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Chapter 79

Proofread by Peter Gong

In the depths of the Xuanzong world .

The king of Jiuzhou, who is hundreds of thousands of feet high, and the ruler of Xuanzong world are about to start an epic duel .

Such a peak duel is enough to make anyone excited . Qin Yi from the Hongmeng Era, at this time, can’t find a word to describe the shock and excitement in his heart .

It is definitely a great honor to watch a duel between the two peak cultivators of the Immortal Ancient Age . As a junior from Hongmeng Era, Qin Yi believes that he will definitely learn a lot in this duel .

"Buzz . . . "

He secretly motivates his left hand to enter the ethereal state, so as to put the battle between King of Jiuzhou and the ruler of Xuanzong world in his mind later, and then he can study it carefully .

Qin Yi's current vision was originally unable to see the depths of the universe, but the Space-Time Emperor used the mysterious laws of time and space to bring the scene of the far depths of the universe to Qin Yi's eyes .

In the depths of the universe, the over a hundred thousand feet tall King of Jiuzhou and Sakura Emperor stand proudly, the distance between them is even ten thousand miles .

"Previous life!" The King of Jiuzhou suddenly shouts lightly .

A body that is also over one hundred thousand feet tall suddenly appears in the air . The huge body closes his eyes tightly, but he is so powerful that many stars have cracked into pieces .

This is the previous life of King of Jiuzhou .


A loud noise shakes the universe .

The previous and present lives of the King of Jiuzhou have merged . In an instant, the momentum of the King of Jiuzhou has been doubled .

"Can I have a fight with you now?" The King of Jiuzhou, whose previous and prensent life has merged together, shows a terrible fighting spirit .

"You can barely fight with me . " The ruler of Xuanzong world slowly nods her beautiful head: "Didn't I let you reach the peak state? Summon your future body out . "

"The body of the future?" The King of Jiuzhou smiles faintly, "My future body has not yet been cultivated well . I only have the previous and present life at present . "

As the King of Jiuzhou is speaking, he slowly turns his head, his deep and crazy eyes pass through the void and glance at Qin Yi who is in Hongmeng Era .

The gaze of the King of Kyushu makes Qin Yi shocked . The number one madman in Jiuzhou Mainland has already noticed that they are peeping at the duel between him and the ruler of Xuanzong World .

“Besides, why is the glance of the King of Jiuzhou that casts on me looks so special?

What does it mean?” Qin Yi blinks his eyes .

"Although I only have the previous and present life, I think it’s enough to defeat you, Magic Knife of Jiuzhou comes now--" A roar of the King of Jiuzhou suddenly comes from the depth of the universe of Xuandao World .

In the next moment, a jet-black magic knife slowly appears above the King of Jiuzhou's head . The magic knife is hundreds of feet long, and a wave of demonic energy rolls out from the magic knife, which makes people’s hair stand on end .

With the appearance of the magic knife, Qin Yi instantly feels that a powerful killing intent wafts by .

This . . . is the real Magic Knife of Jiuzhou!

Qin Yi can’t keep calm any more, the wide sanguineous knife in Tower of Mortal World of Hongmeng Era is not the real Magic Knife of Jiuzhou, the real Kyushu Magic Knife should be pitch black and three hundreds metre long!

"Magic Knife of Jiuzhou?"

Looking at the Magic Knife above the head of King of Jiuzhou, the Sword Emperor, the Space-Time Emperor and Dragon Emperor are all shocked . The Space-Time Emperor sighs: "As early as 100,000 years ago, I heard that the King of Jiuzhou was forging a magic sword by soul offering for the final battle of hundreds of millions of beings . Now that one hundred thousand years have passed, the magic knife has been successfully forged by him . "

Sakura Emperor’s mood also swings enormously: "I have long heard that the King of Jiuzhou is the number one madman in the world, the rumor is true . According to he legend, to forge the authentic Magic Kinfe, you must offer nine warrior souls of Jiuzhou Mainland as the offering to the Kinfe . You can summon the nine warrior souls to help you .

"No need . " King of Jiuzhou’s answer is simple and direct .

Sakura Emperor is stunned by the refusal of the King of Jiuzhou .

