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Chapter 77

Proofread by Peter Gong

The silver dragon blinks his big eyes and glances at Qin Yi with a strange expression on his face .

"Really, there is such a thing?"

The Sword Emperor is slightly stunned, and she looks at Qin Yi with her gem-like eyes for a while, and sighs: "If this is the case, then something must have gone wrong . He is the man from the future, why was he sent here?"

"The madman, King of Jiuzhou, must have gone to settle personal grievances again . Let's go and find the old Space-Time Emperor, maybe he can find out some clues . " The silver dragon says .

"What are you talking about?" Qin Yi is confused by their dialogue .

"You don't need to know now, you will know it when the time is due . "

The silver dragon turns its body into a length of two meters, rises up into the sky and flies directly toward the heaven with Qin Yi and the Sword Emperor sitting on his back .

The Time-Space Emperor, like the Sword Emperor, is also a name that shocks the past and the present . Even the annals of history of the Hongmeng Era have detailed records of the Space-Time Emperor .

According to the ancient legend, the Space-Time Emperor was of high attainment in the field of time and space and was able to control time and space at will . His strength is definitely not under that of the King of Jiuzhou . His most famous event is the creation of many amazing and formidable laws of time and space, such as deranging and reversing space-time, change of the seasons, and bringing the dying back to life and so on .

It was recorded in the history of later generations that the Space-Time Emperor finally fell in the final battle of the Immortal Ancient Era, and his body and spirit were destroyed, becoming a swan song .

The silver dragon carries Qin Yi and the Sword Emperor across countless mountains and empires . Three days later, three of them arrive at Vatican of Jiuzhou, the highest authority in Jiuzhou Continent .

That's right, this yellow land in Immortal Ancient Era was also called the Jiuzhou Continent .

"The Space-Time Emperor is the founder of Vatican of Jiuzhou and the first generation of Pope . He is majestic, not to mention the Jiuzhou Continent, even the rulers of other continents dread him . " The Sword Emperor sits on the back of the silver dragon and says to Qin Yi .

Qin Yi now knows something about Space-Time Emperor .

"Hey! Space-Time, you old man, come out to welcome me, the Supreme Dragon Emperor is coming!"

The silver dragon hovers in the sky of Vatican of Jiuzhou with Qin Yi and the Sword Emperor on his back . He suddenly lets out a stunning dragon roar, bringing up gusts of wind that the disciples turn pale with fright .

"Haha, Dragon Emperor, I have predicted that you and the Sword Emperor would invite me to drink in recent . "

A burst of laughter is sounded .

In the wake of the sound, an old man wearing a gray robe walks out of the Vatican of Jiuzhou slowly and laughs at the dragon, Sword Emperor and Qin Yi . No one knows how many years the old man has been living, and his white beard on his chin is about to hang down on the ground, but he looks refreshed and his eyes are as bright as the Big Dipper .

Is he the Space-Time Emperor?

In the face of the top powerhouses of the Immortal Ancient Age, Qin Yi couldn't keep calm .

However, he doesn’t feel the terrible breath on the body of the Space-Time Emperor, which is obviously hidden by him .

"Hey, who is this boy? No, he is not from this world . "

He deserves to be the Space-Time Emperor . He immediately judges that Qin Yi's origin is extraordinary as soon as he sees Qin Yi . He stares at Qin Yi with his sharp eyes .

"Not bad . " The Sword Emperor nods slowly . Although he looks only seventeen or eighteen years old, he still gives people a sense of nobility and calmness .

"The Space-Time Emperor, we bring him to you for help, we want you to see where he came from . His memory has disappeared and he can't remember anything in the past . "

"Well, I am also interested in this boy . Now let me see where he came from . "

Without hesitation, the Space-Time Emperor immediately takes action . Two golden lights shot from his eyes go directly into the middle of Qin Yi's eyebrows . The eyes of the Space-Time Emperor become hollow, as if he is traveling through endless time and space .

The silver dragon and the Sword Emperor stand silently on the side, waiting for the result, while Qin Yi’ handsome face is full of expectation, wondering where he came from .

"I see a Guzheng, which was placed here by him . ” Soon, the Space-Time Emperor speaks .

Guzheng? And it was him who placed it there?

In a moment, the Sword Emperor and the Dragon Emperor are both lost in thought .

Qin Yi is puzzled to the extreme, and he mutters to himself: "Guzheng? Was I sent here by a Guzheng? The Space-Time Emperor, please continue . "

"I see thirteen boys and girls break into an ancient city . . . Er, that ancient city is weird, let me see it again . "

It is unbelievably that through Qin Yi's middle of eyebrows, the Space-Time Emperor who lives in the Immortal Ancient Era traverses endless time and space and directly sees the Hongmeng Era formed endless years later .

