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When Shen Yanxiao entered the basement once again, she saw not only that four mercenaries but also some of the surviving villagers, Old Ba and Little Ke were in them.


When they saw Uncle Jiu returned, the villagers showed gladness in their faces. When they saw Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird, they also had a look of surprise.


But when they saw the handsome youth in Vermillion Bird's hands, everyone's faces were painted with horror.


"Uncle Jiu, he is..." Old Ba was brave enough to look at the young boy who had almost slaughtered the whole village.


Uncle Jiu waved his hand and said to them,"It's fine now, you go out and pack up, we cannot stay in the village."


The ignorant villagers nodded and looked at the four people with a complex expression before hesitantly leaving the basement.


The four Cave Wolves mercenaries had already recovered. They stood in the basement, not knowing what to do. They were severely wounded when they were attacked previously and fell into a coma. They thought they were going to die that time but unexpectedly, they were saved by this village's Uncle Jiu. During this time, they had not been able to leave the basement, so they were clueless about what happened in the village.


However, they noticed that the little ones who stood beside Uncle Jiu were the VIP guess of their corps. Their eyes produced more curiosity and more astonishment.


"You guys also go out first, I have something to say to these two little guys." Uncle Jiu instructed.


That four mercenaries nodded their heads and glanced at Shen Yanxiao, all their faces revealed a smile before finally leaving the basement.


"You sit down first." Uncle Jiu was very tired and found a stool to sit down. During this time, the survival of the entire village was pressed on him, and he had experienced great setbacks psychologically and physically.


Vermillion Bird casually threw the unconscious handsome youth on the bed, then pulled Shen Yanxiao to one side and sat down.


"For so many years, there have been many people who had tried to enter the Sun Graveyard, and they were not successful. I did not expect that these two little guys had actually entered." Uncle Jiu said with a wry smile on his face.


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows.


"Uncle Jiu, the village and the Sun Graveyard are related?" She had long felt that this strange village was to prevent someone from entering the Sun Graveyard, and now, with what Uncle Jiu said, she was more confident of her own ideas.


Uncle Jiu nodded helplessly, he paused, and then replied, "Not with the Sun Graveyard, but with those who are in the Sun Graveyard."


"There are people in the Sun Graveyard?" Shen Yanxiao was quite shocked. She and Vermillion Bird had almost turned over the entire Sun Graveyard but they did not see any silhouette of a person.


But thinking of what Vermillion Bird said before about this youth who had suddenly appeared in the Sun Graveyard, what they had previously known indeed seemed different.


Uncle Jiu sighed and said, "Things are like this now, and there's nothing for me to conceal anymore. The Sun Graveyard was occupied by a group of people since a long time ago, they built a palace underground which is being protected by the chaotic elements of the Sun Graveyard, and carried out certain things there. The village was built after their arrival, and the purpose of this small village is to prevent outsiders from entering the Sun Graveyard."


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. It seemed that her guess was not wrong.


"Little Ke's and Old Ba's wounds on their bodies are not an accident right?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

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