"King of Jiuzhou, you are wildly arrogant, good, very good!" Sakura Emperor flicks her slender fingers, the flowing golden light on her palm suddenly rushes up and turns into a thirty-thousand-meter-long golden sword in the blink of an eye .

"Come on, I also want to see how powerful the legendary Jiuzhou Magic Knife is . "

Sakura Emperor raises her sword towards the King of Jiuzhou with overwhelming fighting spirit, her ten-thousand-feet-long silver hair dances wildly in the air, and his was .


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The King of Jiuzhou manipulates the Jiuzhou Magic Knife above his head and rushes at the speed of 10,000 miles in one step towards Skaura Emperor . In the blink of an eye, he fights with the ruler of Xuanzong world .

The Magic Knife crushes the sword, the majestic energy wavings away in all direction, and several nearby stars are directly shattered by the great power .

So strong!

Qin Yi has never seen such a big battle before, so he is stunned for a while, feeling that his blood is boiling . At this time, he has entered an ethereal state, and every move between the King of Kyushu and the ruler of Xuanzong world is branded in his mind .

There is no doubt that this duel is rare even in the Immortal Ancient Era . Emperor Ying is the ruler of Xuanzong world whose status is one level higher than that of the King of Jiuzhou . But the King of Jizhou is a wired . He was born for war and grew up in the battle . Therefore, the fight is nearly a draw in a short time .

But in terms of momentum, Sakura Emperor is obviously stronger than the King Jiuzhou . After all, the two are not of the same level .

The fierce battle is still going on, and the endless power generated in the battle is as profound as the ocean, which can even be seen by the naked eye like the ripples, sending out so violently in all directions that the stars around them are all burst into powders .

The Magic Knife is hanging in the sky above the King of Jiuzhou’s head, and he has captured the authentic meaning of Magic Knife . So he doesn’t need to use his hands, he can kill the enemy only with his mind . The ruler of Xuanzong world is even more aggressive, and she almost tears the whole world into pieces with her golden sword .

On the tenth day, the tender Sakura Emperor suddenly puts up her golden sword, standing proudly in the depths of the universe .  

“The legendary number one madman, you’re nothing more than this!" She sneers at him disdainfully . She shakes her silver hair suddenly to wrap up the King of Jiuzhou: "King of Jiuzhou, you loser, give up!"

Sakura Emperor’s silver hair has billions of billions tons of power, making the King of Jiuzhou feel the threat of death in an instant .

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The King of Jiuzhou shows pain on his face, and even his waist is almost cut off by her silver hair .

"The King of Jiuzhou is about to lose?" Qin Yi, who is watching the battle in Hongmeng Era,  thinks with his eyebrows frowned .

"Not necessarily . " The Space-Time Emperor shakes his head slowly: "If he is defeated so soon, he will not be the number one madman in the world . "

Sure enough, as the Space-Time Emperor stops speaking, the king of Jiuzhou who has been silent for a moment suddenly breaks out, and he actually breaks free from Sakura Emperor's silver hair .

"The ruler of Xuanzong world, haha, you are not bad, you are worth my demonstration of the authentic meaning of the Jiuzhou Magic Knife in front of you!” The King of Jiuzhou laughs wildly .

"You finally let me see the authentic meaning of the Jiuzhou Magic Knife? Very good!" Sakura Emperor’s peerless face looks extremely calm .

The King of Jiuzhou doesn't talk too much nonsense, roaring: "Nine Moves of Magic Knife—The first move!"

The monstrous energy suddenly rushes out from the more than three-hundred-meter-long magic knife hanging on top of his head, as if a peerless demon descends on the earth .

Then, the formidable three-hundred-meter-long Magic Knife slashes out silently .

Sakura Emperor doesn't panic, raising her golden sword to block the Magic Knife .

"Boom!" A loud crash is sounded!

The Jiuzhou Magic Knife slashes on the golden sword, and the energy spreads towards all direction like a vast ocean . Sakura Emperor withdraws a big step, and her arm holding the sword is numbed and even her perlicue is almost split by the the great energy .

"Crack!" The Magic Knife of the King of Jiuzhou is broken directly!

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