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 Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry. She had always been surrounded by a group of men who didn't bother with trifling matters. Now, a delicate and pretty little girl suddenly jumped to her side. She really could not get used to it.


A woman’s mind was the most meticulous. They were extremely thoughtful about the people they cared about in every aspect. However, Shen Yanxiao was a casual person. She was not a splendid flower in a greenhouse, but the pine and cypress that stood during the winter months.


Yin Jiuchen was carefully tidying Shen Yanxiao's clothes while speaking with a lowered head, "Miss, you saved us, and we should repay you. We should take care of these jobs. If you do this again, what will we people feel?"


Yin Jiuchen and Su He, with the 3,000 slaves, all came from Forgotten Traces. They had familiarity with one another. Shen Yanxiao's series of actions had already made all of the slaves feel very grateful. Yin Jiuchen was very clear that they had no way to repay Shen Yanxiao. They could only work hard and strive to complete the tasks she assigned; only then they would not be ashamed to have been paid with gold coins and a handful of food and clothing.


Shen Yanxiao helplessly looked at the stubborn Yin Jiuchen; then, she turned to look at Du Lang, who was standing on one side.


Du Lang chuckled and said, "You give Little Jiu peace of mind. You don't know but every day when you appear and disappear in quick succession, the little girl is scared and will sleep by your side at night, afraid that if she turns her sight away for a second, your shadow will disappear.”


Shen Yanxiao sighed. They were obviously the same age, and they were obviously the same gender, but somehow, she felt that compared to the gentle Yin Jiuchen, she was as mighty as a man.


Could it be, I’m a man hidden in a woman's body?


"I'll try my best." Shen Yanxiao felt very helpless. She could scream loudly at Du Lang's group of big men. But she could not bear to scold the little girl viciously.


Another team of miners had returned. Su He was carrying a hoe and upon entering the city, he saw a resigned Shen Yanxiao with a very busy Yin Jiuchen at her side. Watching this scene that had often been played these days, Su He could not help but laugh.


“Is Little Jiu giving City Lord some headaches?” Su He's character was very straightforward. He didn't bother about small matters.


Shen Yanxiao smiled wryly at him. Yin Jiuchen told her that she could not personally pull those ores, so she could only stand at one aside and look at these dark stones with her eyes.


Since the beginning, she already planned to use black obsidian to create the city walls. With such a wall made of hard minerals, even if other people bombarded it with fire, she could still sit steadily on her chair with a cool head.


This was a decision that could stupefy people. If someone else wanted to use black obsidian to build walls, everyone in the world would probably call him a madman.


However, just at the foot of Shen Yanxiao was the most abundant store of ores in the whole Barren Land. The things that others dared not imagine, she could directly do in this place.


“Su He, how is the situation today?” Shen Yanxiao asked. From when she had assigned workers to mine ores to the present, more than half a month had passed. After this period of time, most of the city walls of The Rising Sun City had been completed. This astonishing completion speed could be mostly attributed to the slaves. In order to thank Shen Yanxiao for her kindness, they worked day and night and worked really hard. There were even several occasions when Shen Yanxiao personally patrolled every direction of the city at night and knocked down those men assigned to other works from the city walls.

Su He replied, “The mining area that we are responsible for is relatively small. At present, the output of the ore is already somewhat inadequate. I am ready to take people and go back to the surrounding areas to look for other possible ore mines.”





"You mean that The Rising Sun City suddenly had a lot of people and they began rebuilding the city? And the city walls are almost complete?" Geng Di could not believe his ears. It had just been a month since Shen Yanxiao came into the Barren Land, yet she had actually already started rebuilding the city?


This was simply ridiculous!


Back then, before they could rebuild Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di used ten thousand mercenaries and spent nearly six months just to clear all the demons out of Magical Fantasy City.


Geng Di: I smell something demonic about this.

Spy A: Demonic? 

Geng Di: There's no fish here, but there's a lot of demons here, so we can subsitture fish with demons in our scenario.

Spy A: ... 

Geng Di: *cough* Anything else you have discovered?

Spy A: Well it seems that they have never attacked any demons and there even seem to be some demons cooperating with the-

Geng Di: I GOT IT! So that's what they are playing now, huh!

Spy A: ???

Geng Di: That shitty Lan Xuan Empire must have send that little girl to the leader of the demons as a way to make an agreement with them! They probably agreed that those demons would give them the Rising Sun City and help them build the city in exchange for that girl to be that demon's concubine! And from the looks of things, that demon agreed! So that's why they can easily build a city! That nasty empire! Quickly go and call our Emperor to send a pretty young lady!

Spy A: ... 

Geng Di: Why are you still standing here?! GO NOW!

Spy A: Y-yes. how did such a stupid person became our head?


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