It is unimaginable how profound the Space-Time Emperor’ accomplishment is in time and space?

"It's weird, that ancient city seems to be deserted, there are no residents in the city, even the time has disappeared in an instant . . . "

The Space-Time Emperor still stares at the middle of Qin Yi's eyebrows motionlessly, but the look on his face is rather restless .

"What, did he directly obliterate all the residents of a city? He goes too far, damn it, I am going to query him!" The silver dragon immediately roars with dissatisfaction .

The Sword Emperor beside him also frowns slightly .

At this moment, a huge wave suddenly surges in Qin Yi's heart, because his memory suddenly surges back like a tide, he suddenly remembers everything in an instant .

He comes from the Hongmeng era . His name is Qin Yi . He is a disciple of the Lingyumen in Phoenix City . He made it to the top five in the martial art Assembly, and then he entered the third floor of the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic . Finally, he met the Jasper Guzheng and was sealed into the Immortal Ancient Age existed endless years ago by its magic sound .

He still remembers what happened after he was sealed in the Immortal Ancient Age .

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"Yes, that’s Phoenix City, but there is already a Phoenix City in our world, thirteen of us entered into another Phoenix City, and the time and residents there have disappeared . The Space-Time Emperor, may I ask what happened? What was going there?" Qin Yi is quite excited .

"I don't know how that madman did it, so it's better to ask him at that time . " The Space-Time Emperor replies .

"Ask whom?"

"King of Jiuzhou . "

King of Jiuzhou?

Qin Yi is stunned . It turns out that he has created the weird ancient city of Phoenix . But what has done with the residents of the city? Why did he do this?

Since the weird ancient city of Phoenix was created by the King of Jiuzhou, there is no doubt that Tower of Mortal World was also created by him .

"Since I have seen where you are from, then let me take another look at your past . Maybe  there is something wrong so that you were sealed here?"

The Space-Time Emperor says slowly, the golden light shot from his eyes turn into two purple light, looking at Qin Yi's past .

"Changing the fate against the Rules of Heaven!"

The Space-Time Emperor is stunned and sighs: "Sure enough, this young man’s fate has been changed by breaking the Rules of Heaven, so he got the demon’s left hand . But the change of yin and yang and the Rules of Heaven cannot be reversed, so he was sealed in the Immortal Ancient Age and can never dominate the world in Hongmeng Era . "

When Qin Yi hears the Space-Time Emperor’s words, a huge wave suddenly surges up in his heart .

That’s right, before he was sealed into the Immortal Ancient Era, he had suspected that the appearance of the mysterious left hand was manipulated by someone behind him, turning himself into a chess piece manipulated in his hand . The Space-Time Emperor’s words confirm his original intuition .

"Let me take a look at who is acting against the Heaven to change the cause and effect of past and present lives . " The Space-Time Emperor says .

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The next moment, blood bursts out of his eyes, and he is injured, screaming out, and the purple light suddenly disappears .

"Old Time and Space, are you OK?"

The silver dragon and the Sword Emperor exclaim and hurry forward .

"It's okay . " The Space-Time Emperor waves his hand indifferently: "Don’t worry, it’s a minor injury . But now we can't know who has changed the young man’s fate . "

Listening to what he says, Qin Yi, teh silver dragon and Sword Emperor all feel a bit regret .

Now even the Great Space-Time Emperor cannot see through Qin Yi's past or know who has against the Heaven and changed the cause and effect of Qin Yi's past and present . It is estimated that no one will be able to do it in this world .

"Actually, even if I can’t see it, I can still guess who it is . "

The Space-Time Emperor curls his lips in disdain and looks at Qin Yi: "Young man, you are from the future, so the future . . . is it still the Immortal Ancient Age?"

Hearing his question, the Sword Emperor and the Silver Dragon couldn't help but look at Qin Yi together .

The decisive battle is just around the corner . In fact, anyone can understand the meaning of the Space-Time Emperor’s question .

Qin Yi sighs lightly and shakes his head slowly: "No, it's a new era, the Hongmeng Era . "

For a while, the room is silent and no one speaks .

After a long time, the Space-Time Emperor smiles helplessly and says: "Yes, you are so weak, how could it be the Immortal Ancient Era? It's just that I don't want to believe it . Boy, is there any record of the battle of the Immortal Ancient Era in the annals of Hongmeng Era?"

"Yes . " Qin Yi nods: "Hundreds of millions of people failed in that battle . The Immortal Ancient Era ended and the world ushered in an extremely long darkness . I don't know how long it had been before the light came again and a new era begins---the Hongmeng Era . "

"Wow! So, we all fell in this battle?" It’s a little hard for the silver dragon to accept this fact, and he could not help shaking the earth and mountain with a roar .

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