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The ten people were under shock. Their shoulders burst into pain. They were just about to wail aloud when Shen Yanxiao immediately placed another arrow on Purple Baron and aimed at the group of mercenaries.


"If you dare to make a sound, I will nail your heads to the tree." You didn't take the road to heaven, but pushed yourselves to hell where there wasn't a door. This group of idiots dared to delay her from seeing the demons and also dared to threaten her. They were simply courting death.


The few mercenaries were completely frightened silly by everything in their sight. They couldn't have imagined that this seemingly soft and weak little brat was such an incredibly tyrannical Archer. One bow and ten arrows; this fellow wasn't a human!


In an instant, the ten people were nailed onto a tree, having no time to react.


Staring at the arrow in Shen Yanxiao's hand, the group of people simply wanted to cry.


Why did they kick such a block of iron? This brat was simply too ruthless. His eyes didn't even blink when he shot through ten people. His small and unremarkable face also had no traces of ripples. That calmness made people's blood run cold.


They dared not to utter another word. It was already good that they didn't die directly due to being too frightened.


This little brat was simply a monster!


The ten people wished they could give their mouths a few big slaps. Just because they saw that the other party was only an ordinary little brat who could be bullied, they threatened her. But who knew he would directly shoot the ten of them in return. What a big disparity.


Now, even if they were given 100 more courage, they would never defy Shen Yanxiao's orders. No one wanted that feather arrow to fall onto their foreheads.


Shen Yanxiao was satisfied watching the few mercenaries with their mouths closed. She immediately put back the Purple Baron inside the ring and headed towards the depths of the jungle without looking back.


She was Huo Xiao and no one knew her origins, so she didn't have to hide her strength. Those ten idiots could only be said to have a bad luck. Encountering Shen Yanxiao in a state where she didn't have any qualms and didn't have to hold back would really turn them into a few hapless eggs.


The ten people watched Shen Yanxiao’s leaving figure, and surprisingly, no one dared to make a sound.


That little brat really made people frightened. He dealt with people completely without mercy. Once he held his bow, one would see blood.


Such a powerful strength really made people's hair stand on end. Although these few people's strengths weren't superior, at the very least they could be considered as pretty good. Yet, such a little brat unexpectedly reversed their situations.


At this moment, they were really afraid.


Du Lang wasn't dangerous because his strength was already known to people. Dangerous was that kind of seemingly harmless individual, but in the end could give people a heavy blow. Those who had that kind of unexpected strength really made people feel dread.


After having dealt with those ten idiots, Shen Yanxiao naturally moved towards the deeper part of Mount Ku Luo. But after she had left the camp for quite a distance, she found traces of abnormality in the woods.


Under the veil of the night, the silence of Mount Ku Luo seemed a little creepy. Through the thick forest wafted a faint smell of blood.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. This place must have been dyed with blood, and she could be 100% sure that this bloody smell came from those mercenaries who had left the camp without permission.


Along with with the faint smell of blood, Shen Yanxiao could also smell a strange odor. It was a very light odor, and it was somewhat similar to that smell when they had just entered Mount Ku Luo.


"It's a demon." The corner of Shen Yanxiao's mouth formed a ruddy smile. It seemed that the mercenaries here had bad luck. What they had encountered weren’t magical beasts but demons.


Moreover, according to that bloody smell, the wounded ones didn't seem to be the demons, but those mercenaries.

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