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Along the faint smell of blood, Shen Yanxiao quietly walked towards the depths of the jungle. At this moment, in order to be cautious, she hung the moonlight necklace on her neck. She then jumped directly to a nearby tree branch. By jumping on one branch to another, she swiftly moved forward.


Along the way, the smell of blood grew thicker. Shen Yanxiao noticed that on the patches of grass below, a few green leaves were contaminated with some blood which had not yet solidified.


It seemed that the the other party had just left recently.


A cry soon sounded out coming from between the jungle. Shen Yanxiao immediately leapt forward and looked towards the source of the sound.


Mount Ku Luo during the night was exceptionally eerie, and the faint smell of blood in the air made the horror more frightening.


More than ten black shadows were crouching in an open space surrounded with overgrown bushes and trees. They were positioned in a circle, and their slightly trembling shoulders seemed to be doing something.


Shen Yanxiao stood on a tree ten meters away. She squinted her eyes at more than ten of those shadows. A series of "Kacha, Kacha" sound came from among those fellows, and the smell of blood was very strong in here.


The moonlight was cast from among the thick foliage, and a wisp of moonlight illuminated the strange shadows along the bloody color between them.


Those fellows weren't humans. The spine on their backs which were curved into a strange shape wasn't covered with anything. And their dark black skin with uneven scales looked extremely eccentric. Shen Yanxiao could only see the backs of those fellows, but she already understood that those were probably the ones she was looking for  —the demons.


She had to say that as far as figure was concerned, there were huge differences between demons and humans. Those protruding joints in their backbones weren’t something that human beings could have.


When Shen Yanxiao saw what those demons had been surrounding, her eyes couldn’t help but show a slight change.


Five or six mutilated men were thrown to the ground with their bellies opened up. Bright red blood stained the ground under their bodies. Their chests were brutally pried open, and their exposed internal organs were pulled out by the demons with their sharp fingernails. They broke them into pieces before chewing up a mouthful of it.


Looking at those people's clothes, they were clearly the mercenaries who had left before without permission. Who knew that after this group of mercenaries had left the camp, they would encounter frightening demons instead of magical beasts.


The sound of something crushing earlier was the sound of the demons gnawing at their flesh.


There was even one mercenary who hadn't died yet. His trembling hands were twisting convulsively, and his mouth was foaming from spitting out mouthfuls of blood. His abdomen had been torn apart by the demons' sharp fingernails, with his five viscera and six bowels torn out without any trace of politeness.


This bloody scene which was enveloped by the darkness of the night quietly played out.


Shen Yanxiao saw the demons for the first time, and she saw the scene of these demons as they killed humans. At this moment, her face had a trace of an odd expression. It was neither fear nor disgust, but a kind of indefinable expression.


If she were replaced by another person at this very moment, that person would immediately be frightened and flee from here after witnessing this all. But Shen Yanxiao didn't move and just stood on the branches while quietly watching the scene that most people couldn't bear to look at.


"Xiu, are those demons?" Shen Yanxiao asked softly. Those demons greedily devoured the mercenaries' bodies. Their process of eating was more like that of a beast than of a human.


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