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Chapter 58: 58
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 58 – Trowman Rings (3)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The conversation with Beniang didn’t take very long .

Frey simply asked what he needed and within an hour he left the house once again .

Just in case, Gisellan, who was outside, asked while looking at Frey’s retreating back .

“Master Beniang, what did he want to talk about?”

“He just wanted to ask a few questions . ”

“What did he ask?”

“The location of the Basilisk Tails…and some of the rules that existed in the Circle . ”


Gisellan’s expression stiffened a bit .

This was because he was worried that Frey would stand on the other side after learning the location of the Basilisk Tails .

On the other hand, Beniang’s expression was complicated .  

Frey’s questions once again resounded in her mind .

One of them was the most impressive .

‘Can I apply for a Relic Battle with a wanderer’s status?’

* * *

“It really is true that there is no bird that doesn’t fall . ”

Antoine laughed at the words of Alan, a young executive of the Basilisk Tails .

“That describes the Trowman Rings perfectly . ”

“It’s just like you said . Hahaha . ”

Antoine’s group, who had just returned to their headquarters burst into pleasant laughter .

They looked down happily at the gains from their trip .

The Trowman Rings which was once one of the four largest circles! But look at them now .

Their headquarters was smaller than a mouse hole and their power was not even a tenth of when they were at their peak .

‘Well . Thanks to that we can drink sweet water . ’

They had already taken three artifacts .  

If the amount taken by the other medium and small circles were added up then it should be around ten .

At first, they were worried, because they did not know how weak they were, but after fighting a few times they had gained confidence .

They only needed to be wary of two people in the Trowman Rings . The Circle Master Beniang and a Force Honor called Azeg .

The best time to strike was when these two were away and it paid off .

“Rounder Antoine, a guest is here . ”

A circle member came to report to him .  

Antoine frowned because he had yet to unpack and take a rest .  

“A guest so late at night? Who is it?”

“It’s a wanderer . ”

“A wanderer?”

This wasn’t literal .

Wanderer was a term used by the Circle to describe persons who knew about the Demigods and had relics of the heroes but were not connected to any circle .

“What does he want?”

“That…he wants to have a Relic Battle with us…”


Antoine’s expression became filled with disdain .  

In fact, this was something that had happened numerous times before .

This was because the Basilisk Tails were the most powerful circle within the region . Because of this, numerous wanderers and runaways who escaped from their own circles, would come here seeking fortune .

In any case, the artifacts they had were low level items that were barely qualified to be called relics so there wouldn’t be much damage even if they lost .

“Throw him out . Make sure he never wants to come back . ”

The rules said that a Relic Battle couldn’t be refused, but there was no problem if you threw them out .

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Only those with poor skills usually chose to wander so they didn’t have a strong backer to stand up for them .

Except if it was one of the rare few with enough strength to be an executive .

“W-, well we tried to do that . He’s stronger than we expected, so it’s not possible . ”

“The guards weren’t enough?”

“Yes . Additionally, it seems that he has some reasonably good artifacts . ”

As the circle member said this, he recalled the cloak that the gray haired wanderer was wearing .  

He wasn’t exactly sure, but the cloak looked expensive .

That made Antoine’s expression change a little .

If he had decent artifacts then the story would be different .

Besides, didn’t he already say that they couldn’t kick him out even with the elite guards they had specially selected?

“I’ll take a look personally . ”

“Rounder Antoine will go personally?”

“Right . ”

Usually, he would send one of the Force Honors to handle a situation like this, but he was in a good mood today .

He’d realised that the Trowman Rings’ collapse was just around the corner and he’d managed to obtain an artifact .

Therefore Antoine decided to grant this wanderer the opportunity to meet him personally .

He followed his subordinate .  

The headquarters of the Basilisk Tails was located in a cave not far from the Peinsisko Forest .

Because of their expansion work, the interior of the cave was spacious and able to fit up to 200 people . They had also created a hold in the ceiling to allow sunlight to enter the cave .

Hallucinatory Spells and barriers had been placed at the entrance of the cave so that they did not have to fear any wild animal or lost travellers wandering into their base .

As he arrived at the entrance of the cave, he saw a young man standing there .

He was a handsome, gray haired man who wore a calm expression that did not seem to match his age .

Antoine didn’t recognize Frey .

He had immediately lost his nerve when he learned of Beniang’s arrival and hurriedly left the Trowman Rings .

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“You are the wanderer? What is your name?”

“Frey . ”

It was the first time he’d heard the name .

Frey’s name was naturally something that only the executives of large circles like the Big Three were aware of .  

In the first place, most small sized and medium sized circles like the Basilisk Tails had never even seen an Apostle, let alone a Demigod .

Their jobs were usually to clean up, defeat monsters and collect information .

It was impossible for him to have heard the news .

“Right . What business do you have here?”

The man, Frey, responded, recalling Beniang’s words .

“Your subordinate must have informed you already . Or do I have to say it again?”

It didn’t matter .

Frey muttered under his breath for a moment before clearing his throat and announcing in a loud voice .

“Wanderer Frey formally declares a Relic Battle against the Basilisk Tails . I don’t know if this is enough . ”

“Kuhh . ”

Antoine scoffed .

He wasn’t alone .

The faces of all the members around him were filled with ridicule .

“I don’t know where this kid came from . So? What artifact do you intend to wager?”

“This . ”

Frey took a dagger out of his bag before throwing it forward .

The dagger spun a few times in the air before sticking into the ground with a soft ‘puk’ .

It was a dagger encrusted with many bright jewels .

“Kungunil’s Dagger . It’s a premium item that is perfect to use as a weapon, it is engraved with a return rune so it will return when thrown and a blink rune which would allow the user to teleport to it . ”

“…if you’re lyin-”

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“Check for yourself . ”

Antoine observed Frey with his sunken eyes before shooting a glance at Alan who was behind him .

Alan pulled out the dagger which had been stuck in the floor and inspected it carefully .


‘Th-, this…!’

It was an amazing item .

One could tell that just by looking at it . The blade was silver and was engraved with many runes .

“I-, I’m sure this is from the Age of Light! This dagger is made of Mithril and there are multiple magic runes engraved on it!”

Antoine’s eyes shined with amazement .

If it was from the Age of Light, didn’t that mean that it was an item from the Great Mage’s era when Lukas and the other four heroes were active? 

The relics from that time were all engraved with powerful magic runes .

Antoine’s eyes became filled with greed instantly .  

“It’s not insufficient to call it a relic . What do you think?”

“Kuku . Good . ”

From the looks of it, he must have found it in a dungeon somewhere, but Antoine had dealt with many little wizards like this before .  

Young men who were filled with youthful vigor . He must have come here to pick a fight because he was confident in his skills .

He should be a 5 star, maybe even a 6 star wizard . But Antoine was not worried .

Relic Battles could be fought up to three times a day .

He didn’t think that it was possible for him to win all three battles, but it did not matter even if he did .

Because this was their headquarters . No one would know the truth if he killed him here .

That’s why he felt that the wizard in front of him was still a child .

Otherwise, why would he go alone to another’s headquarters and request a Relic Battle?

It was madness unless he had the power to destroy the circle on his own .

Antoine smiled .

“Come in . ”

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