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The Long Xuan Empire school tournament was very important for every school in the entire country. The students eligible to enter the school tournament were the top students in each school, representing the cornerstone of each school.


Every school expected their students to achieve brilliant results in the school tournament, which would greatly enhance their status and popularity in Long Xuan Empire.


There were sixteen top schools in Long Xuan Empire, and the rest of the secondary and lower schools were numerous.


Regardless of the strength of these schools, almost all of them had signed up for this school tournament in order to allow their students to be exposed in the competition.


With the exception of Warlock, every school had six different professions participating in the school tournament every year. Besides the six participants, almost all the Deans and the Branch Heads of each school were also present.


It could be said that every season of the school tournament was a gathering of the Long Xuan Empire's elite mentors.


This year, a total of 370 schools were participating in the school tournament, each sending six members, bringing the total number of players to 2,220.


The corresponding number of the mentors and Dean from each school, compared with the number of the players, were only a few much more.


The venue of the school tournament was in the largest battle ring located at the center of Snow Blowing City. It was a round open hall surrounded by audience seats, enough to accommodate as many as tens of thousands of people. The venue was also set to have six areas in accordance with the six professions respectively. Each area was divided into ten rings where players would battle.


Early in the morning, the elites from various schools entered the huge venue.


Obviously, these thousands of people could not fill the entire venue that could hold about tens of thousands of people alone.


However, besides the members of each schools, there were other people who were coming for the school tournament. Some of them came from the influential families of Long Xuan Empire trying to search for capable individuals who they could win over. There was also plenty of strong individuals who were still living in seclusion coming here to find a very talented young man to accept as their disciple. And of course, there were those whose blood was full of warlike factors. The school tournament of Long Xuan Empire every year was always phenomenal, these people could definitely not miss such a rare occasion.


For the schools, the school tournament was a good opportunity to claim a place for their own name. And for the students who participated in the tournament, how could it not be a good stage to become a famous individual?


Even if they could not get the final victory, as long as they perform well enough, there would be a lot of influential families who would take notice of them.


After all, not every student was as wealthy as the students of Holy Roland School. Those children from a poor family, they hoped to show their talent and strength at such a competition and get the attention of an influential family. If they could be drawn in by a strong family, then they would get a qualitative improvement in their future cultivation and life.


In reality, the schools that were only expected to fight for the championship were only the top sixteen schools.


But, not mentioning the strength of the participants from the top 16 schools that students of other schools could not compare to, just the reward attached to the winner of this tournament had already intimidated many of the less-emboldened students.


To be called by the glorified name of City Lord of a piece of land.


However, that piece of land was none other than the forbidden area of Radiance Continent—  the barren land!


That place was uninhabited, with only deserted land and dilapidated cities; and there were also those infamous demons that could transform into a human.


Such a reward, for many people, was basically a punishment!

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