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Chapter 78

Proofread by Peter Gong

“Yes . "

Qin Yi nods and says, "The Dragon Emperor, the Sword Emperor, the Space-Time Emperor, the King of Jiuzhou and the King of Six Reincarnations, etc . , have all fallen . In the annals of history, the fall of the King of Jiuzhou has been described in detail . After the fall of the King of Jiuzhou, his body was transformed into five elements, which scattered on the Jiuzhou Mainland and maintains the balance of the Tao of nature of the Jiuzhou Mainland . Now, there are even rumors concerning the Jiuzhou Mainland of Hongmeng era that as long as one can collect the seeds of the five elements, then he can make the Jiuzhou Magic Knife, and the King of Jiuzhou may be reborn and return to his place . "

"Is it?"

The Sword Emperor and the Space-Time Emperor’s faces are full of shock, and the Dragon Emperor roars: “When the magic sword reappears, the gods will return to their original places and roar, and the king of Kyushu is really crazy!”

Knowing that this battle was fail, the gods fell and the whole world was destroyed, the Sword Emperor, the Dragon Emperor emperor and the Space-Time emperor, all of a sudden, are a little depressed .  

"Who is your enemy?" Qin Yi ponders for a moment, and finally expresses the doubt in his heart .

"You are from the Hongmeng Era . You were sealed in this era, but you do not belong to here . So the war that happened here has nothing to do with you . Naturally, you don't need to know who the enemy is . "

The Space-Time Emperor shakes his head without telling the truth .

"Wow, I’m not afraid of death, I’m never afraid of death . " The Dragon Emperor suddenly shouts loudly, and his silver body suddenly turns into hundreds of feet with a powerful momentum .

On the other side, the fighting spirit slowly grows and burns in the Sword Emperor’s clear eyes . Then when she smiles slightly, the heaven and earth loses their luster instantly .

Qin Yi couldn't help but admire their forthrightness and ease in the face of death .

The Vatican of Jiuzhou is magnificent and simple with extraordinary momentum, and the Space-Time Emperor led Qin Yi and the other two go through the huge hall and walk straight to the top of the the Vatican of Jiuzhou .

Looking at the magnificent decorations around, Qin Yi blinks his eyes, and one thing suddenly occur to him .

In the Hongmeng Era, isn’t the Vatican of Jiuzhou the supreme power of the Jiuzhou Mainland? He once heard people say that the power distribution of Jiuzhou Continent is in a form of pyramid:

Above the five schools in Phoenix City, there is the Asterism City . Celestial City, Earth City and the Asterism City are tied for the same place . Above these three terrifying City is the Vatican of Jiuzhou .

In other words, the power distribution of Jiuzhou Mainland is very systematic . On the surface, it seems rudderless, but in fact, all the powers are controlled by the Vatican of Jiuzhou .

On the Jiuzhou Mainland, as long as you are excellent enough, you may be discovered and promoted by the higher powers all the way and ultimately to the Vatican of Jiuzhou .

In Hongmeng Era, not to mention the Vatican of Jiuzhou, even the Asterism City is an unattainable existence . Qin Yi has never expected that due to being sealed in this Immortal Ancient Era he would have the opportunity to visit the highest power in the Kyushu mainland .

Three people and one dragon soon come to the top of the Vatican of Jiuzhou .

There is a very big and old circular altar, which shows the vicissitudes of time . “This Sentient Beings Platform is where I manipulate time and space . Here I can manipulate any time and space to be visible at will . Let's go up and see what the madman, King of Jiuzhou, is doing . "

Without hesitation, Qin Yi, Sword Emperor, the Space-Time Emperor and Dragon Emperor rush to the ancient Sentient Beings Platform immediately .

When he is standing on the stage of sentient beings, a strange feeling rises up in Qin Yi’s heart, as if he and the Sentient Beings Platform were merged into one, which surprises him .

"The Sentient Beings Platform is made by the minds of sentient beings . Anyone standing here will feel that he has merged into it . " The Sword Emperor's soft voice sounds slowly .

Qin Yi now knows it clearly .

