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The defenseless handsome youth heard Vermillion Bird's screams, and just as he turned his head around, he saw a fiery little figure flying straight towards him.


Without enough time to react, his whole person crashed with Vermillion Bird.


Vermillion Bird, with that handsome youth, pounded directly to the side of the house. They only heard a loud bang, then the originally crumbling clay house was completely knocked over by two guys, and the entire broken piece crackled and hit the bodies of the two people.


Uncle Jiu, who had been prepared to meet his death, puzzledly open his eyes after hearing a loud noise. Watching his intact self, and then looking at the smoke-filled ruins, he couldn't react to what had happened for a time.


Shen Yanxiao slowly walked out from behind the house where she had been watching. Uncle Jiu watched her appearance in full surprise.


"Is that you?" One of the kids who had been taken in by him? Uncle Jiu stared at Shen Yanxiao and asked.


"It's me." Shen Yanxiao walked over ignoring Uncle Jiu's surprised face, and instead, handing him a Cure Potion.


"Drink it. Your body will not last long."


Uncle Jiu looked at Shen Yanxiao with a complex expression. He took the potion with a wry smile and drank it down without hesitation.


"I should have thought long ago that it was you who entered the Sun Graveyard, but it was a pity... I still looked away at the fact and treated you as ordinary children." Uncle Jiu shook his head, laughing and crying at the same time.


"What is going on here? That kid, why does he want to kill you?" Shen Yanxiao was not a nosy person, but the villagers in this village had treated her well, so she really could not bear to watch them die in front of her.


Uncle Jiu said, "These, you don't need to mind, you just leave quickly, otherwise, if you wait for Little Feng to come back, you cannot walk away by then." Uncle Jiu looked at the corpse of a villager and quickly urged Shen Yanxiao to leave.


"Little Feng? You mean this kid?" Vermillion Bird came out from the rubbles. He was covered with dust all over and one of his hands was dragging an unconscious figure.


"......" Uncle Jiu was dumbfounded, looking at the unconscious handsome youth, he could hardly believe his eyes.


"How could... Little Feng's body has the blood of the Dragon Race, his body's tenacity is ten times than that of human, how can he faint with just a crash." At the moment of surprise, Uncle Jiu did not notice the words he just said with his mouth.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes, Uncle Jiu's careless remarks had fallen into her ears.


As for why the kid would faint?


Vermillion Bird, who was at the peak of Mythological Beast level, had just smashed into him. Nevermind someone who only had a Dragon Race's blood, even if it was a real Dragon Race, they probably would have faint just the same.


However, this fact, Shen Yanxiao did not dare tell Uncle Jiu. Right now, She only wanted to know what happened to this village!


Seeing that the handsome youth had been unconscious, Uncle Jiu was finally relieved, but there was a glimmer of restlessness in the edge of his eyes.


He looked at the ruined, dull village, his eyes suffused with tears, then he sighed and said, "Nevermind, this matter is already in this way, I'll tell you everything... you come with me..."


Then, Uncle Jiu walked towards the direction of his own house.


Though it could no longer be called a house as the tattered walls and the crumbled roofs covered everything. Uncle Jiu with the two people and the unconscious handsome youth went to the original location of the kitchen, found the door to the basement under the rubbles and opened it.

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