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Chapter 56: 56
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 56 – Traumen Rings (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Beniang waited anxiously in front of the tower for Frey .

‘Should I have followed them?’

It didn’t seem like it would just be a simple conversation .  

Beniang, thought of Dugenjar .

Among the executives of the Phisfounder Armlets, that man was the one who could be said to have the most hostility towards the Traumen Rings .

Before, when the Traumen Rings was one of the four largest circles, Dugenjar would stare at them with a fierce gaze at every meeting .

It was the same even when the previous master Osel Argento, was alive .

Whenever Osel looked at him with a soft smile, Dugenjar would turn his head away with killing intent in his eyes .

However, after Osel died and the circle began to deteriorate, the situation changed .

Beniang had difficulty speaking after seeing his gaze . No, it wasn’t just Dugenjar .

None of the people there were friendly to a fallen circle .


From the distance, she saw Frey approaching .

Beniang ran up to him .

“Is, is everything okay?”

“Yes . ”

When Frey simply nodded with a calm expression, Beniang felt a bit confused .

Did nothing really happen?

From what she could see, there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal .

“And Honor Dugenjar…?”

“He went back . ”

“Honor Dugenjar…just went back?”

“I explained the situation and he believed me . ”


It didn’t make sense .

Beniang found it impossible to believe Frey’s words, but she had a feeling that she would not get an answer even if she continued to ask .

She could only put on a confused expression .

“…so are you done with your business?”

“Yeah . I think we can leave right away . Where is the headquarters of the Traumen Rings?”

“In the Peinsisko Forest . About three days away from Uthiano by foot . ”

“By foot?”

“I’m sorry, but the road isn’t developed enough for a wagon to drive on and there are no Warp Stones . ”

Beniang smiled awkwardly and Frey nodded .

They bought food, drinking water and camping equipment from a nearby general store and immediately left Uthiano .

And so their short journey began .

As Beniang had said, the road was not very developed .

Even though it was a short walk, because it was on a rough mountain road, it was rather tiring .

It might have been difficult for him before he had trained in the tower, but now it was quite relaxing .

Beniang also didn’t seem to be lagging behind either .  

No, instead she was even more relaxed than Frey .

Just before they crossed a small mountain, Frey stopped walking and looked back .

With the reddish sunset in the background, Uthiano looked small in the distance .

The beautiful sight warmed his heart .

‘Come to think of it, this is the first time I’m traveling by foot since my return . ’

To get to Kausymphony, he took a ship and then to get to every other destination, he used Warp Stones .

They were comfortable and efficient trips .

No, it was more like ‘moving’ than actually travelling .

This wasn’t to say that the current journey was bothersome and difficult . Instead, it had a certain beauty to it .

Frey prefered to have leisure trips and he especially liked taking a slow look at the surrounding scenery .

Beniang didn’t rush him and instead matched Frey’s relaxed pace .

The first day .

When the sun finally set completely, Frey and Beniang set up a campsite .

Surprisingly, it seemed that Beniang was familiar with camping .

Even on the mountain road, she managed to find suitably level ground for camping, made a campfire and skillfully laid their sleeping bags .

She even offered to make dinner herself .

She also had a Subspace Bag .  

From it, she removed utensils and ingredients and began to make soup on the spot .  

It was better than he expected, so Frey was surprised .

Beniang smiled as she handed a bowl of soup to Frey .

“I hope it suits your tastes . ”

He took a sip and found that it was very delicious .  

When Frey praised the great flavor, Beniang smiled so brightly it seemed like she would fly away .

“Would you like another bowl?”

“Please . ”


Looking at her act like this, one would never believe that she was a Circle Master or a Half-Dragon .

She felt more like an innocent country girl .

After the meal, Frey spoke .

“The man who was the previous Circle Master . Did you say his name was Osel Argento?”

“That’s right . ”

“Which Demigod killed him?”

Beniang froze at that .

Then she smiled bitterly and turned to Frey .

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“…you asked a very sensitive question . ”

‘Ah . ’

He inwardly thought that his question might have been too much .

It occurred to him that he might have to reflect on his straightforward way of talking . Since his return, his computational mindset which focused on efficiency had become more pronounced .

He didn’t have a very friendly personality 4,000 years ago, but it wasn’t this bad .

“I’m sorry . ”

Frey bowed his head and reflected .  

Embarrassed, Beniang shook her hand at him .

“N-, no . I’ve already learned to accept my father’s death . If I had allowed myself to wallow in it then the Traumen Rings would’ve been destroyed . ”


“How much do you know about Demigods?”

“I know that they are transcendent beings that surpass human understanding . ”

Since Frey wanted to hear about the Demigods from a Circle Master’s perspective, he acted like he didn’t know much .

Beniang nodded without having any strange thoughts about his response .

“I can’t tell you everything . Since you’re still an outsider . ”

“Would I be able to learn it if I entered the Traumen Rings?”

Beniang gave a bright smile .

“Of course . With your skill, you would be able to become an executive immediately . But for now, I’ll only tell you what I can . ”

“Thank you for that . ”

Beniang looked into the campfire for a moment before speaking .

“The Demigods also have a superior . An entity that was able to command all Demigods . We call him Lord . ”


Frey’s eyes shook .

Lord .

How could he forget?

He couldn’t help but think about what had happened at that time .

