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Just after having stepped outside the camp, Shen Yanxiao unexpectedly encountered another group of people.


That was a team of mercenaries consisting of ten men from a mercenary corps in Black City. It could be seen from their behavior that they also intended to sneak into Mount Ku Luo to earn extra profit.


When the ten people saw Shen Yanxiao, they were obviously stunned for a moment. At first, they were afraid of being discovered, so they were very quiet when they sneaked out. But they didn’t expect that they would actually encounter such a kid just a moment after they had gotten out of the camp.


Because of the unusualness of Shen Yanxiao's presence in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, no one in the entire team didn't know who she was.


However, all the people talking about her were mostly discussing about how Du Lang had taken along a brat who had no strength to truss a chicken to die with him. If not for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ name, they were simply disinclined to spare this little brat a single glance.


But they didn’t expect to actually run into her at this moment.


"This little brat just have to run around instead of sleeping properly." One of the ten people couldn't help but mutter. He thought that they could sneak out unnoticed, but unexpectedly they were seen by this little brat.


Although a lot of mercenaries had slipped away before, those people had been seen by the employers’ eyes, and because of this, their remuneration might be reduced in the future.


For this same reason, they only thought of leaving at night. But their plan to secretly sneak out seemed to have failed.


"Damn, this kid better not talk nonsense tomorrow. Otherwise, if we’re found by the employers and they deduct some of our rewards, the leader will strangle us."


The ten people were maliciously staring at Shen Yanxiao. If they didn’t have their worries about the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, this kid really couldn’t have entered their eyes. But seeing her young, thoughts arose in a few people’s minds.


One of the tall men glared at Shen Yanxiao with a ferocious look while shaking the steel knife in his hand, and he said, "Little brat, you give me a sign. Tonight, you haven’t seen anything, if you dare to utter a word tomorrow, I, this grandpa, will let you have a taste of my powerful knife.”


Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. She had seen a lot of those who weren't afraid of death, but she had never seen ones who were this eager to die. They actually dared to threaten her?


She had no intention of meddling with the affairs of these idiots, but they were naive to have dared to provoke her first.


"I'm not interested in what you're doing, but if you utter another rubbish, I don't mind letting you all lie on the ground." She, the small grandpa, was going to see the demons; this group of idiots had better not delay her time.


The ten people apparently didn't expect that a thirteen-year-old little brat would threaten them, the ten big lords, in return. Almost all of them stared their eyes out.


“Brat, don't think that because there's a Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps to cover your back, you can already relax. Let me tell you, even if I kill you right now, Du Lang will not know who did it!" another man said, his face showing a sinister expression.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t say another word of nonsense. She directly took out the Purple Baron from her ring which she hadn't used for a long time. In the blink of an eye, ten arrows had been placed on the bow. She instantly pulled the bowstring, shooting them all in one go. Those mercenaries didn’t understand what was going on yet when they were hit by a very powerful force in a flash. Like a kite with a broken line, their bodies flew towards the tree trunks and knocked against it.




Ten crisp sounds echoed. In the blink of an eye, the ten previously arrogant mercenaries had been nailed onto the trunk behind them by feather arrows. Each of the ten feather arrows struck their shoulders, passing through their flesh and directly hitting the tree trunk.


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