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Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrow.


"You can recognize ore mines?"


Su He smiled before he replied, "Before I got into Forgotten Traces, I was a miner.”  


Such coincidence?


"Ok, then I’ll let you take charge of it.” Shen Yanxiao was very glad. Her decision to go to Forgotten Traces that day was really a good choice. If she did otherwise,The Rising Sun City wouldn’t be able to get such a rare talented person, ah!


Among the slaves, there was only handful of them that possessed great skills. Currently,  The Rising Sun City only had a scarce number of talented people, and this was what Shen Yanxiao was distressed about.


This problem might not be obvious at the moment since they were still just constructing the city, but one day, once the city had been rebuilt, developing it would become the next problem.


In fact, Shen Yanxiao did not intend to inform the Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire about the full power of The Rising Sun City. Her sensitive Warlock identity would surely cause unnecessary troubles. The Emperor might not even help and instead find ways to bring her down.  


After they mined the ores, they would be sent to the group responsible for building the city walls.


Seeing that the city walls were soon to be finished, Shen Yanxiao's heart was very excited.


What could be more fulfilling than rebuilding a city in person?


And this city would belong to her and would not be related to the Long Xuan Empire and not even to the Vermillion Bird Clan, this city solely belonged to her!


At this point in time, the mercenaries of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had gradually become accustomed living with the demons, to the point where they even helped build the city walls and interacted naturally with the demons.


They had already completely destroyed their previous view of the world.


Shen Yanxiao assigned the two Phoenixes and Vermillion Bird to clean up the whole city. With their strong powers, she made them destroy all the broken houses except the area where they were temporarily resting, to make the construction of the buildings easier later on.


Regarding this order to destroy the broken houses, the three Mythological Beasts smoothly and easily did their job. They even treated it as a game and enjoyed themselves well.


Lan Fengli still followed around Shen Yanxiao like a small tail, but in front of another little tail, he seemed to become more quiet, but his eyes never left Shen Yanxiao’s figure.


The Rising Sun City’s development had all been seen by the eyes of the spies sent by the three countries; this made them feel restless.


In the Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di had a gloomy face as he sat on his chair and listened to the report of their spy.


"You mean that The Rising Sun City suddenly had a lot of people and they began rebuilding the city? And the city walls are almost complete?" Geng Di could not believe his ears. It had just been a month since Shen Yanxiao came into the Barren Land, yet she had actually already started rebuilding the city?


This was simply ridiculous!


Back then, before they could rebuild Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di used ten thousand mercenaries and spent nearly six months just to clear all the demons out of Magical Fantasy City.


However, Shen Yaxiao had unexpectedly skipped this step, and just started to rebuild the city directly. This was truly hard to believe.


"Are all the demons in The Rising Sun City dead? Why did they let a little kid build the city there so easily?” Geng Di’s mouth was twitching. The Rising Sun City was one of the five major cities, and the number of demons there were at least more than 10,000 with a daunting fraction of higher demons.


Magical Fantasy City had only few thousand demons and more than ten higher demons at that time, but it took him half a year to clear the whole city of those demons. Now, it had been a year or two since he had been trying to reclaim the main city of the southern region of the Barren Land, but it was still impossible.


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