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"What to do! They actually did not come to check on me or want to help me take revenge!" Shen Jiayi stormed out of the bed and blurted out angrily.


Shen Jiawei sat on a chair and looked somewhat helpless at his own sister as she revealed her true face.


No one could be clearer than Shen Jiawei about the sudden hostile behavior of Shen Jiayi. In truth, all those tears and display of grievances were just to win the care of those few animals.


As early as when Qi Xia and others went out to find Tang Nazhi, Shen Jiayi had ordered Shen Jiawei to prepare a bath water, then she washed away the filth on her face. Afterward, she let Shen Jiawei guard outside; once he saw Qi Xia and co came back, he was to tell her immediately, so that she had the time to put on the drama as someone being wronged greatly.


Unfortunately, all preparations had been done, but the male protagonists did not appear in a collective strike.


This made Shen Jiayi gnash her teeth in anger.


Shen Jiawei uncomfortably looked at his sister's ugly face and whispered,"Sister, father said that you must get closer to the Third Young Master of the Qilin Clan..."


"I know!" Shen Jiayi impatiently threw him a glance.


The Vermillion Bird Clan was likely to fall into the hands of Shen Yanxiao in the future, and Shen Yue was naturally unwilling for his pair of children to be in the hands of a waste. Ever since the last time when he went to Holy Roland School and saw her daughter having thoughts about Qi Xia, Shen Yue instructed Shen Jiayi to try her best to get close to Qi Xia.


No one knew what method did Shen Yue used in the end to stuff these brats in the team going for the school tournament.


But he wanted to make Shen Jiayi well acquainted with Qi Xia during the school tournament.


The only surprise was the emergence of the other three animals. When four beautiful young men of elegance and magnificence uniformly appeared in front of Shen Jiayi, Shen Jiayi was extremely dazzled!


She began to fantasize that she was a beautiful woman in a myriad of love, and the care of the few people was a showcase of her own charm.


She was no longer simply entangled on Qi Xia's side, but instead, she constantly circled around the four animals.


Which seemed to be a bad decision.


Looking at how Shen Jiayi having difficulty maintaining her conduct while she circulated around the four beautiful juveniles, Shen Jiawei on the sidelines was worried.


Moreover, although Qi Xia was not bad towards them siblings, he always felt that he was too polite. And he could also not tell at all which one of the four beautiful juveniles had any affection for Shen Jiayi.


Unfortunately, Shen Jiawei could not say this and could only listen to Shen Jiayi's commands.


"I'm tired, you go, I'm going to sleep." Shen Jiayi felt very upset and drove Shen Jiawei out.


After blowing the lights off, she lay on the bed and covered herself with the quilt to rest.


Shen Jiayi's head was full of the handsome faces of the four animals as she went into the dreamland.


A petite figure, in the dead of the night, quietly opened the windows of Shen Jiayi's room.


In the darkness, Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes, staring at Shen Jiayi who was lying on the bed.


In fact, she had never left. After she finished saying the last sentence to Tang Nazhi, she hid in the dense crowd.


It was one thing to teach Tang Nazhi a lesson, but if he was robbed or attacked on the street or something while under the single curse technique, that might not be too good. But she could not just let Tang Nazhi off, so Shen Yanxiao just crouched at one side for a good while and ate no fewer than ten buns. When she was full, she finally saw Qi Xia and others appear to save Tang Nazhi.


Because the streets were too noisy, Shen Yanxiao did not clearly hear what the four people had talked about.


When they left, a little girl with a bad idea came along quietly.

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