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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:28:21 PM

Chapter 57: 57
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 57 – Trowman Rings (2)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

(TL: So you might notice some changes in this chapter . These are explained in the notes below . )

Beniang went back to her residence, saying that she had something to think about, and Frey was escorted to a room where he would be staying, which turned out to be a small house on the outskirts of the village .

After he’d washed himself and changed his clothes, he heard a knock on the door .  

It was Gisellan, a Force Honor of the Trowman Rings .  

“Do you have a minute?”

“Yeah . ”

“Thanks . ”

Gisellan walked in and sat on a nearby chair .

He appeared a bit disheveled as though he had not been able to clean up before arriving .

Gisellan looked down at himself and smiled bitterly .

“I couldn’t wash up because I was in a hurry . ”

“It’s fine . ”

“That’s a relief . I’ve embarrassed myself before you . ”

He was talking about what had happened before .

Frey did not think too much about it .

“I have a few questions that I’d like to ask . ”

“Please go ahead . ”

“What exactly is Relic Battle?”

For a moment, their gazes met .

Gisellan hesitated for a moment before slowly opening his mouth .

“It’s exactly that . It is a duel where the winner takes one of the Heroes’ relics from the loser . Originally it was organized as a way to promote and foster friendships between the circles…now, the meaning has changed a great deal . ”

“Can’t you refuse?”

“We have a few tricks up our sleeves but…the way things are now…”

At that moment, Frey realised that the circles weren’t really getting along with each other .

They called themselves the Circle, but in truth, they were like a group of individual forces who were forced together and were more preoccupied with keeping each other in check than actually helping .  


His eyes sank faintly but Gisellan just gave a bitter laugh without realising it .

“I understand it roughly . So, a circle called Basilisk Tails is fighting for the Trowman Rings’ artifacts?”


Gisellan hesitated for a moment, but Beniang’s advice resounded in his head .

‘She said it was better to tell him everything in an honest way than hide it from him . ’

He was a man who still came personally to check out the Trowman Rings despite their desperate situation .

It was better to be honest than to get caught lying and appear deceitful .

Gisellan nodded .

“You’re right . It has happened many times already and it’s not over yet . It’s not as though the Basilisk Tails are the only jackals . ”

“What do you mean?”

“Relic Battles between circles can only happen once a month . The small and medium sized circles near to us have already joined forces . They are taking turns every month to fight for artifacts . And they will only do it when Master Beniang and the other executives are away from the circle . ”

Gisellan looked at Frey, who was speechless and spoke bitterly .

If they fought 1 on 1 they might win, but when the groups joined forces then it wasn’t so easy .

Since they had no allies to rely on, the Trowman rings were completely isolated .

“You know that the situation of the Trowman Rings is not very good right?”

“Yes . ”

“In fact, it’s a lot worse than it seems . Our scale is less than a tenth of when we were at our peak and our talented members are all on long term missions to build results . Otherwise, our circle might break apart and be absorbed by other circles . ”

Frey was also surprised .  

This was because he had so simply and honestly told him about the extremely precarious situation that they were in .

He was well aware of the fact that the Trowman Rings was desperate for talent .

For them, even if they had to lie, they would want to do everything they needed to attract them .

Gisellan, who guessed what he was thinking from his expression, answered his unspoken question .

“It was Master Beniang who told me to be completely honest with you . ”

“…Master Beniang . ”

“A young hero who managed to become a 7 star Archmage and defeat an Apostle . All the major forces in the Circle are watching you . I heard that you were scouted by all three of the major circles . Is that true?”

Dugenjar hadn’t been there for that purpose, but Frey still nodded because Mikel from the Phisfounder Armlets had made him an offer before .

“That’s right . ”

“Hoo . ”

Gisellan’s attitude experienced a slight change .

He really wanted to attract Frey somehow .

But with the little bit of composure that he still had, he realised how pointless his thoughts were .

Even if he managed to attract him with a lie, it wouldn’t be difficult for Frey to leave the circle if he was really determined .

Gisellan knew this better than anyone .

