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Chapter 66: 66
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 66 – Trowman Rings (11)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Now that all the Force Honors of the Trowman Rings, Gisellan, Fianne and Eizek were gathered, Beniang held a meeting .

It was mainly to introduce Frey and Eizek to one another and to address the circle’s situation .

Eizek was the one who opened his mouth first .

“I never imagined that you would find a Circle Rounder while I was away . ”

“The situation was urgent . I’m sorry if I offended you . ”

Eizek shook his head at Beniang’s words .

“It’s not that . I’m just worried about the circle’s future . ”


Eizek looked at Frey with calm eyes .

“Rounder Frey, if Master Beniang and the other two Force Honors acknowledge you, then I have nothing to say . ”

Frey did not believe that Eizek truly accepted him, but that he would simply watch the situation for the time being .

In fact, Eizek never had any intentions of opposing Beniang’s decision .

Apart from that, it would be strange if he was not wary of this strange man named Frey .

From the start, Eizek had been looking at Frey with a searching gaze .

And Frey was the same .

‘So this is Honor Eizek . ’

Frey inspected him quietly .

He then realised that the man in front of him was neither a Wizard nor a Magic Warrior .

Eizek was a Contractor .

If one was to be blunt, he was more suited for the Phisfounder Armlets than this circle .

‘Everyone said that he is unrivaled among the Trowman Rings’ executives . ”

He was the man who played the role of ace before Frey’s arrival .

Frey felt that this reputation was most likely not an exaggeration .

Then Adelia crept up to his side and poked him in the ribs .

“Hey . What the hell happened in two months that allowed you to become the Rounder?”

Before Frey could even respond, Gisellan spoke up with a stiff face .

“Adelia, be more polite to the Circle Rounder . ”

“…it’s driving me insane . He became successful in a flash . ”

Adelia grumbled .

But her reaction was understandable .

A cute(?) student who used to address her politely had suddenly become her superior .

For Adelia, who had been agonizing over a way to trick Frey into becoming her disciple, this was really too shocking .


Gisellan’s eyes became filled with anger when he saw her grumbling .

Then Adelia sighed and pouted .

“Alright, alright . Rounder Frey . Do I need to address him like that?”

“Use honorifics . ”

“…am I doing it right now?”

Frey found her reaction to be quite amusing .

This was because Adelia, who could even address the 3rd Magic Tower’s Master as ‘old man’, behaved like a mouse before a cat in front of Gisellan .

Adelia sighed again at the unfairness before changing her way of thinking .

‘…wait a second . Doesn’t this mean he’s not a student anymore?” (TL: oooh I like where her mind went)

While Adelia seemed to be staring at Frey with a different look in her eyes, Eizek began to speak .

“Master Beniang, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to give my mission report before learning about the circle’s situation . ”

“Go ahead,”

“Thank you . ”

Eizek nodded before continuing .

“As you know, my mission was to find any traces left behind by the Successor of the Magic Warrior King . And I found a clue near the Great Reynols Forest, the territory of the Elves . I immediately gave chase…and I made contact with him . ”

“, are you serious?”

Those words make Gisellan and everyone else’s eyes widen .

The Successor of Magic Warrior King Kasajin!

His whereabouts were something that was of great interest to the Circle .

Many had been able to find traces of his movements, and there were even a few circles who had successfully made contact with him .

Nevertheless, he had yet to join a circle and was still acting alone .

Eizek knew why .

Even though he had not been careless, he’d still managed to receive considerable injuries .

“He’s not the kind of person you can talk to . ”

Sik .

Eizek took off his coat and revealed a horrible wound .

“H-, hup…!”

“, are you okay?”

His chest was sunken as though he had been crushed by something heavy .

The severe bruising and red, swollen veins caused even the former mercenary, Gisellan, to frown .

That was because it was much worse than it appeared . Several of his ribs must be broken, but it seemed that Eizek had done some preliminary treatment .

Eizek put on back his clothes before continuing .

“I’m fine now . I was near death for four days, but it was luck that saved my life…just as it is said within the Circle, he has an unpredictable personality . He said that he had no intention of talking to anyone unless he acknowledged them . ”

This caused the expressions of those who knew of Eizek’s prowess to stiffen .

If it had been any other circle executive who had been sent to complete the task, they would have already become a corpse .