The Space-Time Emperor tears apart the void with his bare hands, and a different time and space is revealed . An unparalleled pressure comes from that time and space, almost crushing Qin Yi directly .

In the Immortal Ancient Age, he is really too weak!

"Where is that . . . ?"

Through the void torn by Space-Time Emperor, Qin Yi finds that everything in this time and space are completely different from here . The earth there is gray, and the clouds are colorful, which looks very dazzling .

"This is another world, the Xuanzong world . "

The Emperor Dalong says with his tongue being a bit attached to the mouth, and then lets out an excited stunning roar: "My, my, the madman, King of Jiuzhou, has unexpectedly rushed to the Xuanzong world, and he is fighting against the master of the Xuanzong world . "

As soon as its voice falls, sure enough, two extremely huge figures appear in the distant Xunazong world, one being a black-haired man, and the other being a woman in white .  

Two figures as high as three hundred thousand meters stand in the depths of the universe in the Xuanzong world!

They are so tall!

Qin Yi takes a breath and blinks his eyes vigorously .

It’s so shocking! He has never imagined that a person could be so tall as this, which completely exceeds his imagination and cognition .

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There is no doubt that the black-haired man is the supreme king of the Jiuzhou Mainland, the King of Jiuzhou!

"I actually see this ancient god who has been a legend in the Hongmeng Era . . . "

Qin Yi mutters to himself, and he is shocked and excited by this incredible scene . He bets that if he could return to the Hongmeng Era and say that he has been in the Immortal Ancient Era and seen the real King of Jiuzhou, he would definitely be ridiculed and the ridicule would become louder and louder .

But the Space-Time Emperor seems to have said that it is impossible for him to go back, which is cause and effect . Someone is trying to change his fate against the Rules of the Heaven, and he will be sealed in the Immortal Ancient Era forever and can never go back anymore .

"King of Jiuzhou, you are so arrogant! How dare you directly enter the my Xuanzong world from the Hongmeng Era!" The woman in white looks at the black-haired man, her face being rather calm .


King of Jiuzhou’s three-thousand-feet long black hair dances wildly when he laughs loudly, and even the stars in the far distance are shaking .

"Sakura Emperor, don't you know that, I, King of Jiuzhou, is born for war and grew up in battle . Didn't I say it one hundred thousand years ago? On the eve of the end of the battle, I will challenge you to break through the level of my cultivation . I will welcome the arrival of the final battle with my strongest power !" King Kyushu smiles .

Sakura, is the name of the ruler of Xuanzong world .

The Xuanzong world can be described with one word, that is, Sakura, just as the world of Hongmeng Era can be described with the word Hong" .

Therefore, the ruler of Xuanzong world can become "Sakura Emperor" .

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Born for war and grown up in battle?

“Huh . . . you are really arrogant!” Qin Yi, who comes from the Hongmeng Era, smacks his lips secretly .

"But later I heard that you arms were broken by King Magnolia when were you fighting for the dominance of the Hongmeng Era . Now, do you still qualified to fight with me?" The ruler of   Xuanzong worlds says disdainfully .

"It doesn’t matter, it was just the body of my previous life . "

The King of Jiuzhou smiles faintly, and his every movement, expression and manner of speaking all show a strong confidence .

"Is that just the body of your previous life?" The ruler of Xuanzong world frowns, an uncontrollable shocking countenance rising on her face .

Qin Yi, who is from the Hongmeng Era, can't calm down when he hears the words of the King of Jiuzhou . When he was still in the Hongmeng Era, he had heard that those cultivators who weree strong enough to create the previous life, present life and future life for themselves could live to immortally if they combined their three life together .

Now it seems that the legend is true .

"King of Jiuzhou, you really are a born genius! Now, you are qualified to fight with me, enter your strongest state and fight with me . "

Sakura Emperor 's exquisite figure shows a monstrous fighting spirit .

Her three-hundred-thousand-meter long silver hair flutters up suddenly, traversing the void like a huge galaxy . She slowly moves her slender hand, which covers the endless mountains and rivers, and the air passes her extremely smooth palms .

Without a doubt, she has entered a state of combat in an instant .

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