It was an incredibly painful feeling when the Circle Master Osel Argento left and many of the Force Honors and even the most trusted Circle Rounders, left the Trowman Rings .

It was a lie to say that he wasn’t hopeful at all .

If it was Frey, who was said to have defeated an Apostle, then he would not find an opponent in the Trowman Rings .

If he did enter the circle, that fact alone would be enough to prevent those small and medium circles from appearing whenever they felt like it .

Everyone knew how powerful a 7 star wizard was .

But it would literally take a miracle .

‘It’s impossible for things to go so smoothly . ’

There was no merit for Frey to join the crumbling Trowman Rings .  

From this little conversation, Gisellan realised that this young man in front of him was truly worthy of the name Wizard .

He was the type of man who did not blink even once when he tried to appeal to his compassionate side .  

This wasn’t to say that Frey was wrong .

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Instead, he should be considered wise .

After all, there was no person who would decide to climb onto a sinking ship .

“That’s all I have to ask . ”

“…right . Then I’ll take my leave . Have a good rest . ”

“If it’s no problem, I’d like to take a look around the village . Would that be okay?”

Gisellan nodded .

“There’s no problem . But don’t snoop around Master Beniang’s house on the far west end . That might lead to unnecessary suspicion . If there’s anything you need, come to my house . It’s the one directly opposite . ”

“I will keep that in mind . ”

Gisellan left the room, and after a while, Frey followed him .

Although it was supposed to be the headquarters of a circle, Frey couldn’t help but be reminded of a normal village .

Frey walked slowly down the street while looking around .

Then he stopped .


There was a statue .

A very big statue which didn’t seem to fit in at all in this little village .

The statue was off a man, who appeared to be in his thirties, wore a blue robe, and seemed to be looking into the distance with a lonely expression .

On his left shoulder sat a small Phoenix and in his right hand was a crooked, old, wooden staff .

His name was written below the statue .

[Lukas Trowman] (TL: this is in English)

“Do you admire Mr . Lukas too?”

When he heard the voice, he turned around to see a young man .

He was a handsome young man with a gentle expression and a smile in his eyes .

He bowed his head politely when Frey turned to look at him .

“I’m sorry if I startled you . ”

“It’s fine . More importantly . I wonder why you think I like Lukas . ”

“Because you look captivated . Well . It seemed to me that you had many thoughts about Lukas . ”

Frey turned back to look at the statue of Lukas .

“I don’t like him that much . ”

“Ah…I see . I’m sorry . ”

He bowed his head again while apologizing .

“My introduction is a bit late . My name is Fianne . It’s not much, but I hold the position of Force Honor in the Trowman Rings . ”

Force Honor .

He didn’t expect that this young man would actually be an executive in the Trowman Rings .

Was it because they lacked talented personnel?

No .  

Frey could see that Fianne was actually quite outstanding . He seemed to be at a similar level to Gisellan, with whom Frey had just been speaking .

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‘Is it because they’re numbers are too small that they lose to the small and medium sized circles?’

Frey had this thought while introducing himself .

“I’m Frey Blake . ”

“I’ve heard a lot about you . It’s said that you defeated an Apostle . That’s an amazing achievement . I was so thrilled when I learned of it…I would like to express my sincere respect to Mr . Frey for your achievement . ”

“Thank you . ”

Frey politely bowed his head as well .

And the conversation ended there .

Fianne gave an embarrassed smile at Frey’s reaction which was much calmer than he’d anticipated .

“It seems that I am in the way . I will take my leave . ”

Then Frey stopped him just as he was about to turn around .

“One minute, can I ask you something?”

“Ah . Of course . ”

“I apologize in advance for my rudeness . Honor Fianne, why are you staying in this crumbling circle?”


Fianne’s face stiffened for a moment .

But Frey’s eyes remained firm .

This was the most important problem to him .

“With your skill, wouldn’t you be able to get into another circle easily? Not just you . Master Beniang, Honor Gisellan and all the other members here . I don’t understand why you all are bailing(2) water out of a sinking ship . ”

If it stayed the way it was, then the Trowman Rings would disappear someday .  