“He already knows about the Demigods . However, he didn’t seem interested in the subjugation of the Demigods or the Circle . He said that seeing the end of the martial arts path is his top priority . ”

Even though he knew about the Demigods, he refused to cooperate .

Frey frowned at that .

He didn’t like the idea that such a person was using the title ‘Successor of the Martial Warrior King’ .

However, his personal opinion aside, it was very clear from Eizek’s wounds that he was proficient in the Warrior King’s Fist . (TL: translation it is)

‘Now that I think about it, Kasajin wasn’t that interested in the Demigods at first either . ’

When he had first created his group, it was Kasajin who had been the hardest to persuade .

But when he joined their side, he was more determined than anyone else .

Frey felt like he needed to meet with this Successor of the Magic Warrior King .

No, he didn’t think .

He had to meet him .

‘He doesn’t need to be on the same level as Kasajin . If we could get the help of a First Class Magic Warrior proficient in the Warrior King’s Fist…’

They would be a great help when he tried to defeat Demigods in the future after reaching 9 stars .

“Is he staying in the Great Reynols Forest?”

“I don’t think so…it doesn’t seem like he stays in the same location for more than a month . ”

One month .

He didn’t know how long he had been staying in the Great Reynols Forest, but he figured that there was not much time left .

After pondering for a while, Frey opened his mouth .

“How far is the Great Reynols Forest from here?”

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“Do you intend to meet him?”

“That’s right . It would be very good if we could get him to join our circle . ”

Eizek fell silent .

It wasn’t wrong .

Well, the words weren’t wrong .

In fact, there was nothing that Eizek could say about it because he had also been confident that he would be able to persuade that man .

But when he met him in person, it was more like meeting a wild beast instead of another human being .

And that was when he realised why the man was more comfortable being alone instead of in a circle .

From the Circle’s perspective, it did not look good when the Successor of the Magic Warrior King ran around doing whatever he wanted .

There were many extremists who thought of capturing him and then getting rid of him after they pried the secrets of the Warrior King’s Fist from him .

Nevertheless, this man was still able to frolic all across the continent .

This was because both their main plans and their contingencies failed .

It wasn’t just the Three Great Circles .

Many small and medium sized circles, some of whom were even stronger than the Trowman Rings, also sent many scouts .

And all of them failed .

Not a single one of them had been successful .

Although he had these thoughts, Eizek still took out a map from his bag .

The Circle Rounder’s question could not be ignored .

Chuk .

Eizek pointed to the map while speaking .

“I’ll show you the shortest route . This is the location of our circle . First, follow this road south to ‘Grode’ . It’s a bit closer to us than Uthiano, and it has a Warp Stone . Then, using the Warp Stone there, head to ‘Pillat’ . Pillat is one of the closest cities to the Great Reynols Forest . From here to there, it takes about three days . ”

Pillat .

The moment he heard that, Frey’s expression slightly changed .

This city, on the eastern end of the empire, was none other than the home of the Blake Family .

“From there, you can only go by foot . Of course, the mountain path leading to the forest is quite long and rough…if you use a carriage, you’d be able to save time and energy . ”

“I can hire a carriage?”

Eizek nodded .

“There is a caravan of peddlers who trade with the elves . It seems like there are transactions every month . Of course, we can’t use them to enter the forest . ”

“So the fastest way would be to join their group . ”

“That’s right . The peddlers are always looking for mercenaries to accompany them . Someone with Rounder Frey’s skills would be very welcomed . ”

Eizek did not know exactly how strong Frey was, but he did know that in order for him to become the Rounder, he had to be at least 6 stars .

There was no reason for Frey to not join the caravan since the mercenary world treated anyone who had reached 5 stars like nobility .


Frey pondered for a moment before turning to Beniang .

“Master Beniang, I think I will go meet the Successor of the Magic Warrior King . ”

“Yes . I thought you would . ”

Beniang nodded as she agreed .

“For now, the circle is fine . The foundation has been solidified, and even those who were wandering have found a path to follow . And Honor Eizek should be healed in time for the friendly competition in a month . ”

“Friendly competition?”

Fianne was the one who responded to the confused Eizek .

“I will tell you later . Anyway, Rounder Frey, you don’t have to worry . ”

Frey looked at their faces before nodding .

