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Vermillion Bird replied, "I don’t know, that day when you disappeared..."


After Shen Yanxiao disappeared, Vermillion Bird's fire dragons turned the entire Sun Graveyard upside down. After not finding Shen Yanxiao, he still did not give up and continued to wander in the Sun Graveyard.


He had looked for a month but found nothing. Just as he was about to go to the God's Domain to seek the sage’s help, he had detected a strange breath in the Sun Graveyard.


That young boy who had emerged from who knows where directly rushed out of the Sun Graveyard towards the small village.


Vermillion Bird had originally wanted to grab that young boy and asked about the Sun Graveyard and Shen Yanxiao's disappearance, but after that young boy came into the village, what happened next had made Vermillion Bird stunned.


The young boy started a frantic massacre after entering the village. The villagers who appeared in his sight would be killed by him in the first instance.


He did not give anyone the chance to speak, nor leave anyone alive.


All the way forward, corpses were everywhere. Only half a day had past and there were already countless villagers who had died in his hands.


The villagers did not have any power to fight back at the youth's hands, and all were reduced into lambs to be slaughtered.


Then, Uncle Jiu appeared to put a stop to the youth's massacre.


"That human old man is really a very powerful figure. I also think that boy is very strange. I actually can feel the breath of Demon Race in him, simply unbelievable." Vermillion Bird slowly narrated everything that occurred these past days to Shen Yanxiao.


"The breath of Demon Race?" Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a second. That was a race which was already extinct for thousands of years.


"Not only the Demon Race, I also found that this boy's way of killing is like that of the Dragon Race, simple and crude, direct to the heart, and even the moves how he dug out the hearts is the same as the Dragon Race." The reason Vermillion Bird squatted here watching the play was entirely because he found a lot of weird things on that boy.


"How long had they been fighting?" Shen Yanxiao did not have time to mind that kid's background, she was more concerned about the four Cave Wolves mercenaries that Uncle Jiu had been sheltering. It seemed that this boy's actions were to slaughter the entire village, and if he really did that, only ghost knew if she could still find the presence of the four mercenaries.


"It's been almost half a month now." Vermillion Bird answered.


As the two talked, Uncle Jiu's mouth spat out a foul blood, he clung to the crutches looking at the exceptionally cold youth, his eyes full of sorrow.


"Little Feng... How could you become like this now!" Uncle Jiu opened his mouth with a hint of heartache.


The youth called Little Feng indifferently looked at Uncle Jiu and did not make any response. He walked towards Uncle Jiu step by step, seemingly intending to get rid of the old man standing before him.


Uncle Jiu closed his eyes painfully. The hard battle these past days had left him exhausted. He was not the youth's opponent, and now, he could only wait for his death to come.


Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and looked at the handsome youth who had arrived before Uncle Jiu. Seeing him raised his hand, and his five fingers formed an arch, which would soon run through Uncle Jiu's chest, Shen Yanxiao clenched her teeth and her foot kicked Vermillion Bird away.


"Waaah!! ah ah!" Vermillion Bird, who was enthusiastically watching the play, was inexplicably been kicked away and had directly flown to the defenseless handsome youth who was currently making a move on Uncle Jiu.

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