It was a being that he had encountered after he reached 9 stars . The being who had utilised its incredible power to seal him in the Abyss .

Frey had been avoiding thinking about it as much as possible .

This was because he still had not figured out a way to defeat this all powerful being who had crushed him even when he was a 9 star Great Mage .

At that moment Frey realised that this information had been hidden from him deliberately .

‘The Circle knew about Lord . ’

In the past, Shepard had told him that they didn’t have much knowledge about Demigods .

Frey now realised that that was a lie .  

Of course, he didn’t feel betrayed or disappointed in Shepard .

He didn’t fully trust Frey at that time, and wouldn’t tell him the truth .  

In fact, it was rather strange that Beniang was even telling him this secret .

“And even among the Demigods, there are individuals with tremendous power . We call them [Apocalypses] for easy classification…”

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“While they are not as strong as Lord, they are still strong enough to have a certain influence among the Demigods . ”

Beniang stretched out three fingers .

“We’ve figured out the power of three of the Apocalypses . Sword, Poison and Death . ”

At first, it would seem like these words have no connection, but Frey knew the identity of one of them .

The Demigod who controlled poison .

An ugly old man with many age spots .

‘That old man is definitely strong among the Demigods . ’

It seemed that as the years passed, Demigods like that old man, who had more power than the others, were classified separately from the rest .

“My father was killed by a Demigod who has the power of Death . It was not that long ago . Only two years . ”

“Was that when the Traumen Rings suffered a devastating blow?”

“Yes . ”

Beniang spoke bitterly .

“Our circle utilised our full strength for the battle . As a result, we suffered heavy damages . ”

“And what about the Demigod?”


She smiled bitterly and stayed silent . That was the answer .

If they had succeeded in their subjugation then she wouldn’t have stayed silent .

Frey wanted to learn more about the Demigods but, remembering his previous mistake, he couldn’t open his mouth easily .

‘I’ll stay content with this much information for now . ’

Afterwards, they had a few small conversations in which Frey deliberately avoided talking about the circle .

She wasn’t very outspoken .  

She even showed him her earrings which she usually kept hidden .

“These are Typhoon earrings . It’s one of the few magic tools created by the Great Mage Lucas Traumen . By simply injecting mana into it, you can create a magic barrier . The strength of the barrier was also directly related to the strength of the user . ”

“Wow! I saw them in a book before . They’re so beautiful . ”

Frey realised that, for the first time since his return, he was actually leading a conversation .

The reason wasn’t hard for him to guess . It was because he felt sympathy for Beniang .

She was currently the head of an organization that was slowly being destroyed . This was a burden that many would not be able to understand .

Frey couldn’t help but feel sorry for her when she had to carry such a burden on her little shoulders .

In addition, Beniang had the blood of a Green Dragon like his teacher .  

In the past, Frey had always wanted to repay his teacher’s kindness but the situation was unfavourable and he had been unable to do so .

Frey felt that if he helped Beniang now, it would also give him a bit of self comfort .

So he was also being selfish .

‘This child would have been happier if she’d grown up normally . ’

Frey continued the journey while trying to take care of Beniang as much as possible .

Thanks to this, by the time they arrived at the Traumen Rings’ headquarters, she was quite close to Frey .

“This Peinsisko Forest . ”

Frey looked at the forest in front of him .

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It was a normal forest without any special features .

But when he realised that it was in fact a natural barrier spell, Frey was impressed .

‘This took a great amount of skill . ’

He didn’t think that he would be able to destroy it at his current level

“Did you set up this barrier yourself?”

“No . If it is damaged then I can repair it, but it was created by my father . ”

It was clear that the man called Osel Argento was at least an 8 star Archmage .

Beniang on the other hand should be around 6 stars .

Considering the Dragons’ talent, this was a very disappointing figure .

‘She shouldn’t learn the human way, because she is Half-Dragon . ’

It was probably Osel Argento who taught her .

But Frey had no intentions of finding fault with him . Perhaps in the current world, there was no one who could properly teach Beniang .

‘If I teach her…’

Dragons had a ridiculous sensitivity to mana, the presence of their Dragon heart and their talent .  

If she made use of these things, she would naturally flourish . If he taught her well, she’d be able to grow incredibly strong in a short time .  

Just as Frey was delving deeper into his thoughts about Beniang .  

He felt someone approaching them at a fast pace from the forest .

Just as Frey began to summon his mana since he did not know who it was, Beniang shook her head .

“It will be someone from our circle . ”

Before long, a middle aged man appeared from the forest .  

He seemed to be in his 40s .  

He was wearing a brown open collared robe and had a large build . He looked more like a mercenary who had been through many hardships, pretending to be a wizard .

The man seemed to be in a hurry .  

He ran up to Beniang and spoke with a sorrowful tone .

“M, Master Beniang!”

“Honor Gisellan, what’s going on?”

The man, Gisellan, hurriedly bowed his head .

“Please forgive my rudeness! The problem is…”

“It’s fine . Just tell me the situation . ”

Beniang spoke in a calm tone . Frey turned to look at her .

It seemed that she performed her role as Circle Master much better than Frey thought .

But at Gisellan’s words, her demeanor cracked .

“I’m sorry! We…we lost in the relic battle again!”

His words caused Beniang to take a deep breath .

After biting her lip for a moment, she finally responded .

“…who was your opponent?”

“The Basilisk Tails…! Those jackals have come to our circle again!”

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