“Alright . Honor Gisellan, when is the Circle’s next biennial meeting?”

“In one year and six months . ”

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One year and six months .

It was enough time .

The Trowman Rings were still not ready for such a meeting .

Of course, it might not be enough time for him to achieve his goal .

‘9 stars . ’

Frey was thinking about reaching 9 stars before the next meeting .

Or at least have enough power to unite the scattered circles .

Of course, that alone wasn’t enough .

Frey recalled the Golem core he had retrieved from Schweiser’s dungeon .

‘The faster I create Anastasia, the better . ’

To reach 9 stars and to create Anastasia .

Neither one was easy .

If he stayed in the circle, then it would be quite difficult, but if he moved around on his own, it might be a different story .

Frey looked at Beniang and said .

“I will return before the meeting . ”

“…are you saying that the Circle Rounder will be away for that long?”

Eizek was the one who spoke up with a stiff expression .

His reaction was natural .

The Circle Rounder was very different from the Force Honor .

Except for special cases, they rarely left their posts for such a long time .

It was Gisellan, not Frey, who answered him .

“He told us that it might happen from the beginning . ”

“I don’t understand . I know that the Trowman Rings situation is dire . And that Rounder Frey’s abilities are excellent . But…”

“I know what you want to say . You’re worried that Rounder Frey might have requested a lot from us on the condition that he joined our circle . However, I can swear on my name that something like that never happened . In fact, we owe him a debt that we could never pay back . ”


“You will understand soon enough . For now, trust me and let it go . ”

Eizek sighed .

Since it was Gisellan who was talking, he was forced to believe him .

He was not as gullible as Beniang or Fianne .

He was a thick-skinned old man who had spent more than a decade in the ruthless mercenary world .

Gisellan’s presence was the only reason he could take long term missions without worry .

“Alright . Rounder Frey, please forgive my rudeness . ”

Frey, who was looking at the map, simply nodded .

“It’s fine . Rather than that, would it be possible for me to take this map with me?”

“Sure . It’s not that expensive . ”

“Thank you . ”

Frey put the map away as he said this .

“Master Beniang, I’ll take my leave now . ”

“Huh?! , already?”

“I think I need to leave as quickly as possible . I think it would be better than missing him by a small margin . ”

“I, I see . ”

Frey observed Beniang for a moment before saying .

“Please take good care of the circle, Master Beniang . I’m sorry that I won’t get to see the results of the friendly . Ah . But I don’t think I need to worry…”

When Frey’s eyes fell on them, Beniang, Gisellan and Fianne all flinched .

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“…it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t win by a landslide or at least by a large margin…”

“That won’t happen!”

“O-, of course! Isn’t that right, Honor Gisellan?!”


“I’ll take your word for it . ”

Frey smiled .

“Then I look forward to when we meet again . ”

* * *

[I look forward to when we meet again . ]

She blinked .

It felt like she was in a dream for a long time .

She slowly woke up .

It was the middle of the night . The pale moon was high in the sky .

She felt like something was missing .

Looking down at her body, she immediately realised what it was .


Feathers .

No feathers .

She couldn’t understand .

Why the hell did she have skin without feathers?

The shape of her body had also changed drastically .

She had no beak, no wings .

Did that matter?

It wasn’t like her power had weakened .

She could still spew out the flames that she was so proud of .

No, it felt like she had gotten even stronger than before .

She got up from her seat .

Flame-like hair cascaded like a wave down her back .

[Follow the footsteps of Torkunta and become the ruler of these mountains . Protect my friend’s dungeon . ]

A warm voice filled her head .

It was that person’s voice .

She immediately understood that she should listen to what it said .

First of all .

To become the ruler of the mountains, she just had to put this area under her control .

She was reluctant to follow the footsteps of that unlucky Drake King, but there was no helping it .

And it wouldn’t be difficult . The strength she had now was more than enough .

Second .

Protect that person’s friend’s dungeon .

He was probably talking about that space inside the mountain .

That was easy too .

Naturally, as long as the area was under her control, it would ensure the safety of that space .

So, when she had achieved both of those things…could she go find that person?

[You will reign . ]

She closed her eyes as she quietly remembered those words .

(TL: mind…blown…this last part gave me shivers)

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