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The spy kneeling in the hall swallowed his saliva. Not only Geng Di thought it was all ridiculous. Even the spy himself, who had seen this inconceivable situation in person, thought it was all crazy.


But no matter how crazy they thought it was, this was all true.


"Responding to the City Lord, the demons of The Rising Sun City... are all still there."


"Still there?" Geng Di frowned. "Since the demons haven't been cleaned up yet, how are they able to rebuild the city?"


The spy replied, "Together with... with the demons... they're rebuilding the city."


Geng Di stood up from the chair and stared at the spy, stunned. He could not wait to pick him up and shake him.


"Rebuilding the city with the demons? Do you think I'm a fool?"


“This subordinate doesn't dare, but what this subordinate said is all true. We don’t know what is going on. We just saw that the demons of The Rising Sun City have no intention of attacking humanity. Instead, they have been helping people rebuild the city. Moreover, we observed what has been happening there. Every day there are dozens of people going out from The Rising Sun City to mine ores in various places in the eastern region. In these teams, there will be hundreds of lower demons and a few middle ones. When they return, these demons will be responsible for escorting the ores. There is absolutely no aggression.” The spy wanted to cry. He was honestly telling the truth. God knew that when he first saw this, he almost stared his eyes out.


The observations of the past few days had caused these skeptics to suspect that their eyes were playing tricks on them. When did those cruel demons start to not eat humans and help people instead?


“How could this be possible?” Although Geng Di thought that these things were utterly strange, he knew that his spies were not bold enough to spout some lies before him.


“Are the demons really helping them rebuild the city? Even if they have Huoyao, the most it can do is to hide their smell from the demons. If they run into the demons, they will definitely fight. What are they thinking by helping them?” Everything felt so strange to him.


The hostile relationship between demons and humans had continued for thousands of years. This natural relationship could not be changed overnight.


What exactly happened in The Rising Sun City? How did everything become so unreasonable?


"You continue to observe their side. If you have news, inform me as soon as possible." Geng Di sat down, his face full of worries.


He did not think that Shen Yanxiao's progress would be so unreasonably fast. He had thought that if Shen Yanxiao wanted to rebuild The Rising Sun City, it would take her at least a year or two. So he never let his men make the next move and decided to just wait and observe for now.


However, she had already developed The Rising Sun City at a speed that he couldn't imagine. Such a speed made him start to feel worried, worried that he would not be able to stop The Rising Sun City from being formed overnight.


"City Lord?" Qu Rui, who was standing by the main hall, had completely recovered. He carefully gazed at the uncertain side view face of Geng Di.


Geng Di slightly frowned and looked at Qu Rui before he asked, "When you saw that little brat that day, did you feel anything strange?"


Qu Rui swallowed his saliva and said, "No, that little girl is beautiful, and there are two Magical Beasts in her hands. This one doesn't feel anything was strange at all." He had heard everything on the side and also felt strange about it. He wanted to let Geng Di take revenge for himself and teach that Shen Yanxiao a lesson, but he did not expect that everything he would hear today could actually be so crazy.


"Is it true?" Geng Di thought, perhaps the two Mythological Beasts on her side might be very powerful. But there were hundreds of higher demons in The Rising Sun City; coupled with the middle and lower demons, it was not possible for them to completely yield to two Mythological Beasts.


For so many years, no matter how many strong figures and Mythological Beasts the Radiance Continent had mobilized, there was never a situation where demons had surrendered.


Their yielding meant death. Demons and humans could not coexist.



Geng Di: she's beautiful and the two Mythological Beast can't let all the demons surrender.

Geng Di: then, it might really be the leader of the demon has taken a fancy to her!

Geng Di: though demons and humans can't coexist. But... Love transcends everything! Un. Right!

Geng Di: *looks at the spy* What did the emperor say?

Spy A: T-the Emperor said it was unlikely.

Geng Di: Hah? If not that, what could other be possible reason!?

Spy A: The E-Emperor said, i-if you insist on your reasoning, th-then, why don't you just send your..self since you look like a beautiful woman?

Geng Di: KILL HIM. 


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