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She originally wanted to give the four animals the scare of the year, but she did not expect to accidentally discover the two naughty brats Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei.


Shen Yanxiao's mood was extremely good.


She looked at Shen Jiayi as she was sleeping with a peach blossom smile under the moonlight; Shen Yanxiao thoughtfully touched her chin.


A wonderful idea formed in her mind as her rosy lips outlined a wicked smile. Shen Yanxiao took out of a fine sharp dagger from her ring.


She then gestured toward Shen Jiayi's beautiful little face.


Shen Yanxiao bent down and stared at Shen Jiayi's dark, beautiful, long hair, her eyes narrowing.


In the dark room, only a piece of moonlight coming through the window illuminated a small piece of space; a plume of dark silk flew under the shine of the moonlight.


A moment later, Shen Yanxiao looked at the big bald head of Shen Jiayi with satisfaction; the corner of her eyes was full of nasty smile.


Putting the dagger away, Shen Yanxiao quietly left through the window. She also "kindly" locked the door firmly for Shen Jiayi before she left.


In the middle of darkness, a tragedy silently arose just like that.


When the first sun rays of the morning sprinkled on the ground, the school tournament of the Long Xuan Empire was set to begin.


In Holy Roland School's temporary hotel residence, a shrill scream shot straight to the sky!


Meanwhile, the four animals were finished grooming themselves, ready to go.


When they went outside to meet, they could see the absolute confidence in each other's eyes.


"Strange, why is that love-struck fool so well-behaved today? " Tang Nazhi turned around and looked at the closed door of Shen Jiayi's room. Usually, by this time, wasn't the eldest sister supposed to be dressed up already, standing in the hallway to wink at them?


Qi Xia yawned before asking, "Have you heard a scream before?"


"Heard." Tang Nazhi nodded.


Qi Xia smiled and said, "That sound should have come from her room, I guess we may not see her today."


Tang Nazhi raised his eyebrows; that was a good news to him.


In the center of the lobby of the hotel, Ouyang Huanyu stood in a plain and simple yet imposing robe, with the heads of the six branches standing on his both sides.


Six students representing six branches of Holy Roland School quietly arrived at the lobby.


Ouyang Huanyu's deep eyes swept through the eyes of the six extraordinary handsome young men; his mouth raised a touch of an amiable smile.


"Today is the day when you will represent Holy Roland School. From this moment on, you are not only responsible for your personal honor and disgrace, but you are also representing the branches behind you. Young people, you should gain glory for your fellow students and mentors!"


With the inspiring words of Ouyang Huanyu, Holy Roland School team headed toward the venue of the school tournament!


At the same time, school teams from all over the Long Xuan Empire were also ready to go. In the next few days, they would fight inside this city for the honor and faith of their own schools!


Shen Yanxiao dressed modestly and wore the face-changing mask. She looked at Yun Qi who was wearing a mask just like her, her face revealing a smile.


"Let's go! Let's see the students of the various schools in the Long Xuan Empire and how capable they are!" Yun Qi straightened up his back; his eyes looked like a torch of burning flames.


For many years, Warlocks had not set foot in the Snow Blowing City, but from today on, a Warlock would once again ascend onto this piece of battle land.


He believed that one day, in Long Xuan Empire, in Radiance Continent, there would be a place for Warlocks again!

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