Their actions were nothing more than delaying when it actually happened .

“…you are a very reasonable person . Truly the model wizard . ”

Fianne gave a bitter smile .

Frey knew it wasn’t a compliment but did not say anything about it .

“A sinking ship . That is an appropriate analogy . It is true . And we all know the most realistic outcome . To be distributed among the other circles together with our remaining artifacts . ”

It was true .

In the end the purpose of the Circle was to overthrow the Demigods .

The collapse of the Trowman Rings didn’t mean that someone had to die or live a miserable life .

So he didn’t understand .

“But we can’t be so cold . ”


“Because that would mean that the Trowman Rings disappeared . ”

“What does it matter?”

“The Circle is an organization connected through the will of the heroes of old, Mr . Frey . If we break apart, then Lukas’ name will also be cut off . ”


“I know it sounds stupid . I have no intentions of forcing others to understand either . But Frey . In the first place, the Circle began because of our respect for those great legends . ”

Fianne gave a soft laugh .

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“Do you know why Lukas is the only human in history to be given the name Great Mage?”

Frey didn’t answer .

Fianne continued to speak, perhaps thinking that he didn’t know .

“It’s because he is the pioneer for everyone walking along the path of magic . 4,000 years ago, it’s not enough to say that the relationship between the wizards and the magic warriors was the worst .  

Ignoring or despising each other, there would even be fights to the death happening every day . It is the same for witches . They were treated like heretics instead of comrades who followed the same path . ”


“Lukas wasn’t like that . As long as they used mana, then they were the same kin . He said that they were all comrades who also shared the purpose of pursuing the long road known as magic . ”

Fianne laughed again .

“It was a small start, but someone had to do it . It was Mr . Lukas who made the first step . At that time, there were many who were unconvinced . Many who were hostile towards Lukas . Even wizards just like him . But…Lukas overcame it . ”


“Mr . Frey, I…no . Our circle is a simple group . We admire Lukas, who was able to embrace even those who wanted to take his life and lead them along the path of magic, more than anyone else in the world .

And if possible, we all wish to be able to imitate that sublime spirit, even a little . We never want his traces to disappear from our world . ”

Frey thought of Shepard and Peran again .

He thought of the smiles that came across their faces when they talked about the heroes they admired .

‘Ah . ’

Frey realised at that moment how they really thought of the heroes .

It wasn’t simply about respect or paying homage to the great people who lived in the past .  

To them, Lukas was like their soul . He was a spiritual pillar that was more important than even their own lives .

At that moment, Frey truly understood their hearts .

“I understand . ”

Frey turned his head away from Fianne and scratched his cheek like he was embarrassed .

“Lukas must be happy . ”


“He’d be very pleased to have successors who have inherited his spirit . ”

“Haha . I sincerely hope so . ”

Frey was grateful for their respect . As much as they respected and admired him, Frey respected and admired them .

He hadn’t thought about joining the Trowman Rings, but Frey wanted to at least give them something in return for their appreciation .

And that was not something difficult to achieve .

Frey’s footsteps lead him toward Beniang’s house .


1 . The name ‘Lucas Traumen’ has been changed to ‘Lukas Trowman’ because the author actually put the name in English .  

I feel like it is my duty as the Translator to keep the author’s desires for their novel in mind, hence in situations like this where English is used, I will stick to the author’s desires . Even for those cases where I find the choice to be strange .  

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will go back and change all the ‘Lucas Traumen’ in the chapters before, this change is only for the chapters going forward . And in the event I encounter another similar situation, e . g . ‘Schweiser’ being ‘Schwezer’, I will also change those according to the author’s decisions .

2 . To bail is to clear (water) from a boat by dipping and throwing over the side .

The ‘Mr . ’s that I use are my way of portraying ‘님’ but it always feels a bit odd because ‘Mr’ doesn’t quite cut it, in my opinion .

This was such a heartwarming chapter…do you think it’s enough for you to forgive my delays?)

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