases . Even a First Class Warrior might not be able to find a flaw in your movement . On the other hand, your attacks will crush your opponent’s guard . ”


There was a flash of joy on Fianne’s face .

This was because he was happy that the martial art he practiced was recognized .

“Your martial art would be able to show results regardless of whether your opponent is weaker, stronger, or the same strength as you . This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage . Well…it’s a bit of a headache . ”

“What do you mean?”

“Because of the nature of Magic Warriors, there are no shortcuts on your path . You have no choice but to climb the stairs one step at a time . ”

It was very different from Beniang who would be able to achieve explosive growth after simply destroying her mana room and correcting a few mistakes .

Fianne nodded to show that he understood .

“Ah…I see . ”

“Of course . ”

Frey let out a laugh .

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“There are ways to help you climb the stairs quickly . ”


“One of my close friends had a method of training for Magic Warriors, if you are able to digest it, you can become a First Class Magic Warrior in three months . ”

If you can digest it .  

Frey said this again in his head and let out a short laugh .

Unfortunately for Fianne, he failed to notice this .

The image of Beniang’s staggering figure had already disappeared from his mind .

Instead, he looked at Frey with a burning gaze .

“Can you teach it to me?!”

* * *

Basic Physical Strength Enhancement .

Although the name sounded simple, Fianne felt that the name should be changed to ‘Torture of the Twisted Executioner instead . ’

Fianne was laying face down on the hard ground .

No, that was wrong .  

The truth was that he had collapsed and no longer had the energy to move even one finger .

‘I’ll just pretend to be unconscious…’


Cold water landed on his face and Fianne hurriedly got up .

“You’re not even halfway done . How can you be this tired already?”



“You might as well kill me…”

Frey smiled and said .

“Stop being a crybaby . Don’t worry . I’ll relieve your muscle pain with my mana . I also picked some nutritious herbs on the way, so you can eat those to recover faster . ”

‘I’m not a crybaby!’

Fianne wanted to shout with all his might, but at that moment, he did not dare .

(TL: Do you guys prefer I use the transliteration(Korean words in English characters) or translation for the techniques?)

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